Saturday, December 29, 2018

Rings, 1APU, DL

Saturday, December 29

long (4-5 miles) walk

Dip: stretch + 3 reps

StC - got very relaxed at bottom, couldn't come out of it so dropped out.
StC - good this time - deep but didn't let go of all the core tension, added partial FL at end

1APU @ 12" x 1L/R - just trying to get used to doing something every or most days.  3 reps yesterday, 1 rep today

DL: conventional 265 lbs, hook grip x 4 singles OTM or so, very light touch down on negative

Friday, December 28, 2018


1APU @ 12" x 1L/R
long rest
1APU @ 12" x 2L/R

DL: hook grip, 265, conventional x 2, 2

Tuesday, December 25, 2018


Today, Tuesday, Christmas Day


short on time, plan calls for C&P 5 x 1-2-3, which is 30 reps.  No time for that today, so

MP: 20 kg x 10L, 10R

SW: 24 kg x 20h x 20 reps in :30

Sunday, December 23, 2018


A rare Sunday lifting session, and a short one.

DL: hook grip, conventional, light/paused tng, in dress clothes still

245 x 5 - decided I'd up the weight after I hit 5 reps, so bring the other pair of red 25 kg plates to the DL bar, and ...

265 (120 kg) x 2 - busy couple of days ahead, could have done more, stopping

Cue was the same lengthening the collar bone I use when pressing, focus on right side as also with pressing, feels really solid.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

ROP Light Day

ROP Light Day @ 20 kg (5 x 1-2):

Dip: stretch + 1 dip + stretch at the bottom
MP instead of C&P today: 5, 5, 5

ROP Heavy #4 plus light HB SQ at end of ladders


warmup = contralateral 1-leg DL x 24 kg x 1 each way

Played with Steinborn SQ of an empty bar from the front on one shoulder instead of my past practice of leaning to the side - didn't like to the front, bothered shoulders, also tough to find good bar position this way, but intend to try this again and try to get used to it.  I think the sideways lean ultimately is doing to be too weird when the weight gets heavy.

ROP Heavy Day #4

C&P: nominally 20 kg: 1 x 1-2-3-4-5, 4 x 1-2-3-4

On a clock today

00:00 1L/R (:15 work, :45 rest)
01:00 2L/R (:25 work, 1:05 rest)
02:30 3L/R (:35 work, 1:20 rest)
04:30 4L/R (:45 work, 1:45 rest)
07:00 5L/R (:55-60 work)

8-10 minutes between ladders

Ladder #2, after did empty bar x HBBSQ x 10, very deep/relaxed at bottom but not exhaled

Ladder #3: 24 kg x 1-2, 20 kg x 3-4-5, after did 65 lbs x HBBSQ x 10, same

Ladder #4: 24 kg x 1, 20 kg x 2-3-4-5, after did 85 lbs x HBBSQ x 10, same

Ladder #5: 20 kg x 1-2-3-4 - felt I need another week of this volume and thus didn't want to make today my final heavy day @ 20 kg.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

ROP Medium, DL

Yesterday, Monday

walk twice, about 6 miles in total

Today, Tuesday

Dip: bw x 4

SQ: in socks, empty bar x 6

Dip: bw x 3 - still good stretch at beginning and a bit shorter between

C&P: (5 x 1-2-3) = 30
24 kg x 1, 20 kg x 2-3-4
24 kg x 1-2, split to do 1LDL x 1L/R, finished with 20 kg x 3-4
20 kg x 2-3-5 = 10 reps per ladder, 3 ladders = 30 reps total

DL: 245 lbs.

Hook grip is progressing - 3, 3 paused tng

Friday, December 14, 2018


Friday, Variety

Cossack stretch

Dips w/ deep stretch to start x 3, 3 - first time doing 6 total, I think

WM, all lf:
bw x 1, 1,
10 kg x 1, 1,
12 kg x 2 - more weight actually better in terms of tightening lumbar and rotating from t-spine, I think.

SW: 12 kg x 10, 16 kg x 10 - trying to better pack shoulders, will try 20 kg tomorrow.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

C&P (ROP Heavy #3), DL

We will be visiting a sick relative on Saturday, my planned Heavy Day.

Today, Thursday, we skip Light Day and do Heavy Day instead.

If time allows, I'll bring a kettlebell and do a Light Day on Saturday

ROP Heavy Day #3
C&P ladders - last week was 3 ladders to 4, 2 ladders to 3, and included 2 singles @ 24 kg
20 kg x 1-2-3-4
20 kg x 1-2-3-4
24 kg x 1-2, 20 kg x 3-4
24 kg x 1, 20 kg x 2-3-4

Last ladder - detailed notes:  Trying for a more straight-up-and-not-roll-out-to-the-side-and-back groove, with very interesting results

24 kg x 1 - almost lost balance to the front on left side, left heel came off the ground, paused, put heel donw, and finished the lift.  Right side was fine.

20 kg x 2 - both reps left felt like I was hitting spots in my shoulder that hadn't been touched in a long time.  Right side was fine.

20 kg x 3-6 - everything fine, much tighter groove on both sides, looking at bell more also. (6 reps final set just because I could - felt great.

If I do light day on Saturday, it's supposed to be 5 x 1-2, which is 15 total reps.  I will likely ladder 1-2-3-4-5 and be done.

DL: 245, conventional, hook grip
x 2 light tng
x 1, 1
x 2 light paused tng

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

ROP Medium, a few DL's trying hook grip

Yesterday, Monday, walked 4-5 miles

Today, Tuesday

C&P: 20 kg (5 x 1-2-3)
2-3-4-5 = 14
4-3-4-5 = 16 (30 total)
Notes: able to keep abs tight with a focus on it, and the sometimes tightness in hips and lower back goes away when I do.

DL - second in perhaps 4 weeks, first was just a rep or 2 - today, 4.

245 lbs., conventional, hook grip, very light (silent) t-n-g x 2, 2 - trying to think about wedging myself under the bar but I'm not sure I'm really doing anything different.  2nd set, paused at weightless point at bottom for a second or two.  Enough hook grip for today - 4 reps is up from 1 or 2 the last time.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

ROP Heavy Day #2

Today, Saturday

walk w/ one sprint

ROP Heavy Day

20 kg x 1-2-4-3 (whoops)
20 kg x 1-2-3-4
24 kg x 1, 20 kg x 2 (MP) - 3 (C&P) - 4 (C&P)
24 kg x 1, 20 kg x 2-3
20 kg x 1-2-3

Been experimenting with what some Olympic weight lifters do in the overhead lockout position, internally rotating the shoulder.  It feels great - feels like it keep the collar bone long.

Friday, December 7, 2018


Variety Friday

Poor sleep - got woken up twice last night, once by my son and once by the cat.

SE Sprints and some jogging

Dip: stretch + 1 dip.  Stretch took a while to sort out, right shoulder very tight

Rings: Angled FL, then a 1/2 StC - stretched a long time then dropped out of it.

Abs tired, knew I didn't want to try to come back up from the bottom of the StC

Thursday, December 6, 2018

C&P Light Day

Today, Thursday

short walk

lots of computer work this morning

Untimed bw-only bar hang, guesstimate 45 second to 1 min.

