Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Bent Press, Snatch

Bent Press: - right side first leaves my lumbar in a better place

12 kg: 1R/L, 2R/L

16 kg: 1R/L

20 kg:: 1R, left failed as bell rotated inwards, rest, got left by really focusing on external shoulder rotation and lat activation.  Left side was a good, slow grind.

NB: I can strict press 20 kg for reps at any time, so it is all about achieving proper form before going heavier.

This really well targets my left shoulder and all the things it doesn't do well.  My wife watched and said even moving from the front to the side rack on my left side looked stiff.

16 kg - snatch, 16L, 16R - still just working on form, resting at top and looking for good alignment overhead.

Walk 3 miles - felt great.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

18 Sumo DLs

Yesterday, did a few DL's narrow sumo, 225 lbs., and didn't like how they felt, so today:

DL: Narrow Sumo, 225 lbs., double overhand

3 singles, index fingers off the knurling to the inside

5 touch-n-go, index fingers just on the knurling, necessitated a wider stance.

3 singles, index and middle fingers off the knurling to the inside

Experimenting with grip width

Break for an hour to teach, then do some more:

2 sets of 2 t-n-g w/ brief rest at bottom between sets (not reps), first 2 fingers on non-knurled part

Went back yet later and did 3 more singles - 1st one wasn't great, really tried to take the slack out for the other 2 and they were much better.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Walk, Pistol, Snatch and High Pull

Not much exercise yesterday - had a bass lesson, taught a lesson here before, worked on music the rest of the day.

Today, Monday:

Walk about 1 mile AM

12 kg: pistol, lf, 1, 1, 1 - left side really awful, still

16 kg ladder:

1 High Pull + 1 Snatch L, Repeat R, and ladder up to 5 as 5 HP + 5 SN L, 5 HP + 5 SN R, no break, mostly nose breathing.  Left side timing at lockout leaves much to be desired.

Consider another ladder but legs felt like jelly so that will be enough for today.  Not feeling 100%, not quite sure why, nothing hurts.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

5 mile walk, 16 kg snatch ladders

Friday, in PA for the Christmas holiday, took a mile walk each way w/ my wife for coffee.

Today, Saturday

5 mile walk

16 kg bell:

Snatch ladder as 1L, 1R, 2L, 2R, up to 5

Repeat above, nose-breathing both ways this time.  Each ladder is 15 each side, so a total of 60 snatches today.

Focus on perfect form - throw the bell back, early hip snap on the way up followed by float, good timing at the catch at the top, straight flip over the top on the way down.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Quick Holiday Circuit

Trying to get used to lifting at least a little every day.  Today is Christmas, not much time before heading out to PA.

With a single 20 kg bell, the following circuit:



Press, lower to rack, drop into swing back and

High Pull

Snatch - rest overhead, lower to rack,

Press, rack, drop into swing back and

High Pull


Press, lower to rack, drop into swing back and


Switch hands and repeat on other side, keep switching sides

I got a total of 2 of these done, or 4 if you count individual hands, before putting the bell down.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Another light, recovery and skills-focused workout

16 kg 1h swing: 10L + 10R - too light

12 kg: pistol x 1L/R - terrible

bw: pushup x 5

pullup - bw + 16 kg on left foot x 2.  As in some previous days, hang w/ loose shoulders, tighten shoulders, then head up for first rep, tried to do same but perhaps a little quicker, for 2nd rep as well

short break

12 kg: 2 windmill + 1 bent press L, same R

Break, then almost repeat above

20 kg 1h swing: 10L + 10R - better but still light

bw: pushup x 5

pullup - bw + 16 kg on right foot x 2.  As before

12 kg: pistol x 1L/R - much better - moved pistols further from swings, also second set was better

short break

12 kg: 2 windmill + 1 bent press L, same R - better than first time, again just skill improved for 2nd set

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Circuit w/ light bells

Yesterday, walk home from grocery store w/ 50+ lbs. of groceries - weighed myself at 206 lbs. when I got home.  1 mile w/ 50 lbs is workout enough

Today, some rib pulls, brettzels, and 12 kg bent arm bars to warm up, then this circuit, move quickly from one thing to the next, which isn't something I usually do.  Rest 5:00 or so between circuits

With 2 x 16 kg bells

5 clean, 3 press, 5 fsq, 3 pushup, 1 x (2x16) PU - failed, insufficient rest before

5 clean, 3 press, 5 fsq, 3 pushup, 1 x (2x12) PU

10 clean, 5 press

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Recovery - 12 kg circuit - Pistol, Pushup, Pullup, Windmill, Bent Press

Another easy, variety kind of workout as I recover both from last weekend's DL meet pull and a big Wednesday and Thursday with 4 rehearsals and a performance which incidentally meant 5 hours of driving, too.

Upper back stiff from the few bent presses on Thursday.

Today, a little quasi-circuit - did this twice, windmills and bent presses much better 2nd time through

12 kg pistol L/R - I am terrible at these

2 pushups

1 PU w/ 12 kg *


12 kg windmill x 3R/3L


12 kg bent press x 1R/L

* Notes on PU:
socks, not shoes - didn't bother foot - good
Hung, then let shoulders slack, then sucked in shoulders, then pulled up.
Speed was very good, height was very good.
Normal, not slightly false, grip

Thursday, December 18, 2014

A few light bent presses

Another long, busy day with an early start.  Had a break mid-morning, did

12: bent press, 1L, 1R - just to play with form.  Back goes pop and crack, feels good.

16: bent press, 1L, 1R - really shouldn't go heavier than this without a lot more practice.  Have trouble differentiating the windmill pattern, which I've really grooved, and the bent press pattern of allowing the bearing side knee to bend.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Easy 16 kg snatch, windmill, 1h swing

Today, out of the house at 7:30 AM, busy day, got a little break mid-afternoon so did:

16: snatch L x 5, windmill x 2 after the last rep, then same on right side.

16: 10 1h swing L, 10 R, no break

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

2 x 16 kg complex, 2 x 16 kg PU/CU

Took most of the week off last week, a few easy DL on Thursday

At the WNPF meet on Sunday, December 14, pulled 360 lbs., my best since age 51.  Was shaky, took 11 seconds to complete, but I'll take it.

Very sore back later that day, yesterday was better and today, almost no discomfort, still a little stiff.  No NSAIDs taken during recovery - excellent.

Today, Tuesday:

2 x 16 kg:  Complex + PU/CU

1 clean, 2 presses, 5 FSQ., Short Rest,  1 Chinup (CU) w/ a 16 on each foot.

1 clean, 3 presses, 5 FSQ, Short Rest,  1 Pullup (PU) w/ a 16 on each foot

1 clean, 5 presses, 5 FSQ., Short Rest, 1 Chinup (CU) w/ a 16 on each foot.

* - * - * - Up things

5 clean, 3 press, 5 FSQ, short rest, 1 PU w/ 2 x 16 (as above) but only touched front of chin to bar

5 clean, 6 press, 0 FSQ - shoulder unpacked on 5th press so 1 more good one then terminate the set.

16 kg 1h swings: start L, 10 x hand-to-hand, 2L, 2R, 3L, 3R, 20 total, no breaks

Monday, December 8, 2014

A few presses and PU

Taught at NYC Level I this past weekend, so no lifting Fri, Sat, or Sun, but lots of standing, some demonstrating kb lifts, and lots of driving each day.

Today, Monday, it's freezing cold so no long walk

20: MP 5L, 5R, PU x 2


Thursday, December 4, 2014

DL - easy 315 today

Yesterday, walk 2 mi and stretch a little

Today, bw 154.8 lbs, still fat but at least better

Walk another 2 miles


225 x 1 overhand

245 1 x overhand, x 1 left over, x 1 right over

295 x 1 left over, x 1 right over

315 x 1 right over

All lifts in the space of 5 minutes.  315 was a little slow but I think this is right on schedule for the meet - feeling rested, and as far as lifting goes, relaxed although the rest of life is hectic and a little stressful.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Just a little today

Sunday (yesterday), walk 4-5 miles in the nice weather with my wife.

Today, walk 2 mi.

20 kg: clean L x 3, press L x 3, clean R x 3, press R x 3, PU on right foot x 2, about 2-sec pause at bottom between PU reps

20 kg x 2 - 5 cleans, 2 presses - overhead lockout of double bells less good than I would like


Straddle, 2" bar, 225 lbs., went right to the front first today and that's not so good - got 3 that way and only 2 the other way before my left hand felt tired.

I think that's going to be it for today - feeling tired, did a lot of arranging at the computer over the last few days, maybe need to have an easy week this week as well as next.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Better MP, better PU, easy 315 DL

Drove a bunch yesterday, legs kind of tired today.  Bodyweight a huge 156.4 lbs. today, have to lose 8 lbs. in the next 14 days for a meet on December 14.  Yesterday, also walked a couple of miles in PA.

Got to walk a couple of miles today, which was nice.

Also did 24 kg x 15 2h swings earlier in the day.

Today, getting practiced for being DL-only at a 3-lift meet and starting lifting at 5 PM.

MP, all with a single weighted pullup chaser.  Used regular grip on 20 kg PU and slightly false on 24 kg.

Below is a variation on Thursday's (two days ago) workout, slightly higher intensity, and a recent PR press - even though it's not a big deal - of 24 kg x 4 each side.

20 kg x 1L/R + 1 PU left foot

24 kg x 2L/R + 1 PU right foot

20 kg x 3L/R + 2 PU right foot

24 kg x 4L/R + 1 PU left foot

20 kg x 5L/R + 2 PU right foot

Thursday's average weight was 20.9 kg for 22 presses, also 6 PU @ avg 21.3 kg.  Today 21.6 kg for 15 presses + 7 PU @ avg 21.1 kg but 2 sets of 2 today, which should count for more, somehow, not sure how to figure that in.

DL - decided to skip straddle 2" warmup and head straight to the regular bar:

225 x 3, double over, reset at bottom

275 x 1, left over, easy

315 x 1, right over (comp grip), still easy

Stopping there, have been tired, feel great after this, could have done lots more.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

MP - continues to improve, PU - continues to improve - DL - easy day

Some stretching

MP (+ PU w/ same weight)

Last time, 5 and 4 reps @ 20 kg, 3 reps at 24 kg.
This time, thought about a complete 5-4 x 20, 3-2-1 x 24 kg, but decided to vary the order, and subbed out the last single w/ a set of 2 x 20 see-saw presses + 2 PU.

20 kg x 4L/R + 1 PU

24 kg x 3L/R + 1 PU

20 kg x 5L/R + 1 PU - was going to do 2 PU but let foot get loose and almost dropped bell

24 kg x 2L/R + 1 PU - good height, getting used to this weight for this move again

2 x 20 kg see-saw x16 total, 8 each side, left side first, plus 2 PU @ bw + 20 kg - really pulled hard at the top of the last rep to get a little extra height.


