Saturday, June 30, 2018


Tuesday, June 26 - off, just walk
Wednesday, June 27 - off, just walk but also Buteyko walk and jog at end.

Today, Thursday, June 28

32 kg: 1h swing x 6 reps x 6 sets, no timer, lf

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Post Meet: PU

Monday, June 25

two days post-meet, in PA:


some L-sit PUs

later in the day, same: walk more, more L-sit PUs

Meet Report: DL 162.5 kg @ 65.3 kg

Saturday, June 23

USAPL NJ State Championship for 2018, in Somerset, NJ

BP: 60, 70, 80 kg

warmup was 225 x 2 over, x 1 r/u, x 1 l/u
147.5 kg
162.5 kg
no third attempt




BP: 145 x 5 - no warmup needed, might do the meet BP w/o a warmup


236 x 4 double over

291 (remove little plates, 225 + 15 kg each side = + 66 lbs.) x 2 r/u, x 2 l/u

324 (+ 7.5 kg each side = 33 lbs.) x 1 r/u - not speedy, but not a death march, either.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

1-Leg DL, 1-Arm PU

Today, Tuesday


1-leg DL: 20 kg x 2 x slow, controlled singles, 2 each side, lf.  Must always remember to screw foot into ground and lengthen shoulders - these things add significant, important stability.

1APU: 10" box, lf, just 1 each side.

Feeling better rested than yesterday, hope to have some good pulls tomorrow and then a couple of easy/off days before the meet



a bit of stretching

GU: 12 kg x 3 alternating singles, lf. Did some extra up to the elbow before finishing 3rd rep both sides

BP: 140 x 3, 165 x 1

DL: 235 x 2, 3 - felt weak and hurried

Monday, June 18, 2018


Friday, just walk

Today, Saturday, starting at 4:30 PM

BP: 140 x 2, 160 x 2

DL: competition costume (but glasses, not cl)

225 x 2 double over, paused tng

291 (+30 kg) (about 132.5 kg) x 2 r/u paused tng

324 (+15 kg) (about 147.5 kg)  x 1 l/u

353 (-5 kg, + 40 lb) (about 160 kg) x 1 - left leg shaky but good lift

Feeling a little rusty after only lifting Monday last week, will do some more this week in advance of the meet

Saturday, June 16, 2018


Yesterday, Wednesday - walk, nothing else

Today, Thursday


a few bw windmills

12 kg x 1L/R
12 kg x3L, 3R to the elbow

I guess it's 12 kg day

SN + WM:

12 kg x 4 SN L, windmill x 2 at top of last rep, x 4 SN R, windmill x 2at the top of last rep
NB: too much lumbar rotation on right side WM, didn't feel great

Repeat windmill x 2, lf - better on right side - not perfect, but better.  Need to keep doing these weighted - finding proprioceptive vertical and keeping it isn't good on right side, and would fail with a heavier weight, so 12 kg it will be for a while.

MP: 55 lbs. x 10, 12 - will go to more weight next time.  Groove improving, strength improving.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


Today, Tuesday


bw windmills x 1L/R, 1L/R

walk again


BP: new ladder on the 6:00 or so

140 x 1-2-3
140 x 2-4
140 x 5
140 x 3, 3 - had planned 3-4, probably didn't wait long enough after first rung, calling it a day. 23 total reps, 1 shy of 4 x 1-2-3

Plan to DL later



225 x 5 double overhand, paused tng

291 (added a 15 kg on each side) x 3 r/u, paused tng

302 (added a 2.5 kg each side) x 3 l/u, paused tng - very slow and controlled

311 (took off 2.5 kg, added 10 lb. each side) x 3 l/u, paused tng, again very slow and controlled - made me nervous to think about this set, but remembered it's not hard for me, and it went very well.

Picked my weights inspired by Surovetsky's volume day in PTTP for where I am pre-meet.

WHEEL: standing, 4th step x 2 - second rep pretty flat and close to the board, but could feel ab cramps starting at the beginning of both reps.  They didn't kick in because the movement stretches the abs.  That's nice, but just one set today.


Monday, June 11, 2018


Yesterday, Sunday, off - just a breathing walk and jog

Today, Monday

walk twice

GU: 10 kg x 2L, 2R, 1L, 1R - I feel like doing multiple reps on each side is a nice way to own a weight before moving up.

Barbell MP: 55 x 8, 8, 8 - finding left lat, able to get it involved on the way up but lose it on the way down.