WM: bw and 10 kg, a few.

C&P: Light Day, in principle 5 singles @ 20 kg

24 kg x 1
20 kg MP x 3
20 kg MP x 2
24 kg x 1
20 kg MP x 1 w/ 5 FSQ in rack after each press.  On right side press, worked back and forth through sticking point a few times before finishing press upwards.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018


Today, Wednesday

SE walk/sprints x 5

Bar hang: bw + 12 kg x 0:45

WM - several bw single, then 10 kg x 1L/R, 2L/R

Rings: StC + angled FL x 1

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

SW, ROP Medium

Today, Tuesday


SW: 100 reps, focus on lockout, not shrugging, good plank

20 kg x 5L, 5R, 5L, 5R on the :30
no more timer today
20 kg x 5L, 5R
32 kg x 2h x 10, 10, 10
20 kg x 10L, 10R, 10L, 10R

Took some video - interesting that I shrug my right shoulder a bit.  It seems as if I have such tight anterior shoulder muscles that firing my lat with the bell in front of me is a stretch, and not a comfortable one, either.  Experimenting with a more bench-press-like shoulder posture, which helps me keep them packed - seems to help some.  Roll the shoulder back and down.

C&P: 20 kg Medium Day

20 kg x 1-2 x 4
24 kg x 1, 20 kg x 2

Notes: posture/effort/everything awful on first rep each side, had to get body to regroup after swings.  Also, as always, posture of right shoulder matter - when shoulder is rounded back (meaning not rounded forward), presses are altogether different and better.

Monday, December 3, 2018


Today, Monday

Dip: long stretch + 2 dips

Vertical Bar DL - just playing, lf, w/ 10, then 20, then 30 lbs.

StC + angled FL x 1
repeat - first time for 2 of these in a single session, I think

Archer PU: 1 x extend R then L, 1 x only R, 1 x only L.
Worked on them differently today.  Trying for more of a false grip.  Also shifted focus to keep more of the weight centered to make the extended arm easier to keep the false grip and also have it be out there for longer.

Interesting - the additional work on the arm that's close is what I noticed most.  It became more of an assisted one-arm chinup rather than a step towards an Iron Cross.  Not sure if this is a better or worse way to practice but it was an interesting change, and probably both ways are good.

Sunday, December 2, 2018


Today, Sunday - had hoped to lift yesterday but too busy and too tired.  Wife has had a cold and not been sleeping well, so I've not been sleeping well, either.  Up at 5 AM today, nap earlier this afternoon

No warmup


20 kg x 1-2-3, lf, x 5 - on last rep of last set on first - left - side, feet shuffled a little at lockout, so did a 4th rep, and then also did a 4th rep on right side.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

WM, MP, SW, etc

Took yesterday off.  Have not been getting quite enough sleep - my wife has a cold, and this morning, the cat woke me up at 4 AM because he wanted to go outside.

Today, Thursday

Bar hang: bw for a bit, then bw + 12 kg for :50 seconds.  Didn't watch the clock, just looked over right before I came down

Dip: deep stretch + 3 reps.  Trying to integrate the deep stretch into reps, so deep but not too long

Shoulders, overall, feeling good, and body getting used to a lot of double bass practice again as well.

WM: bw + 1L/R

Rings: StC + angled FL x 1

WM: 10 kg x 2L/R

MP: 20 kg x 1-2-3 x 2 ladders - excellent.  Finishing last rep with a push up against the bell, and an _internal_ rotation, and a hold there

SW: 44 kg x 10 reps x 3 sets, untimed rests

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Getting back into lifting

Friday, in hotel, some good stretching and some bw stuff

Saturday/Sunday, no lifting, just walking although I did do some SE-inspired sprinting

Monday, a little pressing after a long bar hang, didn't feel good so quit pressing. Did DL 245 lbs x 1 hook grip

Today, Tuesday

walk w/ 2 sprints to bank, jog home

Short, bw-only bar hang
Dip: deep stretch + 1 dip
WM: bw x 1L/R, 10 kg x 1L/R

20 kg x 1L/R, 2L/R, 3L/R

160 lb x 5's on the 1:15, 8 sets total

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Hotel - VPP

Today, Thursday, Thanksgiving day, and on the road

Walk 1.5 miles

At the hotel gym:

SE-inspired VPP (viking pushpress) routine:

00:00 - 25 lbs. dumbbell x 5L
00:30 - same x 5R
01:00 - same by 5L
01:30 - same by 5R

03:00 - repeat above with 35 lb. dumbbell

06:00 - as above but with 30 lb. dumbbell, all left hand

09:00 - as above but all right hand

WM: 15 lb. dumbbell x 1L/R

DragonFlag x 1

Wednesday, November 21, 2018


Today, Wednesday

SE run - on the way to grocery store, 6 x 30-step sprints over 16 minutes


WM - bw x 1L/R

Rings: StC x 1 + FL - FL getting stronger

Dip - 3 w/ pretty good deep stretch after each

WM: 10 kg x 3L/R - not great today, just tight, I guess

SW: 160 lb t-handle x 5 reps x 4 sets.  Hooks of fingers, trying to find lats.


Today, Tuesday

walk, stretch

Dips - deep stretch + 1 dip

Rings: StC x 1 + slightly lower FL

WM: 10 kg x 3L/R - improving!  On the way back up on the right side finds the odd/weak/tight spot in the right shoulder - excellent

C&P: 20 kg x 5L/R - excellent, best since starting these again a week ago

Friday, November 16, 2018

Bar Hang, Dip, WM, C&P, SW

Yesterday, Thursday, feeling tired and maybe over-exercised, so walk but nothing else

Today, Friday

shovel snow a little

Bar hang: bw + 12 kg, 1:00

Dip - not a long stretch but 3 full dips, tried for full ROM at bottom and good lockout at top

WM: 10 kg, no bw warmup, 3L, 3R but right has tricky to stay away from my bad disc

maybe StC, maybe press, maybe swing - break to teach

20 kg x 1L/R, 2L/R
20 kg x 3L/R
18 kg x 5L/R - good to get extra practice at cleans
24 kg x 1L/R - good to do this again

SW: 160 lb x 10, 8

Wednesday, November 14, 2018


Today, Wednesday, 3rd exercise day post-meet and 4th day post-meet

More Egyptians

bar hang: bw + 12 kg, 0:45

walk to store w/ 2 bouts of 3 x 30-step sprints w/ 5 minutes between bouts.  On the :60 first bouts of 3, on the :90 second one

Dip: 1 stretch, rest, 1 shorter stretch and 2 dips

WM: bw x 1L/R, 8 kg x 1L/R, 2L/R

16 kg x 3L/R
20 kg x 3L/R

Had a big snack before lifting, legs tired from running, so going to give heavy 2-hand swings a rest today.