225:  2" straddle, x 3 left front touch-n-go, x 3 right front touch-n-go, excellent, trying to focus on using legs

Conventional, Okie bar (my usual), all reset at the bottom

245 x 4 left over

275 x 5 right over - first 3 felt excellent, almost fast, last 2 were different but not bad and, for my purposes, still worth doing, IMHO.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


First blog post in a week.

Took off the end of last week in preparation for Flexible Steel on Saturday, which was excellent.  This was the right move for me - still tired 4 days later.  Did all sorts of cool stuff.


MP: 20 kg x 5L, 5R + 1 PU @ bw + 20 kg

Repeat above but w/ 4 presses and 1 PU

Repeat above but w/ 24 kg, 3 reps, 24 for PU also

Total 12 presses each side, but in fewer sets and heavier than before.  Total 3 PU, less than before.

2" bar straddle DL: 135 x 1, 1, 225 x 1, 1, 225 x 2 touch-n-go


245 x 5 touch-n-go - not sure why I would ever do touch-n-go.  It's way easier, and it was a change of pace, so I did it today

275 x  1, 1, 1 on about 2 min rest.  All double overhand

Enough for today

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

MP, PU, DL 245 x 1-2-3-4

32: 2h swing x 10

24: 1h swing x 10L, 10R

20: mil press ladders: (1-2-3 + single PU after each rung) x 2

For one of the pullups, I had to look down to see that the bell was actually off the box - it felt like nothing, literally, hanging from my foot - and then I did that pullup.

Today, 12 presses and 6 pullups, up from previous, is good, should back off on Friday in advance of Flexible Steel.  Should also take it easy on DL's on Friday


245 from the floor x 1, 2, 3, 4

That will be it for today - long rehearsal ahead of me today still

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Restorative - 1-leg DL, swings, windmills, stretching.

Bit of floor work

24: 1-leg DL, 1L, 1R, 2L, 2R

32: swing x 10 as mix of 2h and 1h, x 10 as 2h

Plank pushup x 5

16: windmill x 2L, 2R

More stretching

Monday, November 17, 2014

MP, PU, DL again, meet is Dec 14

32 kg: clean x 3L, 3R, short rest

32 kg: swing 2h x 12, short rest

long rest

20 kg: C&P ladder 1-2-3-4, single PU (alternating feet) after each rung.

Maybe next time, 2 x (1-2-3) or just 4 reps x 3 sets or something along those lines.
Single PU w/ 20 kg still feels like what I want to do.

Total of 10 C&P and 4 PU


Last week, did:

Mon, 22 lifts, avg 268 (75%)

Thu, 29 lifts, avg 236 (66%)

Sat, 7 lifts, avg 265 (74%)

For the week:

58 lifts,  251 average lift (70%)

Today, upping starting weight to 245, continuing to use elevation

245 x 2 Left over, x 2 right over on 3" platform (69&)
245 x 2 Right over, 2 left over on 2-1/4" platform
245 x 2 Left over, x 2 right over on 1-1/2" platform

275 ladder: 1 right over, 2 left over, 3 right over on 3/4" platform

295 x 2 left over, x 1 right over on floor - legs getting tired

275: ladder - 1 left over, 2 right over

245 x 3 left over, x 3 right over

245 lbs x 18 lifts = 4410 lbs

275 x 9 lifts = 2475 lbs

295 x 3 lifts = 885 lbs.

7770 lbs in 30 lifts = 259 = avg 72% 

Saturday, November 15, 2014


20 kg: mil press x 3L, 3R, PU x 1L, 1R

Repeat but go right foot first on PU

Same 4 pullups and 6 presses as two days ago but in twice as many sets, so easier in intensity/difficulty

DL: all from the floor

225 x 1, 1, 1 overhand = 675

275 x 1, 1 left over = 550

315 x 1, 1 right over - slow off the ground still, but up they both went.  Still not enough hips in the lift, need to be back on my heels more, pull the barr in towards me more. = 630

1855 lbs / 7 lifts = 265 average lift = 74% 1RM average

Total for the week:

14605 lbs. / 58 deadlifts = 251 average lift = 70% average lift

Friday, November 14, 2014

1 Leg DL, Plank Pushup, Windmill

Raked too many leaves over the last few days, and last night, my sinuses were watery and irritated, and my voice was hoarse.  Today as well although it's a little better.

24 kg contralateral one leg DL - touch and go, 2L, 2R

Plank Pushup x 6

16 kg windmill x 3L, 3R

24 kg contralateral one leg DL - touch and go, 3L, 3R

Plank Pushup x 4 - trying to get right hand to touch on inside as well as outside

20 kg windmill x 4L, 4R

Thursday, November 13, 2014


Yesterday, trip into the city, just walk and stretch, did qigong on the front porch, also walked 2 miles.

Today, Thursday:

Walk 2 mi

20 kg: mil press x 6L, 6R, PU x  2L, 2R - excellent, and up from Monday

DL:  all double overhand, all reset on floor w/ new breath, all 225'ss for speed

225 on 3" platform x 4
275 on floor x 3

225 on 3" platform x 6
275 on floor x 4  = 1100

225 on 3" platform x 7 - they're getting faster
275 on floor x 4 = 1100

Totals: 225 x 17 lifts = 3825 lbs., 275 x 11 = 3025

6850 lbs / 29 lifts = 236 lb avg lift = 66% 1RM

Weekly total, for just Monday and Thursday, is 51 lifts, which is equal to the 5 consecutive day total on the DL singles plan.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Walk, Plank Pushup, WIndmill

Feel _great_ after yesterday lifting, which focused on deadlift ladders.

Today, restorative work:

walk 2 miles, then

5 x Plank Pushup

5 x12 kg windmill, left first

5 x Plank Pushup

5 x16 kg windmill, left first

Monday, November 10, 2014

DL Ladders

Friday: Travel to Plan Strong

Sat/Sun - Plan Strong, and a couple of 1-mile-ish walks but that's it, and some stretching


Qigong and crane pistol on the front porch - did 1L, 1R, 1L since I'm trying to bring the left up to where the right is.

20 kg: MP 4L, 4R,  PU x 1 L, 1R foot


double overhand, on the floor, 225 x 1, 3

275 ladder: 1 left over, 2 left over, 3 right over

295 ladder: 1-2-3, switched L/R from above

275 ladder - as the first time around.

A good day - did some presses, some pullups, and a total of 22 deadlifts, albeit only 4 of them below 70%.

Average intensity:

225 x 4 = 900
275 x 12 = 3300
295 x 6 = 1770

5900 lbs / 22 lifts = 268 lb average lift = 75% 1RM

Thursday, November 6, 2014

DL - warmed up but skipped work set today

Raining, and yet another busy day.

Warmup - stretch on the front porch

32 kg 2-hand swing x 7 - explosive, overspeed eccentric

ZDL: 145 x 1

Straddle DL on 2-1/4" platform x 1, 1


on 2-1/4" platform, 225 x 3 double over, for speed

on 1-1/2: platform, 255 x 1 double over, for speed (but not very fast)

on 3/4" platform, 285 x 1 double over

315 x 0 - short on time, not feeling it today so skipped these entirely.

I'm getting reacquainted with DL volume again, but 315 just feels like it's oo much today.  The good news is that, for my 285 x 1, I felt like I found my form again for the first time this cycle.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

DL 295 x 8 singles

Busy day.  Walk 2 mi AM, not much else


Windmill: 10 kg, 3R, 3L

ZDL: 145 x 1

Straddle DL on 1-1/2" platform, 225 x 1, 1, focus on speed


on 1-1/2" platform, 225 x 1, 1, double over, focus on speed

on same, 255 x 1 as above

on floor

295 x 8 singles in 7:00, alternating starting left over.  Still too much quad but trying to keep weight back.

NB: This cycle is basically a week ahead of the previous full cycle, e.g., today's workout was about what week 3, day 4 was last cycle.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

DL 280 x 10 singles

Been feeling a little under the weather, nothing I can put my finger on, since Sunday.  Decided not to lift yesterday.

Today, plan is DL 280 x 10 singles


Walk to HS to vote and back

ZDL: 145 x 1

Windmill: 10 kg x 1R/1L

Straddle DL: 145 x 1 each way

Straddle DL on 2 x 3/4" boards, 225, 1 each way


225 overhand on 2 x 3/4" boards, 2 reps, breath but nothing else at the bottom

280 from the floor, 10 singles alternating left over, right over, in about 3:45.  Getting used to the volume of DL'ing again, should have done more prep before this cycle.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

DL 260 x 12 singles

walk 2 mi.

2h Swings: 24 kg x 10, 32 kg x 10, 40 kg x 10

DL: 225 x 1

260 x 12 singles as double over, left over, right over x 4.  For last 6 reps, stood on 3/4" board - really couldn't feel a difference.  Last 2 reps got left/right backwards.

Starting to remember to take slack out of the bar, took 10:12 to do this, better than yesterday's which was 6:something.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

DL 240 lbs. x 15 singles

Friday - not much, busy day


Been doing some 2-hand pushups, but looking for perfect shoulder function and hard style plank body.  About 5 seems my max, got 6 today but it was tough.

DL: 225 x 1, 240 x 15 singles in 6:45 as double over, left over, right over, all that times 5.

That's it today.  Back to my old DL form and everything is easy again.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Burned out so easy: 20 kg c&p, 16 kg snatch

Feeling pretty burned out from yesterday's deadlifts.


20 kg: c&p x 2L, 2R, 2L, 2R w/ no break, c&p x 3L, 3R

16 kg: snatch 10L + 10R - haven't done snatches in forever, trying to keep bell close on the way up and have a straight flip over on the way down.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Heaviest DL Day, so DL only, 305 x 3 singles (6 were planned)

Walk about 2 mi, not much stretching

DL - again, trying to stay flatter in the back and more upright.

225 x 3 double over

275 x 1 double over

305 x 6 singles as

left over x 1, short rest, right over x 1

longer rest

right over x 1, short rest, left over x fail

longer rest

left over x fail again, albeit hung out there for longer

Prudence dictates that I stop here for today.  CNS is fried from that last attempt.

Just felt like I couldn't push hard against the ground, and it felt like the new form.  Watched the video - shaky legs.  Taking the 2nd rep after only short rest was the beginning of my problems today, and the 3rd rep was shaky.  The 4th failed after about 2 second, and the next attempt took about 6 seconds.


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Qigong, Walk, Warmup for DL but postpone

AM: walk 2 mi, short qigong including crane pistol each side, first time I'd done a pistol in the last week or so.