Barbie weights on both these lifts, but they're both what I need.  Need better body position in lockout of barbell MP, feel like lower back is extending too much - not for this weight, but need to fix this now in order to be able to handle heavier weights.  Triceps and shoulders pretty fried after getups then these without much rest between.

Saturday, June 9, 2018


Today, Saturday, will play piano for 5 hours, and a bit tired from yesterday, so nothing difficult.


GU: alternating singles, lf, at 8 kg, 10 kg, and 12 kg.  Good, at least I did 3 each side, up from the 2 I've been doing most days I do these.  NB: still a big fear factor about pain in the downside shoulder and upper back but, so far, so good.  No pain, but nonetheless hard to commit fully to that first step.

Friday, June 8, 2018


Yesterday, Thursday, not much - some bw windmills while on a walk

Today, Friday

GU: 10 kg x 2 each way, lf

long break

Very short on time, so

BP: 140 x 3, 160 x 2 - 2nd rep slow and barely legal, might have lowered a bit along the way

long break


225 x 3 double over, paused tng

225 x 2 double over, paused tng

275 x 2 r/u, paused tng

315 x 2 l/u, paused tng

345 x 2 singles w/ reset at bottom, thought about a 3rd, decided to stand up and reset, but obviously didn't reset enough - left pec cramped as I started off the ground so I abandoned the lift.  Had been hoping for 3, but encouraging that the first 2 weren't all that difficult.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018



GU: 10 kg x 1L/R - enough, felt fine but want strength for other things.  Using abs more/better

walk again

MP a la 033

00:00 - 16 kg x 4L
00:30 - 16 kg x 4R
01:00 - 18 kg x 3L
01:30 - 18 kg x 3R

03:00 - 20 kg x 2L
03:30 - 20kg x 2R
04:00 - 16kg x 4L
04:30 - 16 kg x 4R

06:00 - 18 kg x 3L
06:30 - 18 kg x 3R
07:00 - 20 kg x 2L
07:30 - 20 kg x 2R

09:00 - repeat above but right side first on everything, last set at 16:30

Total = 16 kg x 16 each way (256 kg), 18 kg x 12 each way (216 kg) , 20 kg x 8 each way (160 kg)
632 kg / 36 reps each way = 17.6 average weight, about 63%

Assuming a 28 kg 1RM:

57% x 16 reps, 64% x 12 reps, 71% x 8 reps

Will DL later

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Archer PU

Today, Tuesday:


bw windmills x 3, lf

Archer PU, 2 each way.  2nd set w/ straight legs (l-sit)

Monday, June 4, 2018


Monday, today

walk, including bw windmill x 5, lf

PU: gooseneck, because we were talking about it on the forum.  Got one, but switched to standard grip after my neck touched the bar - ouch

MP: bar, empty, x 10, 55 lb. x 10.  Shoulders good/OK, no pain, no binding, nothing weird, continue to grip hard with pinkies and externally rotate, special focus on long right collar bone and space in that shoulder.

SN: 033, 16 kg SN, lf:

00:00, 2L, explosive up, normal lower
00:30, 2R, explosive up, normal lower
01:00, 3L, explosive up, pull down, left shoulder not happy with negative
01:30, 3R, explosive up, pull down, good - but stopping here

140 lbs. x 1-2, 1-2, 3 - medium day



245 x 3, competition grip l/u - 2 tng, 1 after a reset at the bottom, didn't feel particular good.  Focus on left lat.  Not used to DL on Mondays any more, tired from my always-busy Sunday.  These felt "fast" but not tight.  Tried to setup at the top, but it didn't work well.

245 x 3, double over.  Focus on pushing to start, much better - missed that in previous set.  Setup at the top again, better this time.

245 x 5 l/u again - solid set, did a reset at the bottom for each, just one breath.

11 total reps today, not much, but it feels like a recovery session.  More on Wednesday, heavy on Friday.

Saturday, June 2, 2018


Yesterday, Friday, off, just played around, did a skin the cat

Today, Saturday, lifting late PM to simulate meet environment


BP: - a go with 80% 1RM and the Rite of Passage

140 lbs. x 1-2-3
140 lbs. x 1-2-3
140 lbs. x 1-2-3 - our first heavy day

BP plan for the week: Tue = 140 lbs. x 1-2 x 3 ladders, Thu = same weight x 3 singles

DL: starting 5:40 PM

225 x 5, double over, paused tng

285 x 3, r/u, paused tng

335 x 4 singles, l/u - reset at bottom for first 3, stood up and took a few breaths but stayed at the bar before the 4th rep.  Left side again trailing off the floor, so need to work on that with lighter weights during the coming week.