SW: 32 kg x 5L, 5R, 5L, 5R on untimed but about a minute's rest

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

More variety, WM, MP

Today, Tuesday

Egyptian shoulder stretches, as yesterday and almost every day

Bar hang @ bw + 12 kg: 0:40, 0:30

WM: 8 kg, lf, 2 singles each side alternating L/R/LR, first one fingertips to floor, second palm to floor

Dip: stretch + 1 full

16 kg kb x 5L/R
20 kg x 3L/R w/ 0:05 second hold and 0:20 walk after last rep

shoulders feel 100%, not going to be a pig about volume or weight - this is good enough for today which is, after all, a few days after a meet

SW: 160 lbs x 10, 5 - getting lats dialed in on 2nd set


Monday, November 12, 2018

First Day Post-Meet, Play: Stretch, Heavy Swing, Light Kb Presses, Rings

Saturday, busy day after the meet, dog tired at night

Sunday, still dog tired all day, still overtired even after a nap

Monday, today, feeling better

rake leaves for ~15 minutes

walk, do hamstring stretch and bw windmill in park, do 30-step sprints on the walk to store

rake leaves for another ~15 minutes

Dip - one deep stretch + 1 dip

SW: 160 lb. x 10 reps

MP: Kettlebell,
12 kg x 5L/R
16 kg x 5L/R

WM: 8 kg, palm to floor, OMG haven't done this in a while


Played with starting a FL from the ground - definitely works chest/shoulder things I don't have yet.  Good to do

Raised Rings by about 1 inch

StC x 1 - didn't notice any difference in ring height, truth be told

StC w/ 2 lb. dumbbell between feet - got around OK but got uncoordinated trying to come back while not dropping the dumbbell, and therefore just dropped out of the lift.  Extra 1" of height on the rings was, again, not noticeable.

Archer PU x R/L/R/L and down.  Trying to keep straight down legs rather than L-sit, which is its own challenge.


Saturday, November 10 - Philadelphia USAPL meet

Weighed in at 65.7 kg

SQ - 75, 80, 85 kg, all good, that's 165, 176, and 187 lbs.

BP - 75, 80 kg good, nervous about right shoulder but left side failed me at 85 kg

DL - 145 kg good, 165 kg fail

Not a great day, felt off my lifting game throughout.  Felt basically relaxed but had a hard time concentrating.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Stretch, SW, Rings

Today, Tuesday

1 dip stretch
1 dip stretch into 1 full dip

SW: 160 lb. t-handle x 7

windmills and toe touches

Rings: StC + angled FL x 1

Monday, November 5, 2018

SQ, BP, SW, DL - light/short in advance of meet

Today, Monday


Lift at 11 AM

SQ: bar x 3, 135 x 3 paused and exhaled, 155 x 2, 175 x 1 - slow at sticking point but kept moving

BP: 155 x 5 - recent PR at this weight, might have had another.

SW: Got my t-handle, put 6 x 25 lbs. on it and swung for 5 reps - very interesting...

DL: 245 x 2 double over, touch-n-go

Friday, November 2, 2018


Yesterday, Thursday

Feeling tired and overtrained, possibly because my stomach is less than 100% well today.

Walked 3 miles to pick up car.

Did DL @ 245 lbs x 2 singles, and some bar hangs, and that was it for lifting.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Buteyko w/ run


Bar Hang 1:10 w/ bw + 12 kg

Dip stretch

155 lbs x 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-4 - gradually moved from ring fingers to middle fingers to index fingers on rings, all felt good

Lower back _way_ tight during and after, but that's life

Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Today, Tuesday


Dip stretch

135 x 3 paused and exhaled
155 x 5, 5, 6

Variety - Rings, BW

Today, Monday

Lots of phone calls, short walk

Dips - nice stretch at the bottom, rest, then start at bottom and to go lockout twice

Rings: StC
Rings: Archer PU, out to each side twice  (alternating, as usual)

More bar hangs w/ 12 kg.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

SQ, BP, DL - mini-meet

Today, Saturday

Didn't get to lift early but that's life - will try to get to things earlier all the coming week


135 x 3, paused
165 x 1 (75 kg, maybe 2nd, maybe opener)
185 x 1 - (84 kg, 85 kg seems realistic at meet, maybe as 2nd) - slow through the sticking point but kept moving.  85 kg is 187 lbs., 87.5 kg is 193 lbs., 90 kg is 198 lbs.

Plan - next week, try going warmup = 60 kg (132 lbs.), then
67.5 (149 lbs), 77.5 (171 lbs), 87.5, (193 lbs)


70 kg x 2 (bar + 25 kg plate on each side)
80 kg (added 5 kg on each side) x 1
85 kg (added 2.5 kg on each side) x 1 - max effort, stopped or got very slow, but I think it was legal - I don't think I lowered.


245 lbs. (110 kg, actually 243 lbs) x 1 r/u, x 1 l/u
309 lbs. (140 kg) x 1 l/u
340 lbs. - added 5 kg & 10 lbs on each side, so about 154 kg x 1 l/u-  was nervous about getting this, but I got it.  Slow but still solid.  Heaviest DL in some time.  Nice.


Today, Wednesday

1:00 bar hang, brettzel, a few ring dips and bar dips and stretch and lockout holds


115 x 1, 3
135 x 3

155 x 3, 4, 2, 4, 2 - total 15, very good

Wednesday, October 24, 2018


Sat/Sun - SFB cert weekend after a drive to Pittsburgh Friday afternoon

Sun night - drive home

Mon/Tue - off, just walk, and some bar hangs.  Very sore pretty much everywhere.

Today, Wednesday


Several GTG bars hangs for :30-:45 or so, including right before lifting session

dip stretch

SQ - Oly shoes

135 x 5, 8
155 x 1 - hoping to do more, but totally tired - that set of 8 probably wasn't a good idea

I am cooked, still very tired from SFB, the drive, etc.  Nothing else today, but it was a good first day back.

Friday, October 19, 2018


Revamping DL Heavy DL, week 6.  Have SFB to go to, and it was just getting too heavy for training weights for me.  Also session got switched to AM, and this is my first AM DL session in a long time.

Yesterday, walk and a StC on the rings and that was it.


245 x 1, 1 double over

295 x 3 as l/u, r/u, l/u on stand up resets

325 x 1 l/u - stopping with plenty in the tank today

Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Very tired ab muscles on left side in front at the end of yesterday's deadlifts.  Much better today but still a little sore

Today, Tuesday


1A PU @ 12" x 1 each way, @ 10" by 1, 1 each way.

135 x 2 in socks
135 x 5 in Oly shoes
155 x 3
165 x 2 - first time over 155 in a while
175 x 1 - didn't feel like a near max lift but I had my son spot me.

Monday, October 15, 2018


Saturday and Sunday - very tired, extra service to play, nap and to sleep early each day

Today, Monday

qigong on front porch
walk again

1APU: @12" x 1 each way, @ 10" x 1 each way


115 x 5
135 x 3
155 x 2
165 x 4 - a recent PR, 1RM calculator says 1RM is 180, which would be nice
backoff set
145 x 5

DL: Volume Day, week 6
245 x
285 x 4 x 4 as r/u, l/u, r/u, lu on 0, 1:45, 3:30, 5:15 - better feet, better pushup looking down close in front

Friday, October 12, 2018


Yesterday, Thursday

SQ: 135 x 5, 155 x 4, 3

Today, Friday

DL: Week 5 Heavy Day

245 x 1 double over
285 x 3 r/u, reset at bottom
315 x 2 l/u - decided to go 315 instead of 325 on these
340 x l/u, 1, 1, 1 on about 3 min rest.  First one a bit off because I took a phone call, second one better/faster, third one a death march but up it came, just very slowly.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018


Today, Tuesday

1APU x 1 each side @ 12" - need to do more volume at this elevation

Rings - just play, hang, consider front lever from bottom but it's not happening

BP: 135 x 5, 5, 6 - went for tighter setup for last set, helped, weight felt noticeably lighter

DL: Surovetsky Volume Day #5,

245 x 5 double over, no-sound paused tng

275 x 4 x 4 as r/u, r/u, l/u, l/u on 00:00, 01:55, 03:55, 06:00

Monday, October 8, 2018

1APU, Rings, SQ

Nothing Sunday, lots of driving

Today, Monday

walk about 4 miles.