PM:  OHS w/ stick, 40 kg 2-hand swings x 8 or so, ZDL 145 x 3 touch-n-go - first time I can remember doing multiple reps of the ZDL.  Dear Abbies were tired by the end, felt like they might cramp but they didn't.

DL:  was going to do 5th day of plan today, but I am tired and my back is tired, so I will wait until tomorrow.  Not 100% sure this is the right choice but better more than enough rest compared to too little rest.

Monday, October 27, 2014

DL 285 x 8 singles

Sunday - still at SFG-II, no DL today - will take the rest day and also have a decent drive to get home tonight.

Monday - walk 2 mi to warmup.

Double kb press: 10 kg x 2 bells x 2 reps, 16 kg x 2 bells x 2, x 2 again and walk a few steps.  First 16 kg double started to push on bad nerve/disc in back, fixed it for second set and walk.

These are for postural purposes, not for strength.

DL: 230 x 1 (what was on the bar) overhand, 285 x 8 singles - trying to keep the stiffer upper back that Jeremy Layport and Phil Scarito were talking about, tough as the weight starts to approach what my legs can do.  4 double over, then alternated over/under for the last four.

Saturday, October 25, 2014


At SFG Level II, where I am teaching this weekend

Friday:  DL 250 x 12 singles as over, left over, right over x 4.  Warmup ZDL 135, 155

Saturday: DL 270 x 10 singles as 6 over, rest alternating left over, right over.  Warmup ZDL 145, 165


Thursday, October 23, 2014


No lifting yesterday but did get to walk a couple of mile.  Raining today pretty hard so no walk.

Brief bit of stretching then

24 kg swing, 5L+5R, break, 5R+5L

ZDL: 135 x 1, 145 x 1

DL: 230 x 15 singles.  To make counting easier, I did 1 overhand, 1 left over, 1 right over, and did that 3 times for 15 total

That's it for today - time to go to SFG Level II in Philly.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Yesterday, 3 hours of driving, so just some stretching, qigong on the front porch, and a bit of walking.

Today, Tuesday, a bit of walking, a bit of stretching, then

Zercher DL: 135 x 1 - haven't done these in a while, x 1 again - better

SQ: Steinborn from left, 135 x 8, steinborn down on left.  Left knee feels a little funny, must not have been tracking well.

BP: Incline, bar x 5, 95 x 5 - good!  That's 4th notch above flat

BP: 2nd notch above flat, 95 x 5, 115 x 5

BP: 1st notch above flat, 115 x 5, 135 x 3 - getting tired

DL: 225 x 5, soft touch-n-go, 225 x 5 singles, all double overhand, total 10 singles, up from 6 two days ago, good.

Enough for today!

Sunday, October 19, 2014


The past week was busy - rehearsal Monday night, lesson Tuesday, off Wednesday, rehearsal Thursday, concert Friday, and a busy day on Saturday as well - plus all my usual work things.  I did qigong a few times, walked some, and am happy to have had a good concert and feeling ready to get into lifting in earnest agian.

Next planned meet is 8 weeks from now, on December 14.


Walk 2 mi., stretch a little

SQ: empty bar from racks x 20

SW: 24 kg x 20

FSQ: empty bar x 8

SQ: Steinborn Right, 135 lbs. x fail - had to get my wife and son to help me from under the bar.

SQ: Steinborn Right, 135 lbs. x 5 - tried to stay tighter, also tried a PL style squat which I don't care for as much but it's probably what I should do <sigh>

BP: Slight Incline (first notch on my bench, bar in rear hooks, 115 lbs x 3, 5, index fingers on rings for all

BP: Less Incline (bar on 2nd notch above flat), bar still in rear hooks, 115 lbs. x 3

BP: Incline (bar on 4th notch above flat, almost vertical), 65 x 5

BP: Incline (bar on 4th notch above flat, almost vertical), 85 x 5

MP: (standing) - empty bar x 5, 65 x 5, 85 x 3 - starting to lean back a little, I think, and also tired from all the pressing today

DL: 225 x 6 singles as 1, 2, 3 - short rest at bottom between "reps" in each "set" - all singles

Enough for today

Monday, October 13, 2014

Meet Report, plus today

Took it easy all last week, just walking and qigong on the front porch, this in advance of the USAWA meet

Meet Report – USAWA meet on October 12 in Ambridge, PA, near Pittsburgh.  The meet director was Art Montini, age 87 and still lifting.  He hosts this meet as “Art’s Birthday Bash” every year – this was my first one.
Format was informal – you called Art or one of the other judges over when you wanted a lift refereed.  You picked your own lifts since the USAWA has hundreds of them – basically, you picked lifts in which you thought your could break or set a US or World Record.  You kept your own paperwork, writing down your attempts and success/fail.  My wife was nice enough to come with me and she kept mine in order.
My category: M55+, 70 kg.
1.  Steinborn Lift – existed WR was 75 kg, which I broke.  I went 60, 70, 80 kg, all good.
2.  Inman Mile – no one has ever completed, partial attempts are kept in the record books for distance.  You walk with 150% BW on a bar on your back.  I covered 113 meters, which will be the first American entry in the books, and set a record for my age/weight where none had existed.
3.  Hip Lift – 1st attempt – 810 lbs., good.  2nd attempt: 1020 lbs., fail.  3rd attempt, 1020 lbs, good.  This set a record for my age/weight where none had existed.
4.  Jefferson Lift (a straddle-the-bar deadlift): 1st attempt: 275 lbs, good.  2nd attempt: 315 lbs, also good.  WR was/is 175 kg – did not break that but set an American record where none had existed.
5.  Jefferson Lift, 2″ bar: 1st attempt: 230 lbs, good.  2nd attempt: 280 lbs., also good.  Set a WR were none had exists.
6.  Kennedy Lift – a new lift in the USAWA (not sure if it’s IAWA) – it’s a straddle Health Lift, a deadlift done from in the rack with pins set at 18″ (or lower).  I did several attempts at this, alternating with John McKean, a man who holds hundres of IAWA records.  We both did the same and got them all: 225, 275, 315, 405.  Since the lift is new, these were all World records.
A very good day, very nice people, and something I hope to make an annual event.  Broke 1 WR, set 4 more and set 1 American record.

Today, had more driving to do, so just some short walks, stretching, and light windmills and bent presses with various implements including a 10 kg kettlebell and an empty, 30 lb., 5 foot bar

Monday, October 6, 2014

Return to regular routine, meet minus 6 days

Friday - swing+press for 2 sets, drive a bunch, 3 hour service

Sat - walk 2 mi, all day services

Sun - walk 2 mi, drive home

Mon - walk 2 mi, qigong on the front proch, swing + press for 2 sets.  Took a lot of stretching to get the body working today, including floor work on the black mats in the old basement but pistols were solid.

Biggest concern is that I weigh 156 lb. this morning and I need to be 154 or lighter on Sunday

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Straddle DL w/ 2" bar

Walk about 2 mi

24 kg:

00::00 Swing 10L, clean on last rep, press 2x
01:00 Repeat Right, pause overhead on last rep for stretch, push chest forward
2:15 Repeat Left, again pause at end
3:30 Repeat Right, same format, and done

5 Hard Style Plank Pushups - been doing these lately, just a set or two of 5, major focus is on hollow at the shoulder and t-spine (the rest comes more naturally to me).

PU: 3 bell on left foot, 3 bell on right foot.  Focus is on touching bar below Adam's Apple.  First set, got two reps that way, 3rd rep touched at Adam's Apple, stopped the set there.  Second set (done after 5 min rest), same.

2" bar straddle DL:

225 x 3 left front, touch-n-go, 3 right front also touch-n-go, short rest between

5-10 min rest

260 x 2 left, 2 right, as above, almost lost 2nd set w/ left hand, which was n back, but managed to put it down mostly under control, kept both hands on the bar

280 x 1 left front, failed right front

Will come back and add video links later.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Walk, short swing/press

Walk about 2 mi.

Short on time, so:

24 kg - swing 10L, clean to rack on 11th rep, press 2 times, short pause, repeat on right side

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Straddle 2" Bar Deadlift

Saturday - walked w/ 200 lbs., didn't go terribly far, was too much for me for this day.  Zercher walked 155 back.

Sunday - drive to Philly, rehearse, stay overnight

Monday - went to a funeral, drove home, taught, was very tired.

Tuesday, today

AM, stretch and qigong including 2 crane pistols

PM, 2" bar straddle DL, always left in front first, and trying thumbs around instead of false grip today, very short rest between sides

135 x 1, 1
225 x 1, 1
225 x 3, 3 - touch and go, felt pretty solid, especially second side
255 x 2, 2 - had to reset first set because grip was unbalanced, but second (right front) side was touch and go

280 x 0, 1 - failed left front, again front didn't come up completely, probably could have fought it out but decided to fight out the other, stronger side - got the other side, although it was slow.

Onward and Upward

Friday, September 26, 2014

ROP-like C&P + PU Ladders w/ 20 kg

Thursday - in Philly performing after driving down last night, then drive home.  Just some stretching early AM

NB: It is _very_ important not to enter into a state of over-training of over-living by lifting too much when my life is this busy at this time every year.  I feel good, pretty well recovered, and that's important to the big picture.

Today, Friday

Walk 2 mi

Stretch, qigong on the front porch including 1 crane pistol each way.  Body stiff, tight at the start, but this all helped a lot.

20 kg ROP-like C&P, used 16 kg on foot for PU

C&P x 1L/R, PU x 1 on L foot
C&P x 2 L/R, PU x 2 R
C&P x 3 L/R, PU x 3 L

NB: The press isn't difficult at 20 kg, but achieving any volume is, regardless of weight, because I haven't been pressing much laterly.  20 kg is the right spot for me for now, if and until I get to some volume on a weekly basis.

C&P x 1L/R, PU x 1 R
C&P x 2 L/R, PU x 2 L
C&P x 3 L/R, PU x 1 R - was supposed to be 3 but I was so focused on form that I plain forgot - duh!  It's OK, I'm a little tired, anyway.

24 kg: 1h swing, lf, 10L + 10R on no break - felt explosive.  Not sure if lat stayed tight enough at top, though, but had lots of float.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Walk, Stretch, Qigong, Press, Swing

Today, Wed

walk 2 mi, stretch

qigong on the front porch inc. 2 alternating singles crane pistol

20 kg mil press, lf, 1, 3

24 kg swing, 10L, 10R, no break

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Steinborn, Inman, 2" bar straddle DL

Saturday, walk 4 mi - warm and muggy.  Stretch

Sunday - drive 2-1/2 hours each way to a 3-hour rehearsal

Monday - qigong and stretching on the front porch, walk 2 mi.

