Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Straddle 2" Bar Deadlift

Saturday - walked w/ 200 lbs., didn't go terribly far, was too much for me for this day.  Zercher walked 155 back.

Sunday - drive to Philly, rehearse, stay overnight

Monday - went to a funeral, drove home, taught, was very tired.

Tuesday, today

AM, stretch and qigong including 2 crane pistols

PM, 2" bar straddle DL, always left in front first, and trying thumbs around instead of false grip today, very short rest between sides

135 x 1, 1
225 x 1, 1
225 x 3, 3 - touch and go, felt pretty solid, especially second side
255 x 2, 2 - had to reset first set because grip was unbalanced, but second (right front) side was touch and go

280 x 0, 1 - failed left front, again front didn't come up completely, probably could have fought it out but decided to fight out the other, stronger side - got the other side, although it was slow.

Onward and Upward

Friday, September 26, 2014

ROP-like C&P + PU Ladders w/ 20 kg

Thursday - in Philly performing after driving down last night, then drive home.  Just some stretching early AM

NB: It is _very_ important not to enter into a state of over-training of over-living by lifting too much when my life is this busy at this time every year.  I feel good, pretty well recovered, and that's important to the big picture.

Today, Friday

Walk 2 mi

Stretch, qigong on the front porch including 1 crane pistol each way.  Body stiff, tight at the start, but this all helped a lot.

20 kg ROP-like C&P, used 16 kg on foot for PU

C&P x 1L/R, PU x 1 on L foot
C&P x 2 L/R, PU x 2 R
C&P x 3 L/R, PU x 3 L

NB: The press isn't difficult at 20 kg, but achieving any volume is, regardless of weight, because I haven't been pressing much laterly.  20 kg is the right spot for me for now, if and until I get to some volume on a weekly basis.

C&P x 1L/R, PU x 1 R
C&P x 2 L/R, PU x 2 L
C&P x 3 L/R, PU x 1 R - was supposed to be 3 but I was so focused on form that I plain forgot - duh!  It's OK, I'm a little tired, anyway.

24 kg: 1h swing, lf, 10L + 10R on no break - felt explosive.  Not sure if lat stayed tight enough at top, though, but had lots of float.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Walk, Stretch, Qigong, Press, Swing

Today, Wed

walk 2 mi, stretch

qigong on the front porch inc. 2 alternating singles crane pistol

20 kg mil press, lf, 1, 3

24 kg swing, 10L, 10R, no break

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Steinborn, Inman, 2" bar straddle DL

Saturday, walk 4 mi - warm and muggy.  Stretch

Sunday - drive 2-1/2 hours each way to a 3-hour rehearsal

Monday - qigong and stretching on the front porch, walk 2 mi.

Tuesday, today:

Steinborn: 135 up and down right, 135 up and down left but lost it putting it down.  Might be that up left and down right is what works best for me.

Steinborn 175 up left, walk, bounce off

Fulton Straddle DL

touch and go, 225 x 3 left in front, short rest, 225 x 3 right in front, 285 x 1 left front, x 1 right front - both slow, right front got stuck, but both finished successfully.

Nice workout today.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Steinborn Lift, Inman Walk, 2" bar Straddle Deadlift

Wednesday, yesterday, nothing - too busy

Today, Thursday, a bit of stretching to warm up

Steinborn - 135 lbs., up on left, SQ x 3, down on right

Steinborn - same but switch sides for up and down

Inman Mile - Steinborn 155 lbs. up on left, walk 200 yards (driveway twice), bounce off.

Inman Mile - Steinborn 155 lbs. up on right, walk 150 yards (driveway, a bit in street, more in driveway), bounce off.

2" bar Straddle DL: 

135 x rf, lf, 

225 x lf, rf - better, 

270 x same - using thumbless grip, it feels stronger

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Hip Belt Today - Hand and Thigh Lift, Hip Lift

Stretch, just not in the mood to do qigong today

Hand and Thigh Lift - trying for more upright start

190 x 1, 1, 1
270 x 1
360 x 1
450 x 1, 1
540 x 1, 1

Hip Lift with new belt - so far, so good.

540 x 1
680 x 1, 1
820 x 1 (added a pair of 35s each side
940 x 1 (a 35 and a 25 on each side)

Monday, September 15, 2014

A little to stay in the groove.

walk 1 mi

qigong on the front porch including 2 alternating single crane pistols

135 lbs. - Steinborn from left side, SQ x 5, place in rack at finish

Interesting - I got my back to parallel to the ground, which made it easier to get the weight onto my shoulder but harder to stand up.  Good it was only 135.