1A PU @ 10" x 3 alternating singles, all long rests/GTG between sets, less between arms

Rings: FL - play with, hold about 10 second at steep angle
Rings: StC x 1

SQ: Oly shoes, high bar,
135 x 5, exhaled and paused
135 x 4, paused and relaxed at the bottom but not exhaled.

Saturday, October 6, 2018


Yesterday, Friday

Rings: dips, bottom position and a rep or two up
Rings: StC x fail

Ab cramps

Today, Saturday

SQ: - been a while
bar x 5 in socks, turned out stance
bar x 5 in Oly shoes (stay in these)
135 x 2, paused and exhaled
135 x 3 - no pause or exhale
135 x 3 - feet straighter, thought about pushing knees out, but left knees hurt afterwards
135 x 4 - still straighter feel, focus on feet/arches as well as knees, much better, also paused and exhaled

115 x 5 - 2-3 sec pause
115 x 3 - pause, exhale but keep arch, inhale, explode

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Rings, DL

In Italy on Monday

PU: hang for 2 min total on bar, PU at start and every :15, total 8 PU

and a few other things

Day after getting back, today, Thursday

Rings: play w/ dips, starting at bottom, seems very good.  Just a couple

DL:  Heavy Day week4

245 x 1, 1, 1 double over
285 x 1, 1, 1 double over - better at keeping the bar close
305 x 1, 1 r/u - start to helicopter, losing it to the front on the right side, which is underhand

325, all l/u:
x 2 - second rep a struggle, should wait a little longer between reps,
x 2 - second rep again a struggle, even though I waited a little longer

x 2 - first rep a struggle, rest about 3:00, second rep pretty much a death march but I _got_ it.  Much to learn, but completed a tough day after a lot of time off, sitting for 12 hours, plane rides, etc - feeling pretty good overall.  Built some toughness, or at least demonstrated some, today.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Rings, DL

Today is Thursday

Yesterday, 5 singles each side of 1A PU @ 12"

Today, 1 single each side of 1A PU @ 10"

Rings: dips x 1, 3

Rings: StC x 1

Rings: L-Sit Archer, rf extended first, 2 each way, pointed toes - good

DL: volume Day #4 - 77.5% of 340 is 263.5 so 265

245 x 2 double over, paused tng

265 x 4 x 4 as r/u, r/u, l/u, l/u - silent tng, on the 2:15 so done in 7:15.

Monday, September 24, 2018


Today, Monday, after no lifting for a week

Belated Heavy day from last week.  Will pull twice this week but backwards, and we'll have another one-pull week to get back on track

NB: Worked super hard Tuesday and Wednesday, woke up sick on Thursday but taught all day, was sick and mostly in bed all day Friday and most of Saturday, got better by still couldn't speak normally by Sunday, and now today is Monday

1APU @ 10" x 1, 1 lf

SQ: HBBS, 135 lbs. super deep and paused, allstars

BP: 135 x 5, 155 x 4, a recent PR reps at this weight, and bodyweight this AM was 149.2 lbs.

DL: Surovetsky Heavy #3

245 x 3 paused tng - warmup

285 x 3 r/u w/ reset at bottom
305 x 2 l/u w/ reset at bottom
325 x fail - planned 3 singles, but just not able to muster the oomph today, and that's what it is.

Well, turns out I misloaded the bar to 345, not 325, so not exactly a fail at 325.  Onward and upward

Monday, September 17, 2018


Yesterday, Sunday, very busy and no lifting

Today, Monday, start at 5:15 pm

MP: w/ KB, 18 kg x 7 l/r - slow and controlled, felt good

SQ: HBBS 135 lbs x 5, deep, paused, exhaled was the intention, but first rep or two didn't go that deep.  Didn't wear any shoes, might have something to do with it.  Last time, wore Allstars, need to try again in Oly shoes.

BP: 155 x 4

DL: 255 x 5 x 5 again, volume day, same weight as last time but this time it's exactly 75%.  Finished a little sooner, about every 2:15 for a new set today.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Light SQ and BP, DL

Very busy, short walk, didn't start lifting until 6:15 pm

OHP: empty bar x 5

SQ: HBBQ, 135 lbs., x 3 deep, paused, exhaled

BP: 135 x 3, 155 x 3, 170 x 2 - good!

DL: Surovetsky Heavy Day #2

255 x 1 over
275 x 3 w/ standup reset as over, over, r/u
295 x 2 w/ standup rest r/u
305 x 2 reps x 3 sets, standup reset between reps, walk away for 2-3 min between sets, r/u for first set, l/u for remaining 2 sets

TBDL: 295 x 2, light touch-and-go, that's all I've got.

Thursday, September 13, 2018


Today, Wednesday


Some headstands w/ leg raises

1A PU @ 12" x 1 alternating single, @10" x 1 alternating single

1A PU @ 10" x 2, lf (as always), x several alternating singles, didn't go well on left side for the last couple but these are getting better, and stronger, and I'm noticing weight starting to go to the contralateral foot more - the other foot is starting to lift up some.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Today, Saturday

Qigong on front porch

Sunday/Monday/Tuesday - away, managed a single 1-arm pushup on a piece of hotel furniture each side

Today, Wednesday

getups on front porch - bw only x 1 each side, 10 kg by 1 each side, did a headstand in the middle.

1A PU: lf x 2, 2 - nice to get some doubles at 12", enough for today, will continue varying the volume, rep count, and soon, the elevation.

DL: conventional, paused tng, 255 x 5 x 5, new set about every 2:30 min (:30 lift, 2:00 rest), as
double over, r/u, l/u, r/u, l/u.  Finish in 10:30.  Will repeat this weight next time - 72.5% was 246.5, rounded up to 255.  75% is exactly 255.  Way faster than last week, still very light touch

Friday, September 7, 2018


245 x 1 r/u
275 x 3 singles r/u
295 x 2 singles l/u
305 x 3 singles l/u

275 x 5 singles w/ reset at bottom, 3 singles w/ rest at bottom

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Breathing walk and jog only

Today, Thursday, breathing walk and jog

No time for anything else.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018


Today, Tuesday


BP: bar x 5, 115 x 3 w/ 5-sec pause on chest, 135 x 4, 155 x 2, 3, 3

Tuesday, September 4, 2018


Saturday, 1APU x 5 roughly on the minute

Nothing Sunday but have been walking

Today, Monday, a little GTG for the 1A PU @ 12" - a single early, and later 2 singles

1A PU @ 12", DL

Today, Tuesday


1A PU @ 12" by 6 alternating singles over about 25 minutes

DL: conventional, paused tng, 245 x 5 x 5, new set about every 4 min, as
double over, r/u, l/u, r/u, l/u.  Noticed feet moved depending on grip, so approached bar double over, then switched to over/under grip but didn't move feet.  Very interesting.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Easy Qigong

With a student, some gigong kinds of things and some one-legged nominally "hard" style things, and talked about similarities and differences.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Pistol, DL, TBDL

Today, Thursday


qigong, cossack sequence

Pistol: 10 kg, lf, about 5 alternating singles, a couple of extra pauses at rock bottom on left side w/o coming back up

DL: conventional, 265 x 3 double over, 295 x 2 double over but losing grip on left, x 2 again but couldn't stand up w/ 2nd rep because grip left gave out.