Tuesday, today:

Steinborn: 135 up and down right, 135 up and down left but lost it putting it down.  Might be that up left and down right is what works best for me.

Steinborn 175 up left, walk, bounce off

Fulton Straddle DL

touch and go, 225 x 3 left in front, short rest, 225 x 3 right in front, 285 x 1 left front, x 1 right front - both slow, right front got stuck, but both finished successfully.

Nice workout today.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Steinborn Lift, Inman Walk, 2" bar Straddle Deadlift

Wednesday, yesterday, nothing - too busy

Today, Thursday, a bit of stretching to warm up

Steinborn - 135 lbs., up on left, SQ x 3, down on right

Steinborn - same but switch sides for up and down

Inman Mile - Steinborn 155 lbs. up on left, walk 200 yards (driveway twice), bounce off.

Inman Mile - Steinborn 155 lbs. up on right, walk 150 yards (driveway, a bit in street, more in driveway), bounce off.

2" bar Straddle DL: 

135 x rf, lf, 

225 x lf, rf - better, 

270 x same - using thumbless grip, it feels stronger

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Hip Belt Today - Hand and Thigh Lift, Hip Lift

Stretch, just not in the mood to do qigong today

Hand and Thigh Lift - trying for more upright start

190 x 1, 1, 1
270 x 1
360 x 1
450 x 1, 1
540 x 1, 1

Hip Lift with new belt - so far, so good.

540 x 1
680 x 1, 1
820 x 1 (added a pair of 35s each side
940 x 1 (a 35 and a 25 on each side)

Monday, September 15, 2014

A little to stay in the groove.

walk 1 mi

qigong on the front porch including 2 alternating single crane pistols

135 lbs. - Steinborn from left side, SQ x 5, place in rack at finish

Interesting - I got my back to parallel to the ground, which made it easier to get the weight onto my shoulder but harder to stand up.  Good it was only 135.

Very tired from a weekend of rehearsing in Philly and all the driving, so that will do it for today - 3 hour rehearsal tonight, too.

Friday, September 12, 2014

DL up to 305 lbs.

walk 2 mi

qigong (including, as always, crane pistol, this time two alternating singles each side)

DL: 255 x 5 singles w/ reset, double overhand grip, rest 2 min, 275 x 1, rest 2 min, 305 x 1, all do grip. DO grip on 305 a little loose but still held onto the bar more than long enough for it to be legal.

Ah, deadlifts.  Need to do more in the 295/305 range w/ DO and work that up to heavier

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Pistol in Qigong, DL 255 lbs for a few

Walk about 5 mi

Qigong and stretch

DL: 225 x 1, 255 x 3 singles w/ pause and breath at bottom but not a full reset, x 2 singles w/ reset between

Steinborn and Inman

Tuesday, yesterday, walk 3 mi, qigong on porch, nothing else

Today, Wednesday, to warmup


32 kg swing x 6L, 6R

95 lbs. Steinborn R + walk 75 yards

115 lbs. Steinborn L + walk 75 yards

135 lbs. Steinborn R + walk 100 yards

135 lbs. Steinborn L + 5 squats

Monday, September 8, 2014

Walk, Qigong, Hip Lift

Yesterday, Inman w/ 235 lbs. for 100 yards

Forgot to post some of last week's workouts - oops ...

Today, walk 2 mi, cossack sequence and qigong to warm up

Hip Lift - bar is 93 lbs. so.  Considering doing this for AWA meet in October.

363 x several singles (3 wheels a side)

543 x several singles (5 wheels a side)

723 x two singles (7 wheels a side), choked up on chain

859 x 3 singles (added a 35 and a 33 each side)

bar loaded kind of loose on front end, didn't feel like it ever quite got off the ground, not sure what was gong on.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hand and Thigh Lift 434 lbs., Zercher Squat 225 lbs.

Walk 2 mi

qigong on the front porch

run lots of errands

Hand and Thigh Lift - my first serious session of these - had tried previous w/ rack DL, now have the official kind of gear.  All weights in pounds.  Hook in 14th link (size/length of chain)

190 (pair of 45s) x 1
280 (another pair of 45) x 1
368 (pair of 20 kg) x 1, 1, 1
412 (pair of 10 kg) x 1, 1 (video 2nd rep)
434 (remove 10 kg, replace w/ 15 kg) x 1 (also on same video)

Zercher - by the book: DL to thighs, hook arms, stand up, lower to thighs again, lower to ground

135 x 1 - easy
185 x  1 - not so easy, x 1 - focused on tight DL to thighs, rest of lift was much easier
205 x 1 - up it went
225 x 1 - long rest before, kind of spent, this went up but not much strength to spare

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Swings, presses, pullups

Wed - busy work day today

stretch a little

32: swing 6's 1-handed on the :30, 6 sets so 36 total reps.  Tried to throw the weight back, easier right than left due to grip but I did try on both sides.  This weight is too heavy for me to do 10's with, and really too heavy for my left hand overall.  Will keep mostly doing 24's and keep bringing down the rest periods, might try a 28 for some.

20: press ladder again

1-2-3 w/ single 20 kg pullup on foot after each rung, short rests, alternated feet

1-2-1 - whoops, was supposed to be 3


8 presses (not c&p) each side, switched to 16 kg for pullup x 3 - short pause at bottom after rep #1, didn't like, longer pause before 3rd rep - better for my shoulders/t-spine this way

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

100 24kg swings


Walk 2 mi in the heat pretty early AM (8:30)

qigong + other stretching on the front porch

24: 1h swing, lf, on the :55, 10 sets of 10.  Keep trying to throw the bell back and let it swing itself forward - better at that today.  :20 on, :35 off

Monday, September 1, 2014

20 kg Press ladders: 3 x 1-2-3

Monday - short walk,

qigong on the front porch

32: swing 1h, lf, x 10's on the :55

3:40 - 5 sets in 4:00

Need to do some lighter swings next time and keep the focus on being quick and explosive, but still happy with this effort.

20 c&p/pu ladder.  In general, tried to pause the tops of pullups more than I've been

1 L/R, 1 PU L; 2 L/R, 2 PU R; 3 L/R, 1 PU L


1 L/R, 1 PU R; 2 L/R, 2 PU L; rest a bit, 3 L/R, 2 PU L


1 L/R w/ mini band - OMG, ugly but got it, 1 PU R; 2 L/R, 2 PU L; 3 L/R, 1 x 24 kg PU R

I think this is the first time I've actually done 3 ladders of 1-2-3 w/ this weight in my recent training.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

A few barbell DLs - aahh!

Yesterday, Saturday - not much, feeling tired, just walked some and stretched a little

Today, Sunday, still not feeling 100% for whatever reason

Walked, stretched, did some splits - back was bothering me, and I know deadlifts are my cure, so

DL: conventional, d/o grip, 225 x 1 w/ slow negative, 245 the same, 275 the same x 1, 1

Ah, deadlifts ....

Friday, August 29, 2014

Inman 65 yards

walk 2 miles - legs tired, probably all the swings yesterday

The usual shoulder dislocates, OHS w/ stick, bw windmills, etc.

Inman: 65 yards, first time in the street w/ competition weight.  Not a good day, just not in the right frame of mind for this.  Will try again next Saturday, then take the following weekend off, then do a final ramp-up for the meet on October 12  And my wife fell down halfway through this one.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

100 S&S, mix 32 and 24


S&S 100 swings on the minute

32: 10L, 10R = 20

24: (10L, 10R) x 3 = 60

32: 10L, 10R = 20

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Press, Pullup, Pistol


32 kg: 1h swing x 7 on the :20 - yowser, totally out of breath after 4 sets (28 reps)

24 kg: 1h swings x 10 on the :40 - 4 sets (40 reps)

Wednesday (today)

stretch a little, walk 2 mi.

32: 1h swings x 10R, 10L

20 kg press and w/ that bell on foot:

1 press L/R, 1 PU - 2 press L/R, 2 PU - 3 press L/R, 2 PU

6 press L/R, 2 PU (attempted 3rd but lost bell off end of foot)

* 2 hour break *

10 kg: pistol x L/R (paused, exhaled, very deep), windmill x 5L, 5R

10 kg: pistol x L/R - more normal depth and pause

Monday, August 25, 2014

Swing, Press, Windmill

Today, Monday - still tired from vacation and lots of driving


8 pushups - these are an ab exercise if you so choose; I so choose

32 kg: 1h swing, 7L, short rest, 7R - these are better than they used to be

20 kg: press 6L, 6R, PU (bw + 20 kg) x 2 on left foot, normal grip

20 kg: as above but bell on right foot and false grip

16: windmill, lf, 3 as fingertips, fist, palm - ugh

Sunday on the road: a few 24 kg presses and windmills and goblet squats

Sunday, still on the road w/ a 24 kg

goblet squat x 15

press x 3 L/R

press + windmill x 1 L/R

bw pushup x 5

Saturday, August 23, 2014

On the road, 24 swing, press, windmill

Thu:  20 swings, stretch, walk

Friday: Inman 235 lbs x 125 yards then 5 hours of driving

Sat: very stiff, stretch, then swing 24 kg on the :60 as 10 x 2h x 2, 10 x 1h x 8, 10 x 2h x 2 = 120 swings

24 x 1 press + 1 windmill, lf, x 1, 1 press, lower, 1 jerk + 1 windmill x 1

Basta per oggi!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

20 kg press ladder to 3 - x 2


warmup w/ 32 kg 1-hand swings: 3L, 3R, 3L, 3R - not good at these, grip

20 kg: press ladder to 3 w/ single 20 kg pullup after each rung - all that x 2, did 2 reps of pullup on final set

10 kg: pistol: L, R, rest, repeat - left side is _weak_, trouble keeping ball of foot down on that side also

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Stretch a little

walk 3 mi.

14 kg - halo x 5 each direction, experimented w/ breathing both anatomical and biomechanical.

32: goblet squat: curl + 5 reps, curl + 6 reps

Swing - in this format:

( 24 x 11L, 24 x 11R, 40 2-hand x 11) x 2 on the :20, total 55 reps

Monday, August 18, 2014

Press Ladder

Saturday - a few goblet squats and windmills w/ 24 kg, lots of driving

Sunday - Inman training, 230 lbs., 100 yards

Monday, today

Stretch, walk about a mile, stretch some more

24: swing, 15L in :30, rest :30, 15R in :30 - warmup, and did 15s just to shake it up a bit.