Very tired from a weekend of rehearsing in Philly and all the driving, so that will do it for today - 3 hour rehearsal tonight, too.

Friday, September 12, 2014

DL up to 305 lbs.

walk 2 mi

qigong (including, as always, crane pistol, this time two alternating singles each side)

DL: 255 x 5 singles w/ reset, double overhand grip, rest 2 min, 275 x 1, rest 2 min, 305 x 1, all do grip. DO grip on 305 a little loose but still held onto the bar more than long enough for it to be legal.

Ah, deadlifts.  Need to do more in the 295/305 range w/ DO and work that up to heavier

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Pistol in Qigong, DL 255 lbs for a few

Walk about 5 mi

Qigong and stretch

DL: 225 x 1, 255 x 3 singles w/ pause and breath at bottom but not a full reset, x 2 singles w/ reset between

Steinborn and Inman

Tuesday, yesterday, walk 3 mi, qigong on porch, nothing else

Today, Wednesday, to warmup


32 kg swing x 6L, 6R

95 lbs. Steinborn R + walk 75 yards

115 lbs. Steinborn L + walk 75 yards

135 lbs. Steinborn R + walk 100 yards

135 lbs. Steinborn L + 5 squats

Monday, September 8, 2014

Walk, Qigong, Hip Lift

Yesterday, Inman w/ 235 lbs. for 100 yards

Forgot to post some of last week's workouts - oops ...

Today, walk 2 mi, cossack sequence and qigong to warm up

Hip Lift - bar is 93 lbs. so.  Considering doing this for AWA meet in October.

363 x several singles (3 wheels a side)

543 x several singles (5 wheels a side)

723 x two singles (7 wheels a side), choked up on chain

859 x 3 singles (added a 35 and a 33 each side)

bar loaded kind of loose on front end, didn't feel like it ever quite got off the ground, not sure what was gong on.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hand and Thigh Lift 434 lbs., Zercher Squat 225 lbs.

Walk 2 mi

qigong on the front porch

run lots of errands

Hand and Thigh Lift - my first serious session of these - had tried previous w/ rack DL, now have the official kind of gear.  All weights in pounds.  Hook in 14th link (size/length of chain)

190 (pair of 45s) x 1
280 (another pair of 45) x 1
368 (pair of 20 kg) x 1, 1, 1
412 (pair of 10 kg) x 1, 1 (video 2nd rep)
434 (remove 10 kg, replace w/ 15 kg) x 1 (also on same video)


Zercher - by the book: DL to thighs, hook arms, stand up, lower to thighs again, lower to ground

135 x 1 - easy
185 x  1 - not so easy, x 1 - focused on tight DL to thighs, rest of lift was much easier
205 x 1 - up it went
225 x 1 - long rest before, kind of spent, this went up but not much strength to spare

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Swings, presses, pullups

Wed - busy work day today

stretch a little

32: swing 6's 1-handed on the :30, 6 sets so 36 total reps.  Tried to throw the weight back, easier right than left due to grip but I did try on both sides.  This weight is too heavy for me to do 10's with, and really too heavy for my left hand overall.  Will keep mostly doing 24's and keep bringing down the rest periods, might try a 28 for some.

20: press ladder again

1-2-3 w/ single 20 kg pullup on foot after each rung, short rests, alternated feet

1-2-1 - whoops, was supposed to be 3


8 presses (not c&p) each side, switched to 16 kg for pullup x 3 - short pause at bottom after rep #1, didn't like, longer pause before 3rd rep - better for my shoulders/t-spine this way

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

100 24kg swings


Walk 2 mi in the heat pretty early AM (8:30)

qigong + other stretching on the front porch

24: 1h swing, lf, on the :55, 10 sets of 10.  Keep trying to throw the bell back and let it swing itself forward - better at that today.  :20 on, :35 off

Monday, September 1, 2014

20 kg Press ladders: 3 x 1-2-3

Monday - short walk,

qigong on the front porch

32: swing 1h, lf, x 10's on the :55

3:40 - 5 sets in 4:00

Need to do some lighter swings next time and keep the focus on being quick and explosive, but still happy with this effort.

20 c&p/pu ladder.  In general, tried to pause the tops of pullups more than I've been

1 L/R, 1 PU L; 2 L/R, 2 PU R; 3 L/R, 1 PU L


1 L/R, 1 PU R; 2 L/R, 2 PU L; rest a bit, 3 L/R, 2 PU L


1 L/R w/ mini band - OMG, ugly but got it, 1 PU R; 2 L/R, 2 PU L; 3 L/R, 1 x 24 kg PU R

I think this is the first time I've actually done 3 ladders of 1-2-3 w/ this weight in my recent training.