TBDL: 300 x 1, 315 x 1

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

GU, Rings

Yesterday, rehearsal in Philly, tired today, so just a little


GU: lf, bw x 1, 10 kg x 2 alternating singles - on the front porch, on grey mats, first time, like it

Rings: StC x 1, Archer PU x lf x 1 rep w/ 2 alternating single extensions and while maintaining pointed-toe L-sit.  Also good

Monday, August 27, 2018


Yesterday, Sunday, just a walk

Today, Monday


1APU - tried them on the minute, lf, did 8, so 4 each side.  Definitely improving.  12" height.

DL - wearing knee socks and DL slippers today

Conventional: 245 x 1, 265 x 2, 2, 2, 285 x 2, all double overhand, paused tng

Sumo: 265 x 3 - PR weight for sumo, double overhand - good!

TBDL: 275 x 3, 300 x 3

Saturday, August 25, 2018


Today, Saturday

Breathing walk w/ jog at end

Pistol: 10 kg, lf, 3 alternating singles on a minute or so's rest.  Getting better.


Thought about 1A PU but will save until next time.

Friday, August 24, 2018


MP: bar x 5, 75 x 2

FSQ: 75 x 1, 125 x 1, 175 x fail.  Have done this in AWA meet but not today.  Might need to descend a little more carefully.

BP: 140 x 2, 151 x 3

Conventional: 245 x 5 double over, paused tng
Sumo: 245 x 5 double over, brief pause

TBDL: 275 x 5 - slight reset after reps 2-5 because grip wasn't centered

Thursday, August 23, 2018


Today, Thursday



MP: 18 kg bell x 5l/r

bar x 5, 65 x 4
75 x 5, 6

FSQ 65 lb x 1, deep/paused, 95 lbs x 1 same, 135 x 5 bounced

135 lb x 4
155 x 3, 3

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Pistol, 1A PU, TBDL

Today, Wednesday

Short walk

Pistol: 10 kg.  mon did 3 each way, lf.  Today, 5 each way, lf, on angle away on porch

1APU: @12", lf, 3 alternating singles.  Bit of focus on  more weight on contralateral leg in prep for 1A1L PU.  4th rep, lf, 1A1L, barely got it, and didn't get it w/ right arm and left leg.

5th rep, 1A and 2 legs, lf - got it each way


TBDL - felt so good yesterday, decided to do it again today

275 lbs x 2, 2

Tuesday, August 21, 2018


Have been taking some time off.  Feeling much better with some rest.

Yesterday, Monday - pistols w/ 10k, 1-arm pushups @ 12".  3 pistols each side, 2 PU each side

Today, Tuesday:

walk w/ breathing practice and jog

GU: 8 kg x 2 alternating singles, lf - have lost my good facility with these

MP: 16 kg x 8 l/r

TBDL: 225 x 2, 275 x 2, 2


Yesterday, Thursday, just a short walk but a long day - drive to Philly and back for rehearsal

Today, Friday

MP: 65 lbs x 1 w/ 5-sec lockout, x 2 w/ 10-sec lockout on last rep


FSQ 65 lbs x 1 paused, 95 lbs x 5 - 1st paused, rest bounced, 115 x 3 bounced

SQ:  115 x 3, 135 x 9 - stumbled a little coming up, could have done 10 but decided to play it safe, 7

Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Today, Wednesday


short on time

MP: bar x 5, 65 lbs x 4, 7, 8, 8 - feels like it's time to cycle back to this weight.

TBDL: 245 x 5

Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Monday - off but breathing walk, jog, more walking

Today, Tuesday

Lots of walking

GU: 8 kg x 3 alternating singles each way - these are hugely improved, took very little time

SN: 16 kg x 10's OTM, 10 sets, lf

Sunday, August 12, 2018


Today, Sunday

AM: qigong on the front porch

PM: trap bar DL

135 x 3
225 x 5
225 x 8
Tried dumbbell DL but not enough space to clear plates around legs.
225 x 8

Saturday, August 11, 2018


Mid-morning: getups, 8 kg, lf, 5 singles each side.

BP: late afternoon (4:45 pm), 140 lbs on the bar, as usual of late

As usual, total rep count from ROP - today, 55 reps as 1 ladder to 5 and 4 ladders to 4.

1-2-3-4-5 - back very tight to start, got up off bench between rungs of 3 and 4, right shoulder tight but loosening in a good way




3-5-2 - total 55 reps

Friday, August 10, 2018


Today, Friday


MP: 16 kg bell x 5L/R in Oly shoes - interesting, felt great

SQ: (as we've been doing of late, everything in Oly shoes, deep, and bounced)
FSQ: 105 x 5
SQ: 105 x 3, 125 x 10, 12

Thursday, August 9, 2018


Monday - stretch, 1APU but hurt right shoulder

Tuesday - no lifting

Wednesday - no lifting but breathing walk w/ run

Today, Thursday


MP: 16 kg bell x 5L/R


bar x 5
65 x 5
85 lbs,  4 x 1-2-3, 1 x 1-2 - just didn't have more in me and decided not to try.  This is a huge volume increase, from 15 reps to 43 reps.  It will be good enough!

Sunday, August 5, 2018


Today, Sunday.

Short walk

Haven't deadlifted in a while

DL: 245 lbs x 1, 2, 3, 4, 3 - feels like enough.  Last set, started w/ bar really tight on shins, felt great

Saturday, August 4, 2018


Today, Saturday


MP: bar x 3
MP: 16 kg bell x 5L, 5R
65 x 5
85 x 3 reps x 5 sets - first session w/ 85 lbs.
75 x 5 - experimenting with a slightly narrower grip - feels good so far

FSQ x 95 lbs x 2
95 x 3
115 x 10, 12 - these are certainly getting better, finding I know what my stance is, getting solid under the bar at liftoff better, better at driving the bar up as I get tired.