20: c&p ladder 1-2-3 w/ single PU (@ bw + 20 kg on foot) after each rung

Friday, August 15, 2014

On the road w a 24 kg bell

Thursday - travel day

Today, friday - brought a single 24 kg bell with, so

24: halo x 2 each way - ugh, a bit heavy

24: goblet squat x 10

24: swings total 80 as 10’s on the :40, breathing tight afterwards

24:  press, lf 2, 3

24: windmill, lf, 2

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

24 kg swings on the :20

Stretch a little, a bit of Indian Clubs as well.

Walk about 2 mi.

16 kg Halo x 5 each way, elbows close, mostly paused at the bottom/back

24 kg Goblet squat x 10.  Started w/ a curl from the floor, paused final rep for a while w/ knees inside elbows.  Arms still shake, not quite sure why.

24: swing: started left, did 8 sets of 10 1-hand swings on the :20 - best yet

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Swing, Press, Windmill


short (1 mi) walk

lots of stretching + qigong on the front porch, also so bw-only windmills

24: swing, rf, 10's on the :20, total 60 reps, most reps on the :20 to date

rest a few minutes, then:

20: press x 6L, 6R, PU on R

rest a bit

20: press x 7R, 7L, PU on L - NB: went right first this time, 7 is recent PR although far from lifetime best in this area, which I think is 10 reps w/ 24 kg.

10 kg: windmill, lf, 3 - needed an easier day w/ these, am feeling them some in hips and si, trying slightly wider stance today and that feels better.

Monday, August 11, 2014

A lot of different things today

Sunday, yesterday, walk about 5 miles - kind of warm

Today, Monday:

2 lb. Indian Clubs on front porch

24 kg: swing 10L, 10R

24 kg: goblet squat x 6

16 kg: halo x 4 each way

16 kg: windmill x 2L, 2R

Inman: 230 lbs. x 75 yard - first time over 155 lbs.


24: windmill, 2L, 2R

32: windmill, 1L, 1R - dumped the left one after getting all the way down and most of the way back up with it, right was OK.  Rusty, rusty, rusty, weak, weak, weak

Friday, August 8, 2014

Swing, Press, Pullup, Windmill

Friday, today, not much stretching

16: halo x 4 each way

24: goblet squat x 10 - damn, this is a belly exercise once you get a little tired

24: swing, 40 1-hand swing on the :40 as 10R, 10L, 10R, 10L - this is equal work/rest

20: press 6L, 6R, 1 pulup L foot, press 5L, 5R, 1 pullup R foot, non-false grip today, excellent height, 2nd one was Adam's Apple _over_ the bar after a longer than usual hang before starting.

20: windmill, lf, 4 - way rusty

Thursday, August 7, 2014

32 kg 2-hand swings x 10, 10

Another crazy busy day, walked about a mile, swung a 32 kg bell for 2 sets of 10 2-handed swings

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

40 swings, 10 Presses

Sunday PM, drive to Baltimore

Monday, 5 slow pushups x 2, walk on campus tours, sit a lot, drive a lot

Tuesday, my aunt's funeral, 3 hours of driving

Wednesday, today:

walk a couple of miles

12: halo x 3-5 each way, played w/ breathing

24: goblet squat x 6

24: 1-hand swing, 10L first, total 4 sets (40 reps), did w/ only :20 of rest this time.

20: ( mil press, 5L, 5R, 1 PU bell on foot ) x 2 - form pretty good, getting used to doing these again.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

100 x 24 kg 1-hand swings on the :60

A little stretching

5 mi walk w/ my wife

bw windmills

24: 100 swings as 10L, 10R, etc., on the :60 - first time for this in a long, long time.  Practice nose-breathing in and out between sets, and after session was done.


16: windmill, 3L, 3R - on each side, first one fingertips, second one fist, third one palm, a way of doing these I often follow.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

More Presses, Pullups, and a few DL variations

A little stretching, about 2 mi walk

32 kg: 10 x 2-hand swings

40 kg: 10 x 2-hand swings

* Will press 5-3-2 today, doubling my volume from 2 days ago.

20 kg: press x 5L, 5R, 1 min rest, 20 kg pullup right, normal (not false) grip

20 kg: press x 3L, 3R, no rest, 20 kg pullup left, normal (not false) grip

20 kg: press x 2L, 2R, no rest, 20 kg pullup right, false grip

Played w/ some AWA lifts:

* With 100 lbs. on bar:

1 hand suitcase DL x L, R - not an AWA lift but I like it, anyway

1 hand straddle DL x L, R

1 leg DL x R, L, R, L - tough

* Switch to Okie bar loaded to 225 lbs.

Straddle DL x R front, L front

* Enough of that

Hack DL: 225 x 1, 275 x fail, 275 x fail but got further - am pulling the bar into my body too much, 275 x 1 - it's humid and I'm sweaty, and I think some of this was the bar sticking to my legs on the way up.  Anyway, got the lift - finally.

Conventional DL - an awful, wobbly thing, but up it went, so 275 x 1

Friday, August 1, 2014

Swings - 24 kg x 80 1-handed

Stretch a little, rolling a little

10 kg - kettlebell overhead squats.  I'm awful at these but I should keep doing them.  Did some shoulder dislocated and overhead squats with a stick as part of warming up.

Pushups - just a few slow, controlled, regular (2 arm, 2 leg) pushups

24 kg - goblet squat x 5

10 kg - windmill x 2R, 2L

24 kg: starting 10R, 80 1-handed swings in sets of 10 on the minute

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Walk, Swing, Press

Life has been busy of late.

Yesterday, just some walking

Today, busy first half of day, then walked, a little stretch, then:

24 kg: swing 10L, rest until :60, 10R

20 kg: press x 5L, 5R - some of my best presses in terms of spinal alignment in a long time

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

20 kg press, 225 lb. Hack DL, 24 kg DARC swing, more swings, and goblet squats

I am very tired of weighted walking - not sure if I'm going to continue training this, or how.  My thought at this moment is that I'll load 230 on the bar and just see if I can cover 50 yards with it, then take it from there.

Yesterday, off, just some stretching.  Also did big stretching including splits on Sunday and yesterday.  No splits today.  Yesterday, did a full qigong including crane pistol - felt great


20 kg: alternating sides w/ a single bell, c&p, total 8 or 4 on each side, bell on the floor between but otherwise no rests

Hack DL:225, double overhand grip, 4 touch-n-go - have never done these real touch-n-go before, touched very lightly.  Ah, something at least slightly heavy to pick up - I miss that.

24: DARC swing, lf, 16 total

24: one-hand swings, switch every 2, right first, 20 total

24: goblet squat x 5

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Walk 1-1/4 miles in 5 segments w/ 65 lbs.

Walk about 1-1/4 miles in 5 segments a/ 65 lbs.  Still figuring things out - tightening up on grip on left side helps everything.

Warmed up w/ stretching an 24 kg one-arm swings x 10L, 10R

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Swings Today, later 20 kg presses, pullups w/ 20 kg on foot

Busy day, off day from weighted walking.

Walk 2 miles in the AM for groceries.

While training a client, a bunch of 2- and 1-hand swings w/ various weights including the 40 and 48 kg.

A little later:

20 kg: c&p, lf x 1, lf x 3

20 kg: pu x 1 on right foot, pu x 1 on left foot - throat to bar for both

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

More weighted walking

Short walk, brief stretching

bw + 155 - 3 x double driveway but w/o little loop on the end, plus 1 x single driveway including little loop and also across street on opposite end.  PR total distance at this weight, and half as many rests, too.

Working on not dropping left shoulder.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

8/10 mile walk w/ 65 lb. bar.

Tight from yesterday, when I did a lot of driving.

Today, stretch, the warmed up w/ swings.  Used 20 kg and did assorted one hand, the other hand, and two handed.  Finished with 2 handed 40 kg swings

Took 65 bar for a walk.  Made it about 0.8 miles, then short break, then home another .1 mile.  0.8 is best to date, also good in that I was tired, stiff, sore, and it was hot and humid outside.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Strength Maintenance Mode for the Day

A little stretching, a short walk, then 2 exercises from Resilient:

Windmill-based shoulder rotator w/ bw only, 4 kg, 6 kg.

Karate twist w/ pair of 10 kg, also bw-only

Continuing maintenance mode on mobile shoulders and hip, neutral and hollow position torso.

20 kg: 1 press + 3 windmills left, then right.

20/20 - see saw press, right first, total 10 (5 each side)

PU: bw + 20 kg x 1 on left foot, x 1 on right foot - belly exercise, for sure

Feels great to do some strength training.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

600 yards total w/ 155 lbs. on my back

Walked 5-6 miles w/ my wife in the AM

Stretched a little.

PM, weighted walking - driveway x 6 round-trips, up from 5 on Thursday, and took them slightly longer so that I'm actually covering every inch of the driveway.  Thus, 600 yards total w/ 155 lbs. on my back.  Definitely feels easier than it did 3 days ago, still looking for sweet spot in terms of bar position, also still experimenting w/ grip width - both middles fingers and ring fingers on the rings seem to work, but middle fingers, which is slightly wider, cuts off the circulation in my hands less, albeit at the expense of some tension keeping the bar in place.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

More weighted walking

Yesterday, Friday, had minor surgery - no exercise other than stretching in the AM.  Took a nap in the afternoon.

Today, warmup up with a single set of 40 kg, 2-handed kettlebell swings and some bodyweight-only windmills.  Boy, swings are about the perfect exercise for anything.

Walked for 1 mile with the bar on my back loaded to only 65 lbs., and with just a single stop at about .55 miles (as close as I can figure).  I think it's very important to be able to go the distance and then some easily with a lighter weight.  This was clearly my best day so far in this regard and I still need to be able to go an entire mile in one set, but this is the first time I've covered a mile in only two sets so we'll be happy with the progress.

At the 1 mile mark, put the bar down a second time and did a Zercher carry for about 1/7 mile (about .15) back to our house.  Even with only 65 lbs., this was getting old by the time I was finished..

Onward and Upward

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Heavier Weighted Walking

Took the squat stands outside, loaded a bar to 155 lbs., and did 5 x 100 yard walks on my driveway.  This was very educational.

Stretched first, also walked a couple of miles.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hard Style, Hollow and Neutral Position Practice

Hoping to weighted walk again tomorrow.  Today

Stretch, walk 2 mi

bw: wall-supported handstand - awkward, rusty

20 kg: press x R, L, pullup x 1 on right foot

20 kg: press x 2 L, R, pullup x 1 on left foot

Nice to get some hollow position strength back - yesterday's pullup weakness was a little frightening

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A weighted walking PR, and my abs check out, and Hack DL

Sunday, played in church in the AM, not much exercise.

Monday, yesterday, walked just over 1 mi w/ 80 lbs. in 7 segments.  Weather was super miserable, warm and very humid, and I was tired.