PU: Archer L-Sit,
1 each side lf, focus on hollow position
repeat but out to rf


Today, Friday

MP: 16 kg bell, lf, x 1, 2, 3, 4

SN: 16 kg

00:00 - 8's on OTM, lf, 6 sets, total 48 reps
2:00 extra rest

08:00 - repeat, total 96 reps

16:00 - repeat, total 144 reps

24:00 - 12L + 12R, no break, total 168 reps

HR - max 169, avg 142

Thursday, August 2, 2018


Today, Thursday

after MP yesterday

BP: 140 lbs



7-3 - butt starting to come off the bench - makes lift easier but it's not legal and not a way to train
NB: 140 x 10 equates on 1RM calculator to 187 - would be nice

3-3-4 getting a little tired, into new total rep territory here at 40, up from 34 last time

3-3-3-1 - right glute starting to cramp

Total 50 reps, PR @ this weight.

Had planned on DL, but will skip that and do DL or SN tomorrow, another OHP/SQ on Saturday

Wednesday, August 1, 2018


Traveling Sunday and Monday.

Tuesday, just too busy to lift - the proverbial "rest of life" took precedence, including going to the doctor with my youngest, age 21, who is going to have ankle surgery to fix a contact injury from 4 years ago that never healed.

Today, Wednesday,  play around some to warmup after breathing walk and jog.  No lifting for 3 days, since Saturday.

16 kg MP x 5 lf

rings - inverted hang, partial FL

16 kg MP x 5 lf again

MP: (barbell)
bar x 3

65 lbs x 3

75 lbs x 5, 5, 6, 5

85 lbs x 3 - ~5-10 second overhead hold on last rep

SQ: bounced

85 lbs x 10
95 x 10
105 x 10 - should start with this next time

Saturday, July 28, 2018

SN again

3-4 mi walk

SN felt so good yesterday, decided to do them again today, but in 8's w/ one hand OTM instead of 10's on the :30.

00:00 8L
01:00 8R

repeat OTM for 16 total sets, then at 16:00, 10L+10R w/ no break, HRmax up to 174

16 * 8 = 128 + 20 = 148 reps total

To finish, 1-arm contralateral DL w/ 32 kg bell, lf, 1 each way

Friday, July 27, 2018


Today, Friday


SN: 16 kg as follows:

00:00 - 10L in ~:25
00:30 - 10R same
rest :90 or until 2:30

Repeat above 5 times, total 100 snatches.

Thursday, July 26, 2018


Today, Thursday, after yesterday off, just stretching

bar x 3, 5
plan called for 34 reps (equivalent of 1 x 1-2-3-4 and 4 x 1-2-3)
75 lb x 1-2-3-4-5, 30 min break, 1-2-3-4-5 (total 30), short rest, 1-2-3-4 (total 40), short rest, 2-3-1 = total 46, a big increase from 30 reps.  NB: 1st 75 lb. rep felt like absolute crap, able to fix it.
Next session, Saturday, will be 30 reps, then next week, 50 and 30, then 55 and 50

SQ later

75 x 2 - paused, exhale, breath or two
95 x 3 - paused, exhale, breath or two
115 x 4 - paused, exhale, just one breath

115 x 0 - felt completely fatigued from the rest of lifting today, and in particular, the paused, exhaled FSQ really fatigued my abs, plus my shoulders worked _great_ in the FSQ but now they feel oddly stretched and weak for the BSQ.  Perhaps the lesson is to keep FSQ and BSQ on separate days, or keep the FSQ to a minimum when warming up.  Couldn't rack the bar comfortably for the BSQ so decided discretion is the better part of valor and we'll leave these for another day.  But FSQ were really good, lots of dorsiflexion, and felt like I was coming straight up each time.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018



BP: 140 x 3-4-5, 3-4-5, 3-4-3 - total, as planned 34 reps.  Stayed on bench the entire time, did the whole thing in about 20 minutes, lots of arch, legs/butt almost "asleep" by end, probably good to get up and stretch between ladders, but good news in that everything was tight, arch was good, was pushing hard with legs.

Back for DL later

Monday, July 23, 2018


Today, Monday

KB MP: 16 kg x 3 lf

MP: bar x 5, 65 x 5, 75 x 6, 5, 5 - planned medium day, next time is 34 reps, time after that is 30 reps.

75 x FSQ x 3
95 x FSQ x 8 - 1 slow, 7 bounced
115 x BSQ x 9 - bounced, gip 1" in from rings, x 10, bounced, grip centered
Since I was getting 10 reps, time to add more weight to the bar
135 x BSQ x 3 - OK, that's more weight, and I'm tired.  Still bounced although I didn't completely trust the bounce on the first rep.  Third rep was slow

Saturday, July 21, 2018


Took yesterday, Friday, off - was toasted from Thursday's lifting

Today, Saturday

BP: 140 lbs.

Plan called for 15 reps, normally 5 x (1-2). Instead, a single ladder of 4-5-6 - nice!  The temptation is to rush the schedule and/or add weight, but we'll stick to the plan.  Next session should be 34 reps.  Hypertrophy a fine goal in this cycle for me at my age and lack of muscle.  If we push anything next time, it'll be the rep count.

30 min-ish break

PU: Archer L-Sit w/ 4 lb. dumbbell, pointed toes.  lf x 2 each way, rf x 2 each way.

DL: 245 lbs.paused tng x 5, 5, 5, 5, 5

Thursday, July 19, 2018


Took off yesterday, Wednesday - just plain tired from the Sun/Mon trip and needed to catch up on sleep and take a break from exercise

Today, Thursday

breathing walk w/ jog at end

bw ring dip x 2, very deep, pause at bottom

GU: 12 kg x 3 alternating singles, lf - I hate these but I'm getting better at them.  Vertigo is an issue by the third rep, need to go slower between reps

OHP: 75 lbs x 1-2-3-4-6-4 (left tricep pretty fried) - 5 (near max set) - 5 - 30 reps in 8 sets, up from 27 reps in 9 sets last time.

Plan - next day is medium day, 15 reps total.  Following 2 sessions will be 34 and 30 reps, respectively.

Front Franken - 75 lb x 3 bounced - almost choking myself
Front:, loose finger grip - 95 lb x 5 bounced - felt great
HBB - 115 x 8 bounced - easy until 6th rep, trying to "right the ship" and not let either side of bar tip down due to looseness in back, x 8 - 24 reps total, 2540 lbs. in 4 sets

Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Took off Sunday and Monday - on the road

Today, Tuesday

BP: 140 lbs
6 - excellent
6 - and excellent again.  Total 30 reps

Next BP session should be 15 reps
Session after 34 reps so we'll start with a ladder to 4

PU: Archer x 2 extension each way, l-sit holding 4 lb. dumbbell, pointed toes.  interesting that left arm extended just didn't happen completely as I focused on pointed toes today.

DL: Sumo, 245, paused tng.  Last time, 17 reps in 5 sets
x 5, x 4 - grip tired, x 4, x 4 wider stance, which felt better for first reps and less good for last - 17 reps in 4 sets this time

Saturday, July 14, 2018


Today, Saturday

walk, including bw windmills

OHP: 75 lbs. x 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-3 = 27 reps in 9 sets.  Took a relatively wide grip for most, but a narrower one for the last set of 3 and those felt great.


75 lbs. x 4 - deep, paused and exhaled - narrow-ish grip
95 lbs. x 5 - deep, long pause but hold breath - near the rings, better practice for Inman, but right shoulder isn't happy.
115 lbs. x 5 - deep, a shorter but still distinct pause, still holding breath, right shoulder feels disconnected
115 lbs. x 8 - deep, bounced - really tried to setup right shoulder, felt more solid, if not perfect, and much better overall.