Today, Tuesday:

Lots of floor work stretching

Did some 20 kg presses, then tried a 20 kg pullup - and failed!  Outrageous as I usually own up to 28 kg pullups w/ no pullup training.  So, we may conclude that I am tired and also that certain muscles/patterns have checked out.

Tried 12 kg pullup - very easy.  Tried 16 pullup - also easy but getting harder, and decided to stop there.

Hack DL: 225 x 1, 225 x 3 slightly slower than touch and go, new breath on the bottom but didn't let go of the bar.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Inman Mile - 9/10 mile in 3 segments w/ 50% bodyweight on bar

Friday, walk 6 miles.

Today, Saturday, cover 9/10 mile w/ 75 lbs. in 3 segments - definitely making progress.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Inman Mile - progress! 7/10 mile in two "sets"

My best day yet.  Short warmup stretch.

70 lbs.

Made it two blocks further than my previous best first "set."   (For whatever reasons, my best set seems to always be my second or third.)  Covered a total of 7/10 mile in just 2 segments today - even a few days ago, I would have needed 4 segments to get that far and that was with a little less weight on the bar, albeit only 5 lbs.

I was off from Inman Mile training yesterday, just did some variety lifting, and that helped me today.   Might continue with every other day for a while, might also try two days on followed by one day off, and make the second training day heavy but short.

I added some pec/t-spine doorway stretches today - I think that helped.

The weather wasn't so brutal - that helped, too.

Trained on the streets and sidewalks near my house and that also helped - the track is brutally boring.


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Zercher DL - Fail at 225 lbs. (1.5 x bodyweight)

Tuesday - Inman Mile training, 70 lbs. on bar, took to local track, horribly hot, humid weather at about 10 AM.  Managed 3/4 mile total in 4 segments, one was longer than 1/4 mile.  Experimented with wider grip - no good, lose muscle shelf in back.  Finished w/ Zercher carry

Today, Wednesday, walk about 2-1/2 miles to recycling center and back

Windmills: bw x 3 l/r, 16 kg x 3 L/R, 20 kg x 2 L/R, 24 kg x 2 L/R

Zercher DL:  singles at 135, 185, 225 x fail, fail, fail - last attempt on video here:

Monday, July 7, 2014

Inman Mile, Week #1, Days 1 and 2

Yesterday, walk about 1 mile, longest segment of 4 was 4/10 mi, weight was 65 lbs., cleaned into position.


115 lbs. Walk 600 feet, flat on gravel x 1, then walk 150 feet, flat on gravel, followed by a paved, 75 feet moderately steep hill up then down.

Notes: first round always feels lousy so I need to continue to think of it as a warmup.  Second set, 115 felt like yesterday's 65 lbs, at least at the start.  Also note - downhill is harder than uphill.

Warmed up w/ some windmills w/ empty bar.  Steinborn the weight onto my back, once from each side.

Finished a nice way - Zercher DL, carry (in elbows, at belly) about 50 feet back to basement doors.  Zercher DL carry is a nice thing.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Light Bent Presses

Friday, which was yesterday, no lifting - had to get over this cold, so I took 2 naps and feel much better today, although not completely over it yet.

Today, Saturday, short walk, then a few windmills to loosen up, then

Play w/ bent presses: 10, 12, 16, 20, 24 kg

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Walk 3 mi

Stretched a little, then walked 3 miles in hot, humid weather.

Feeling a bit under the weather, another short walk but that's it for today.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hand and Thigh Lift, Hip Lift, weighted pullup

Very hot outside today. busy morning, no walking but some floor work stretching.  Might walk later if it cools off some.

Warmup - 36 kg swings x 5L, 5R - too heavy for one-handed for me.

Hand and Thigh Lift - haven't really done these.  Am assuming 95 lbs. for bar for now, which is probably on the light side:

H & T: 275, 365, 455 - fail, still figuring this lift out

Hip Lift:  455 x 2, 545 x 2, 685 x 1, 825 x 1, 1045 x 1 - took several attempts because my setup kept stretching but I got it

Later, got a little bored, so did 28 kg pullup w/ bell on foot, 1 each side

That's definitely all for today.

Update - weighed the bar, it weighs 100 lbs. w/ the sleeves, would be about 93 w/o, so add 5 lbs. to everything above.  That makes the hip lift 1050, give or take.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Another variety/swing day

Walk 2 mi

a few goblet squats and curls w/ 20 kg

0:00 - 20 x 20 kg 1h swing as 10L+10R

2:00 - 20 x 20 kg 1h swing as 10R + 10L

4:00 - 10 x 36 kg 2h swings

5:00 - 10 x 36 kg 2h swings

Tired, rest a bit

20/20: see-saw mil press, rf, total 12 (6 each side) - figure this is a good way to get triceps work and still be mil pressing a kettlebell

20: 1 sn + 3 windmill, lf - ugh, not pretty, not comfortable

Monday, June 30, 2014

Good Meet on Saturday, Swings today

Saturday, June 28:  Meet in 100% Raw Powerlifting Federation:

SQ: 80 kg (176 lbs.), 87.5 kg (193 lbs.), 92.5 kg (204 lbs.)

BP: 60 kg (132 lbs.), 75 kg (165 lbs.) - no third

DL: 140 kg (308 lbs.), 162.5 kg (157.5 lbs.)

Sunday, walked 5 miles

Today, Monday:

20 kg:

L/R x (1 c&p, 1 windmill)
L/R x (2 c&p, 2 windmill starting at top of second press)

20 kg:

Swings: 10T, 10L, 10R, 10L, 10R on the minute = 50 total

Onward and Upwards

Monday, June 23, 2014

A little Deadlifting 5 days out from my meet.

I had a very busy week last week and decided, after Tuesday, not to lift.

I've been walking, stretching, and recovering from my week.

Today, stretched, walked 3 miles, then

24: 1 mil press + 2 windmills x left, right

Zercher DL: 135 x 1 - a little out of practice but basically OK


Hack: 225 x 1

Conventional: 225 x 1, 1, 1 - last with controlled lowering - 285 x 1 normal lowering, 310 x 1 w/ controlled lowering.  All these were double overhand - grip seems not to be an issue these days.

I think that's going to be all the DLing I do between now and Saturday

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

3rd from last DL workout before next meet: 295 x 12 singles.

Warmup - walk 2 mi

Cossack sequence

Halos w/ 16 kg

Goblet squat and curls w/ 16 kg

FSQ 135 x 1

SQ: 135 x 1, 185 x 1

BP:115 x 5, 165 x 1 - near limit, was slow, 150 x 2 - G-d I'm awful at these, and G-d they make my lower back hurt.


225 x 1, 1 overhand

295 x 10 single starting l/u (favored grip - _tough_ today, still kept pace of about 1 rep per minute, not completely sure I did rep #5 but I did at least 9 reps and probably did 10.  Just plain tired, tried to keep calling on my good form cues - belly of air, stance not too wide, crush the bar, take the slack out of the bar, pull back towards my shins as I go up.

16: about 10 hand-to-hand swings, just to loosen up

Onward and Upward

Monday, June 16, 2014

No DL - Hip Lift 805 lbs., Swing, Curl, and Goglet Squat 40 kg

Walk about 1 mi.

Stretch a little - cossack sequence

Hip Lift.

Now calling the bar 100 lbs. will have to weigh it again in its new configuration.

235 x 1, 505 x 1, 805 x 1, 1 - just got it off the ground the first time, choked up the chain a bit, second time got much higher and felt great, felt like I had room to move.

No more today - haven't done these in a while but they are _great_.

40: 2-hand swings x 10, 10

40: curl, goblet squat by horns, another goblet squat, lower, drop

Onward and Upward

Sunday, June 15, 2014

DL 275 x 12 singles

A little stretching.

Walk 5 miles.

Zercher DL: singles at 135, 165, 175 - still pretty easy

SQ: singles at 135, 155, 175

BP: singles at 135, 155


225 x 1 overhand

275 x 12 singles starting r/u - tired from the walk and the other lifting, but felt like I was able to summon sufficient tightness to do this.

40 kg: 2-hand swing x 10 - not my best, of course, but better than nothing

Onward and Upward

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Week 7 Only as Pre-Meet Prep

Walk 3 miles

Stretch a little, including some qigong and a pistol each side - pistols were awful and weak but they had a long pause at the bottom, exhale, repressurize and come up.

SQ: showed my wife a front squat, a low-bar, wide stance back squat, and a high bar, narrow stance back squat, and she thought the low-bar, wide-stance looked the best.  Interesting that I find that one the least comfortable, but I will try to do this, just for one or two light attempts, at the meet on June 28.

BP: 125 x 3, 145 x 3, 1 - ugh, I'm awful at these, but we were experimenting with blocks under my feet and I definitely like it, have to get something a little sturdier than the 2 x 4 pieces I used today.

40 kg: 10 x 2-hand swing, pretty solid, actually.


225 x 1 overhand

Per the plan, do the final week of the 7-week DL Singles Cycle based on the new 1RM

260 x 15 singles, starting left under, right over and alternating reps.  Went very well, feel great afterwards.

Onward and Upward

Friday, June 13, 2014

Day Off

Well, I was tired and sore and hungry today, so nothing but some stretching and a nice walk - boy, does walking ever cure what ails me.

Will try to lift tomorrow, maybe get halfway to the first workout of the last week of the 7-week DL singles cycle I just completed, and then I"m hoping to do those 5 workouts next week.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Start Lifting Again

Yesterday, Wednesday, just a crazy, non-stop day.  No exercise, no walking, just a little stretching.  Also was pretty sore from both the meet and the day before's many goblet squats.

Today, Thursday:

Walk 2 mi.

Cossack sequence and other stretching.

20: windmill, lf, 1

Zercher DL: now on Oly bar for a while: 135 x 1, 175 x 1 - almost ab cramp lowering it but both lowerings were really solid, light touch-downs.

FSQ: 135 x 1, pause, exhale, repressurize, and up.  Rusty at these, not easy today or at least not as easy as I'd like

SQ:  135 x 5, 155 x 5 - videotaped, not deep enough, or maybe barely deep enough.  Going for PL style, low bar, wide-ish stance, probably just need more time to get used to dropping my hips in the hole deeper. Might need a wider turnout, or at least a bigger focus on pushing knees out.

BP: 115 x 3, 4 - not great but a start.  It's what was on the bar and good enough for me for today.  Lower back still does not like bench pressing's arch.

DL: - all double overhand grip

225 x 2 singles - lower back not happy after bench

225 x 3 - fresh breath at bottom but didn't let go of the bar - back loosening up some, brain remembering how to deadlift.

24: swing, 1-handed, lf, 5's up to 30 total, no breaks.


PU: 1 bw slow, controlled, paused

PU: bw + 20 kg on left then right, long hang before take-off, solid rep, paused, long hang at bottom - these felt _great_

Onward and Upward

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

More Variety/Recovery Lifting

Tuesday - bit of stretching

24: Goblet Squat, bell upside down x 10 (paused, as always)

24: Goblet Squat, bell right side up x 10 - this way felt harder, but maybe that's because I did it second, albeit after a solid 20 minute or so rest.  Tomorrow, I'll reverse the order.

24: Goblet Squat, bell right side up, added curl at the bottom x 5

There is an interesting subtlety in how you old the bell - you can tilt it back slighty (held in the "normal" position) and it takes some of the load off your chest.  If you allow the handles to point straight up and down, then your wrist will be bent slightly to the side (ulnar deviation, I think this is called) and the lift is harder because you have to work harder to stabilize the bell.

20: c&p ladder, lf, 1-2

24: swing, 10 L, break, 10R

FSQ: 135 x 2 - ATG, paused

20: windmill, lf, 3

Zercher DL: 135 x axle, 145 and 155 on Oly bar.  Slow and controlled negatives feeling good, have to see if I can find some of that for the way up.  Need to, I think, drive hips back and elbows forward more.

That's the most ZDL in a workout in a while, will keep up with these, feel great, getting a maximal hamstring stretch at the start is also key for me.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Yesterday 350 lb. DL for WNPF New Jersey State Record M55-59, 67.5 kg, Raw

The above is yesterday's 2nd Deadlift - 350 lbs. for a new NJ State Record.  The previous record was mine, 345 lb.

The effort wasn't a max but still a tough lift.  I decided to pull again in 3 weeks and see how I do at another fed's meet in PA near where I have family.

Took it easy all day, warmed up w/ 225 x 3, 255 and 285 x 1, pulled a 315 first and 350 second, said thank you to everyone, and went home.

Today, just did a few goblet squats w/ 24 kg to loosen up - trying to decide if I like them with the bell upside down, as shown in Mark Toomey's picture in Easy Strength, or right side up, which is how I usually do them.  Probably good to do them both ways.  Today, did 3 upside down and 3 right side up, and my upper arms were shaking by the end - guess I'm still tired from yesterday.

Walk 3 miles - ah, feels great

Zercher DL: 135 x 1 - ugly, 1 again, this time the best I've done in a while.  Have to focus on stretching hamstrings maximally to get the best start, and to drive the elbows as in a front squat to keep the bar in place.

24 kg: swing, 5R+5L+5R+5L, no break

Onward and Upward

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Day Before the Meet - a Little Loosening Up Exercise

Decided to do some windmills with barbell plates.  2 each side with 5, 10, and 15 kg plates.   Middle and ring fingers in the hole, thumb support underneath, curl or cheat curl, tighten up in the rack position, press, then windmill.

Stick windmills - ah, removes shoulder rotation and forces t-spine to do the work, very good for me.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Last workout before meet

Bodyweight 148.8 this morning, have another pound to go by 5 PM tomorrow, seem to be right on schedule.  Took 1 water pill twice a day on Tue, 2 water pills twice a day on Wed, and 3 water pills twice a day yesterday, Thursday, and again this morning.  Will probably take again tonight and maybe tomorrow AM.  Dose on bottle is 4 pills twice a day, have been using hawthorn and dandelion root on my own as well, like this mix better - water pills (XPEL by MHP) have a bit too much caffeine and other stuff in them for my size human.

Been walking pretty regularly.

Had a busy week - two 8 AM rehearsal then an 8:30 AM performance.  Enjoyed not having to get up and play early today.

Today - walk, do some exercise, walk some more.

20 kg: two-hand swing x 10

20/20 - see-saw mil press x 8 (4 each side) going right first.  These are _wonderful, really help muscles in upper back mobilize, should do these more often.

20: windmill, lf, 2

Zercher DL - axle, 135 x 1 - small ab cramp after putting it down.

Conventional DL: 225 x 2 touch-n-go, overhand

32 kg - two-hand swing x 5

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Week off before meet - Sun through Wed report

Sunday - walk 4 miles, then 2 more miles with my wife

Monday - planned final lifting day but our friend the plumber was here and I was helping, and after I did some warmups and they felt heavy, I decided to skip it altogether.

Tuesday - long day starting w/ 8 AM rehearsal.  Walk 2 mi, no lifting.  2 x herbal diuretic pill

Wed - even longer day starting w/ another 8 AM rehearsal.  Stretch some, some 20 kg swings - 10T, 5L, 5R, no break, and walks 2 mi.  Bodyweight 151.8, 4 x herbal diuretic pill. (normal dose is 8 per day).

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Week 6, Day 4: DL 305 x 8 singles

Took yesterday off from lifting but had a very big day, rehearsals and performances in the AM, taught in the afternoon.

This morning, stretched out some and got my right hip/groin to pop back into place - feels like it's been out a lot lately.  Right hamstring and hip have become chronically tight, need to stretch more often.

Next to last DL session before the meet


275 x 1 overhand as warmup

305 x 8 singles starting right under - about 1 per minute, maybe every 1:10

Rep #7 - tried turning feet out, looked and felt very wobbly, back to straight ahead feet for rep #8

24: swing: 10L, rest, 10R

Onward and Upward

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Week 6, Day 3 - DL 290 x 10 singles

Demoed a bench press back arch for my son and lifting partners yesterday, back felt crappy afterwards and for the rest of the day, and this morning.


stretch a little, walk - walk fixed one side of back and half-fixed the other.

24: contralateral one-leg DL, one each way, did right foot first

24: windmill, again press up and in front, non-rotating groove - 3L/R

Zercher DL: 135 x 1 - felt sore si/hip, 1 - felt much better


290 l/u x 10 singles

I am coming to a conclusion - two days of DL after two days of rest feels good.  Three days of DL in a row gets a bit tiring and I might want to avoid it in the future.

A few sets of swings with various weights - ah...

Onward and Upward

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Week 6, Day 2: DL 270 x 12 singles

Yesterday, walked 4-5 miles in the heat but felt great.

Warmup - walk about 2 mi

stretch a bit


20: press + 3 windmill, lf

DEADLIFT: 270 x 12 singles starting r/u - tried a partial breath at the top, repressurize at the bottom, spend less time at the bottom, felt really good.  Starting at rep #9, felt like I actually took the slack out of the bar before I started my pull.

Will do some swings later.

Onward and Upward

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Week 6, Day 1 - DL 255 x 15 singles

Week 6, Day 1, which is Tuesday - yesterday was a holiday and I had lifted through Saturday last week, so my two off days were Sunday and Monday.

The plan for this week is tentatively to lift Tue/Wed/Thu, take Fri off, and lift Saturday and Sunday, making a second 8-day week for me, and leaving the correct amount of off days before my meet on June 8 according to the spreadsheet based on Pavel's DL singles program that I am using.

8 AM rehearsal, some stretching.

Indian club - a few reps of various things w/ 2 lb. clubs

14 kg - windmill, lf, 3 - skinny handle feels weird but otherwise OK.

28 kg: 2-hand swing x 10

Zercher DL: axle, 135 x 1


starting l/u, 255 x 15 singles.  Tried to stay tighter, reps felt and looked pretty speedy to me.

Video link later today.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Week 5, Day 5: DL 320 x 6 singles

Yesterday, after a semi-planned day off on Thursday, I had Day 5, which had been a Thursday, on Friday.  Hips felt 100% during deadlifts and a little sore afterwards - a fine result.

Today, Saturday, will be Day 5 of Week 5 - one more week of lifting after this, then a week off, then a meet.

Based on yesterday's lifting, I'd have to say that 300 lbs. feels lighter and easier than it has in the recent past - a good thing.  We'll see what 320 feels like later this afternoon.

Bodyweight has been just under 154 for most of the last 2 weeks - closer but not close enough, need to drop week slowly and steadily for the next couple of weeks.  Weight class requires me to weigh in at 148-3/4 lbs, 67.5 kg.

Walk 2 miles.

20 kg: 1 clean, 2 mp, 3 windmill left then right.


225: Hack x 1, Conventional overhand x 1

275 overhand x 1

320 starting r/u for 6 singles

24 kg: 20 x 2-hand swings, all good, all explosive.

Onward and Upward

Friday, May 23, 2014

Week 5, Day 4: DL 300 x 8 singles

Friday, a bit nervous to see how my right hip and SI feel today

Walk about 2 miles

Do some bodyweight-only windmills with the bearing hip against a wall to be sure of good form.

20 kg: press once, windmill twice, left first


Hack 245 x 1

Narrow Sumo: 245 x 1

Conventional, overhand: 275 x 1

Conventional, starting l/u: 300 x 8 singles at about 1 per minute, setup at the bottom, felt really pretty good throughout, some crisper than others but overall, good.

28 kg: 10 x 2-hand swing

Onward and Upward

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day Off

Yesterday, I managed a minor tweak to my first hip and/or SI on that side.

I had a long, tiring weekend, and I feel like I've been behind all week. Fortunately, my schedule was set for me to compete on a Saturday, and my meet is on a Sunday, so this was the perfect day for me to add a day off.  I will lift Mon-Tue-Wed, Fri-Sat this week, and again next week, or maybe even Tuesday through Saturday next week before taking the week off in advance of the meet.

Took a short walk today, did some rolling and a few bent arm bars w/ 12 kg.

PM, did some Hack Sq, first with a 45 lb. bar and then w/ a 24 kg bell.  Tried heavier but it wouldn't go.

Also did 20 kg windmill x 3L/R - ah, need to keep doing this every freakin' day, and I don't, and I have no one to blame but myself.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Week 5, Day 3, DL 285 x 10 singles

Walk 2 mi

Stretch a little

10 kg windmill x L/R

Hack DL 265 x 1

DEADLIFT: 285 x 10 singles starting r/u

lower back felt lousy on first 2 reps, just not tight enough, tightened up and finished set w/ no further discomfort.

24 kg 2-hand swing x 11

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Week 5 of 7, Day 2 - DL 265 x 12 singles

Walk 2 mi

Mil Press: bar x 6, 67 (kg plates) x 6, 77 x 6

First two sets, took bar out of rack w/ FSQ grip and bounced into press grip; third set, took it out of rack w/ press grip.  Focus on opening up right side of chest and t-spine.

warmup - hack DL 225 x 2 touch and go

DL 265 x 12 l/u  to start

Onward and Upward

Monday, May 19, 2014

Week 5, Day 1 - DL 250 x 15 singles

Just walked on Thursday and Friday.  Friday night, drove to Philly for Indian Club workshop on Sat/Sun, drove home Sunday afternoon.