Two days ago, total 14 reps @ 135 lbs. = 1890 lbs in FSQ
Today, total 2270 lbs. in 22 reps, enough of a difference for our "volume" day and first BSQ in a some time.

Friday, July 13, 2018


BP: 140 lbs x 4, 4, 4
Last BP was 2 x 2-3-4 + 1 x 1-2-3, totals 18 reps, equals 4 x 1-2-3, equals 24 reps, equals Heavy Day
Today, medium day would be 4 x 1-2, which is 12 reps, done as 4 reps x 3

Next week, 30 reps on Heavy, 15 on medium
Following weeks, 
34 reps on Heavy, 30 reps on medium
up by 4 to 50 reps on Heavy, 30 reps on medium

55 reps on Heavy, 50 reps on medium
up by 5 to 75 reps on Heavy and 50 reps on medium

Archer PU - L-sit w/ 4 lb. dumbbell, 3 each way

DL, still Sumo, trying 245 lbs
x 3 - left knee tracked weirdly
x 3 - turned feet out a little more, also kept bar closer but grip getting tired
x 3 - OK, grip still tired but the lift feels more familiar
x 5 - improving, letting the bar a little out in front again, and again feeling that in left knee
x 3 - alright, getting tired, enough

Thursday, July 12, 2018


Today, Thursday


GU: 14 kg, lf x 3 alternating singles each side, a recent PR.  Still struggling with elbows that hyper-extend, which hurts, but also have to not let elbow bend, either - tricky business.

OHP: 75 lbs. x 5, 5, 5 - oh, my, we are going to be on this weight for a while.

FSQ: Oly shoes, 135 x 4 - releasing grip as set went on, x 5 - 1st rep excellent, also releasing grip as set went on, x 5 - weight is shifting to hands a bit, need to try to fix that.  Also noticed I was rotating, tried to fix that, too.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Ran out of time to deadlift yesterday, so today is deadlift day.


DL: sumo, paused tng,

225 x 5, 5, 5, 5, 5 - 5 sets of 5, improving.  On 2-5 reps, don't touch right at shins but there is a little space, also feels OK to start with a little space.  Need more weight to see what's best.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

BP, PU bar, PU rings

Today, Tuesday

breathing walk and run at end, hot today, didn't feel all that great


BP: 140 lbs x 2 x (2-3-4) and 1 x (1-2-3).  NB: 2 x (2-3-4) is the same reps, 18, as 3 x (1-2-3), so count this as 4 x (1-2-3) overall, but a little harder

PU: bar, bw-only, 8 w/ Adam's apple touching or above bar, paused top and bottom, full extension bottom.  Noticed right pinkie gets loose after 5 or so reps, so tightened it and that helped.

PU: archer l-sit, holding 3 lb. dumbbell between feet, lf, just one each side


Monday, July 9, 2018


GU: 14 kg x 2 alternating singles, lf - ugh, need to do these more often

am going to give swings a bit of a rest as I'm already doing a lot, and will add Inman walking soon

OHP: 65 lbs. x 8, 8, 8 - slightly wider grip on final set, about middle of knurling, better on shoulders.  Major ab work for me in this on every rep.


95 x 5 - quick lower, brief pause, and up
115 x 5 - bounced but more controlled
135 x 5 - last rep a little slow

Thursday, July 5, 2018


Today, Thursday

Tired and sore from 3 days in a row of lifting plus the run yesterday, but got better as the day went.


BP: 145 lbs, 1-2-3 x 3 as below, stayed on bench in rack the entire time.
Ring fingers on rings, which is slightly wider - feel like I can get shoulders more involved and pull the bar apart better.

Probably should go back to using 140 for this next time but 145 was on bar so I used that.

Format was a new set on the :60, rest 2:00 before the next ladder

00:00 - rest and setup

01:00 - 1 rep
02:00 - 2 reps
03:00 - 3 reps

rest 2 min

05:00 - 1 rep
06:00 - 2 reps
07:00 - 3 reps

rest 2 min

09:00 - 1 rep
10:00 - 2 reps
11:00 - 3 reps - definitely last set, form not great, speed not great

PU: Archer, pointed toes, got past 90 degrees w/ my leg - good!!, went lf for 2 reps each side.

225 x 3, 5, 5 - sorting this out, last set was starting to move quickly, all reps w/ a quick reset at the bottom.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018


breathing walk w/ run at end

SW: 32 kg, lf, x 8/8, 6/6, 8/8, 8/8 total 60 swings

GU: 14 kg lf 2 alternating singles, lf

OHP: 55 lbs. x 8, 8, 8, 65 lbs. x 5

95 lbs. x 5
95 x 5 - bounced, sort of, the last 2
95 x 10 - bounced all of them, actually was out of breath by the end - was fast
115 x 5 - bounced

Tuesday, July 3, 2018


Today, Tuesday

walk twice, some bw windmills

SN: 14 kg, lf, 10 reps x 6 sets, no clock.  Get whacked on right side but not on left, finally started to figure out the timing by the end of the last set.  Sit-back was on and off, but weight is so light.  Still, good for today, figuring out how to think about problematic right shoulder and making some progress on that score.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Easy Everything: SW, GU, OHP, FSQ, BP, Rings, DL

Sunday, off

Today, Monday, first real training day since meet 9 days ago.

SW: 32 kg x 7's, lf, 6 sets total (3 each way, 42 swings)

GU: 14 kg x 2 alternating singles lf

OHP: 55 lbs. x 8, 8, 8

FSQ: 95 lbs. x 2, 3 - these feel pretty foreign because I haven't done them in a long time, but the stretch is just _so_ good for my hands.

BP: 140 x 1, 2 - feels pretty foreign but I did these less than 10 days ago.

Dips x 1 but practiced support position a few times, too.
Archer PU x 1 rf, x 1 lf, L-sit

DL: trying sumo today, put on high socks and DL slippers

225 x 2, 3, 4 - I slip on the slippers a bit.
225 x 5 - slightly closer foot placement - this is better.


Friday, off, just walk and some bw-windmills

Today, Saturday:

SW:  32 kg x 1h x 6, 6, 7, 7, 7, 7 - lf, no timer

GU: 12 kg x 1 each way, lf

Saturday, June 30, 2018


Tuesday, June 26 - off, just walk
Wednesday, June 27 - off, just walk but also Buteyko walk and jog at end.

Today, Thursday, June 28

32 kg: 1h swing x 6 reps x 6 sets, no timer, lf

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Post Meet: PU

Monday, June 25

two days post-meet, in PA:


some L-sit PUs

later in the day, same: walk more, more L-sit PUs

Meet Report: DL 162.5 kg @ 65.3 kg

Saturday, June 23

USAPL NJ State Championship for 2018, in Somerset, NJ

BP: 60, 70, 80 kg

warmup was 225 x 2 over, x 1 r/u, x 1 l/u
147.5 kg
162.5 kg
no third attempt




BP: 145 x 5 - no warmup needed, might do the meet BP w/o a warmup


236 x 4 double over

291 (remove little plates, 225 + 15 kg each side = + 66 lbs.) x 2 r/u, x 2 l/u

324 (+ 7.5 kg each side = 33 lbs.) x 1 r/u - not speedy, but not a death march, either.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

1-Leg DL, 1-Arm PU

Today, Tuesday


1-leg DL: 20 kg x 2 x slow, controlled singles, 2 each side, lf.  Must always remember to screw foot into ground and lengthen shoulders - these things add significant, important stability.