Walked 3-4 miles to warmup

Hip Lift:

270, 450, 630, 790 - tried 1070 lbs but failed.  I'm OK w/ this - I'm tired from the weekend, and I've also got a DL meet coming up and have no business trying for PR's, anyway.

Used the Rogue belt, which I don't like - reinforced portion hits my hip bones.  Could also play a part in not getting the final lift.

DL: 225 Hack x 2, 250 x 15 singles, r/u, in 3:40

24: 15 x 2-hand swing

Onward and Upward

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Deload Week, Day 3 - military presses and windmills and a walk

bw windmill x 3L/R

Mil Press: bar x 6,  61.5 lb x 6 (kilo plates), 72.5 lb x 6 (more kilo plates)

20 kg: windmill x 2L/R - had thoughts of going heavier but I haven't been doing these enough lately, so stopping here.


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Deload Week, Day 2, swings, walk, stretch

Tuesday - walk 2 mi, stretch first including cossack and splits, not pretty

20 kg: swing 10L+10R, put down for a few minutes, swing 25R+25L, was breathing hard at the end.

Cut the grass.

Onward and Upward

Monday, May 12, 2014

Hip Lift 1,000 lbs.

Sunday, yesterday, Inman Mile practice - 1/4 mile w/ 75 lbs x 2 - progress for sure.  Used lighter weight than last time but covered the same distance in 2 segments instead of 7.  Also walked, also cut part of the lawn.

Today, Monday, deload week - will try Hip Lift today early as I have a busy rest of the day

Hip Lift:  450, 630 (+45+45 each side), 790 (+45+35 each side), 1000 (+ 3 x 35 each side)

As Jim Fuller suggested, you have to choke up a link of chain every 400 lbs. or so - I chocked up after 790 because it felt barely off the floor.

20 kg - press x 1, windmill x 3, left first - pretty good, as usual, took only fingertips to ground on first rep.

20 kg: 30 non-strop swings at 10L, 10R, 10T - good way to do it, end w/ 2-handed

Onward and Upward - I hope to do more today but probably won'/t have time.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Saturday - Restore

Saturday - walk, stretch a little, carry a few things helping my son move out of an apartment.

Did a few 16 kg windmills - yikes, hammies and hips are tight.

Hungry today, too.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Week 3, Day 5 - DL 315 x 6 singles

Yesterday, late afternoon, I tried kicking up into a wall-supported handstand - just didn't want to go.

This AM, tried it again, felt closer to balance point but still no go.  Don't know what happened but that's life, we'll keep at it and we'll get it again.


28 kg: 2-hand swing x 6, x 10



Mil Press -

empty bar x 10,

56 x 8,

67 x 6 - no pressure on disc felt today, but still tends to tighten lower back, similar to how a bench press does.


225 Hack x 1

315 Hack x 1 (PR), conventional x 6 singles

Onward and Upward

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Week 3, Day 4: DL 295 x 8 singles

Bodyweight has been 153-point-something for the last 3 mornings - this is good.

Found myself just starving this morning, so ate a bit - made a big pan of cheesey eggs, put a bit of it on a hot dog roll, and chowed down.  Aahh, much better.

Walk 2 mi.

Mil Press - 55 lb x 6, 6, 8 - some discomfort at herniated disc in later reps in first two sets, able to finally fix it for the last set and therefore did a couple of more reps.  Need to always remember to 100% lockout both elbows.  Grip width is about 20", stance about shoulder width, maybe slightly narrower.

Some bodyweight windmills in there as well.

DEADLIFT.starting left under today

295 Hack x 1 (PR, and didn't get this by much), conventional x 8

48 kg - swings, x 8, x 5

Another, shorter walk.

Onward and Upward

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Week 3, Day 3: DL 285 x 10

Warmup - strech, cossack sequence

Mil Press - empty bar x 10, ended up with grip just at the edge of the knurling, still feel like I"m leaning back more than I'd like although it's legal - still doesn't feel great on the lower back.

Did a second set of the above - much better, kept glutes tighter, drove more powerfully off bottom, still able to lockout elbows

48 kg - two-hand swing x 8 - first few felt lousy, then a few felt very good, then that was it so I stopped.


285, Hack x 1 (PR, never did these past 225 until this week), conventional x 10 starting right under

final rep (10th) felt the best - finally remembered to pull the bar in as well as up.

That's it for today - cut half the lawn and then teach.

Onward and Upward

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Week 3, Day 2: DL 265 x 12 singles

warmup - qigong on the front porch including crane pistol

48 kg swing, two-handed x 9 - felt form going.

bw windmill

20 kg windmill x 2L/R

Zercher DL: 135 x 1, 155 x 1, 1 - kept working form.  First 2 reps, bar started to roll down my arms.  Got it right on last rep - have to think about keeping the bar close to the body by driving it up and in towards your face.  Forearms have to stay vertical, elbows have to drive up and forward.

DEADLIFT, started left under (which was wrong but who cares, really...) on the conventional reps

265 x 2 Hack, x 12 conventional

32 kg - 15 2-handed swings

Onward and Upward

Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 3, Day 1: 930 lb. Hip Lift, DL 245 x 15 singles

Yesterday, Sunday, not much, just a set of 20 2-handed swings w/ a 24 kg bell.

Today, Monday, the hip lift bug is chewing on my leg

Warmup - 48 kg 2-hand swing x 10

Hip Lift: 450 x 1, 1, 540, 630, 740 (added 33+22 lb kilo plates on each side), 930 (added 35+35+25 lb to each side)

Video of 930 lb. hip lift:

Loading, unloading, and carrying plates between the two parts of my basement is giving me some loaded carry work - not a ton, but more than nothing, and it feels good, especially on my thumbs, which are feeling stronger.

HACK DL (behind the back) 245 x 1 - warmup

DEADLIFT starting left under today

245 x 14 singles - always seem to mess up the counting on the 15s

These felt _so_ easy.

Walk a mile or so on errands.

Onward and Upward

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Day Off - 36 kg swings x 20

Today, walked about 3-4 miles with my brother-in-law and my wife.

Cut the grass.

Just before dinner, played on the rings in the back yard a bit, then did

36 kg: 2-hand x 20

Onward and Upward

Friday, May 2, 2014

Week 2, Day 5: DL 305 x 6 singles

Food is a funny thing sometimes.  I've been watching my weight, trying to inch down closer to my meet weight for a June 7 PM weigh-in.

Yesterday, I had a big day: up early, take my son to school, walk 2 miles back and forth to grocery store, go to my wife's school to play in a performance of a musical, come home, lift, teach, eat what might be called dinner at 3:45 PM because that's when I had a free half-hour, teach more, head to my wife's school for a second performance of the play, and then eat a bunch of crap afterwards - cookies, cupcakes, drink lemonade, and come home and pick at leftover takeout food my boys had ordered for dinner.

And this morning, I weigh a little less, not more, than yesterday morning.  I think the bottom line here is to trust my gut when it comes to what to eat and when - I guess I needed all those calories at the end of the day yesterday.

Bit of a stiff neck and upper back from sitting at the piano bench so much yesterday - show only has 5 songs and it's a lot of sitting doing nothing in between.

Warmup - walk 2 mi, stretch a little

PU: bw only, 2 slow reps, controlled in both directions, pause at top

Suitcase DL: - there was a bar w/ 135 on it, suitcase DL R, L

neck still stiff

20 kg: mil press, rf, 3

24 kg: 10 two-handed swings - form is improving

neck still stiff - ugh

DEADLIFT starting right under today

225 x 6 singles, warmup and for speed, video:

305 x 6 singles, took 4:00, cut out pauses for video:

and that's all she wrote for today.

Onward, and Upward!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Week 2, Day 4, DL 285 x 6 singles

Busy week - 4th visit to my wife's school today, two performances today, home to lift and teach in between.

Walked 2 mi this morning

Warmup - just some twisting/shaking, bar hang, etc.

Hip Lift:

270 x 1, 1

360 x 1

450 x 1 (447 if we're picking - kilo plates for the last few and the bar is 89, not 90) x 1, 1

Always seems to attach the chain just a little too far back, always need to adjust it slightly forwards.

Working on standing up _more_, bit more ground clearance, just to be on the safe side in terms of the lift being legal.

DEADLIFT - left under to start today

225 x 6 warmup for speed - weird setups, breathing in as I descend

285 x 8 singles

Onward and Upward

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Week 2, Day 3 - DL 275 x 10 singles

20 kg windmill x 3L/R


225 x 6 singles for speed

275 x 10 singles starting r/u

Video of both

That's it - short on time today.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Week 2, Day 2 - DL 255 x 12 singles

Busy morning - walk 2 miles, stretch a little, play a concert

warmup - 24 kg swings as S&S suggests, 10's for maximum explosiveness: 10T, 10R, 10L on about equal work:rest.

Hip Lift - 270 x 3 singles, just working on sufficient ROM and having enough time off the ground.

20: c&p ladder to 3 x 1 - had thought about 2 ladders today but need to keep the goal the goal, and that's deadlifting, so we'll go by feel and stop w/ 1 ladder.

Zercher DL: 1 good rep @ 135 - nicer than most of my first reps at this movement of late.

A little Inman practice - empty bar, big chest and bar low on back, walk the length of the basement gym 2x - not much, but more than nothing, helps to find that position, even though it will be different w/ weight on the bar.


255 x 12 singles starting l/u - per Rif, trying to lift faster.

Onward and Upward

Monday, April 28, 2014

Week 2 of 7, DL Singles Cycle - 235 x 15 singles in 3:45

Sunday, yesterday, a busy day - drove an hour each way to pick up a used power rack, bar, and weights, then had my double bass lesson, then walked about 3 miles w/ my wife, then carried in a bunch of weights.

Today, Monday - weighted 154.8 this morning, about as low as I've been lately but not nearly low enough.

warmup - cut the lawn quickly, cossack sequence, and arm circles and Egyptians, some bar hangs

20 k: c&p ladders 1-2-3 x 1, right first, working on pressing straight up, makes shoulders sound like popcorn but otherwise feels OK, good, even.

DEADLIFT:  235 x 15 r/u, tried for more speed per Rif's advice

20 kg: - 30 one-hand swings, starting right, alternating every 5, no breaks

Onward and Upward

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturday - Hip Lift 850 lbs and 5 mile walk

Walked about 5 miles w/ my wife.

Hip Lift:

Bar weighs 89 lbs, I found out, so we'll call it 90 lbs to make the math easier

Used the Iron Mind Dip Belt today without chain, just looped its strap through the handle.

180, 270, 360, 450, (now adding 70) 520, 590, 650, (now adding 100) 750, 850 = PR

That'll be it for today.

Onward and Upward