1APU: 10" box, lf, just 1 each side.

Feeling better rested than yesterday, hope to have some good pulls tomorrow and then a couple of easy/off days before the meet



a bit of stretching

GU: 12 kg x 3 alternating singles, lf. Did some extra up to the elbow before finishing 3rd rep both sides

BP: 140 x 3, 165 x 1

DL: 235 x 2, 3 - felt weak and hurried

Monday, June 18, 2018


Friday, just walk

Today, Saturday, starting at 4:30 PM

BP: 140 x 2, 160 x 2

DL: competition costume (but glasses, not cl)

225 x 2 double over, paused tng

291 (+30 kg) (about 132.5 kg) x 2 r/u paused tng

324 (+15 kg) (about 147.5 kg)  x 1 l/u

353 (-5 kg, + 40 lb) (about 160 kg) x 1 - left leg shaky but good lift

Feeling a little rusty after only lifting Monday last week, will do some more this week in advance of the meet

Saturday, June 16, 2018


Yesterday, Wednesday - walk, nothing else

Today, Thursday


a few bw windmills

12 kg x 1L/R
12 kg x3L, 3R to the elbow

I guess it's 12 kg day

SN + WM:

12 kg x 4 SN L, windmill x 2 at top of last rep, x 4 SN R, windmill x 2at the top of last rep
NB: too much lumbar rotation on right side WM, didn't feel great

Repeat windmill x 2, lf - better on right side - not perfect, but better.  Need to keep doing these weighted - finding proprioceptive vertical and keeping it isn't good on right side, and would fail with a heavier weight, so 12 kg it will be for a while.

MP: 55 lbs. x 10, 12 - will go to more weight next time.  Groove improving, strength improving.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


Today, Tuesday


bw windmills x 1L/R, 1L/R

walk again


BP: new ladder on the 6:00 or so

140 x 1-2-3
140 x 2-4
140 x 5
140 x 3, 3 - had planned 3-4, probably didn't wait long enough after first rung, calling it a day. 23 total reps, 1 shy of 4 x 1-2-3

Plan to DL later



225 x 5 double overhand, paused tng

291 (added a 15 kg on each side) x 3 r/u, paused tng

302 (added a 2.5 kg each side) x 3 l/u, paused tng - very slow and controlled

311 (took off 2.5 kg, added 10 lb. each side) x 3 l/u, paused tng, again very slow and controlled - made me nervous to think about this set, but remembered it's not hard for me, and it went very well.

Picked my weights inspired by Surovetsky's volume day in PTTP for where I am pre-meet.

WHEEL: standing, 4th step x 2 - second rep pretty flat and close to the board, but could feel ab cramps starting at the beginning of both reps.  They didn't kick in because the movement stretches the abs.  That's nice, but just one set today.


Monday, June 11, 2018


Yesterday, Sunday, off - just a breathing walk and jog

Today, Monday

walk twice

GU: 10 kg x 2L, 2R, 1L, 1R - I feel like doing multiple reps on each side is a nice way to own a weight before moving up.

Barbell MP: 55 x 8, 8, 8 - finding left lat, able to get it involved on the way up but lose it on the way down.

Barbie weights on both these lifts, but they're both what I need.  Need better body position in lockout of barbell MP, feel like lower back is extending too much - not for this weight, but need to fix this now in order to be able to handle heavier weights.  Triceps and shoulders pretty fried after getups then these without much rest between.

Saturday, June 9, 2018


Today, Saturday, will play piano for 5 hours, and a bit tired from yesterday, so nothing difficult.


GU: alternating singles, lf, at 8 kg, 10 kg, and 12 kg.  Good, at least I did 3 each side, up from the 2 I've been doing most days I do these.  NB: still a big fear factor about pain in the downside shoulder and upper back but, so far, so good.  No pain, but nonetheless hard to commit fully to that first step.

Friday, June 8, 2018


Yesterday, Thursday, not much - some bw windmills while on a walk

Today, Friday

GU: 10 kg x 2 each way, lf

long break

Very short on time, so

BP: 140 x 3, 160 x 2 - 2nd rep slow and barely legal, might have lowered a bit along the way

long break


225 x 3 double over, paused tng

225 x 2 double over, paused tng

275 x 2 r/u, paused tng

315 x 2 l/u, paused tng

345 x 2 singles w/ reset at bottom, thought about a 3rd, decided to stand up and reset, but obviously didn't reset enough - left pec cramped as I started off the ground so I abandoned the lift.  Had been hoping for 3, but encouraging that the first 2 weren't all that difficult.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018



GU: 10 kg x 1L/R - enough, felt fine but want strength for other things.  Using abs more/better

walk again

MP a la 033

00:00 - 16 kg x 4L
00:30 - 16 kg x 4R
01:00 - 18 kg x 3L
01:30 - 18 kg x 3R

03:00 - 20 kg x 2L
03:30 - 20kg x 2R
04:00 - 16kg x 4L
04:30 - 16 kg x 4R

06:00 - 18 kg x 3L
06:30 - 18 kg x 3R
07:00 - 20 kg x 2L
07:30 - 20 kg x 2R

09:00 - repeat above but right side first on everything, last set at 16:30

Total = 16 kg x 16 each way (256 kg), 18 kg x 12 each way (216 kg) , 20 kg x 8 each way (160 kg)
632 kg / 36 reps each way = 17.6 average weight, about 63%

Assuming a 28 kg 1RM:

57% x 16 reps, 64% x 12 reps, 71% x 8 reps

Will DL later

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Archer PU

Today, Tuesday:


bw windmills x 3, lf

Archer PU, 2 each way.  2nd set w/ straight legs (l-sit)

Monday, June 4, 2018


Monday, today

walk, including bw windmill x 5, lf

PU: gooseneck, because we were talking about it on the forum.  Got one, but switched to standard grip after my neck touched the bar - ouch

MP: bar, empty, x 10, 55 lb. x 10.  Shoulders good/OK, no pain, no binding, nothing weird, continue to grip hard with pinkies and externally rotate, special focus on long right collar bone and space in that shoulder.

SN: 033, 16 kg SN, lf:

00:00, 2L, explosive up, normal lower
00:30, 2R, explosive up, normal lower
01:00, 3L, explosive up, pull down, left shoulder not happy with negative
01:30, 3R, explosive up, pull down, good - but stopping here

140 lbs. x 1-2, 1-2, 3 - medium day



245 x 3, competition grip l/u - 2 tng, 1 after a reset at the bottom, didn't feel particular good.  Focus on left lat.  Not used to DL on Mondays any more, tired from my always-busy Sunday.  These felt "fast" but not tight.  Tried to setup at the top, but it didn't work well.

245 x 3, double over.  Focus on pushing to start, much better - missed that in previous set.  Setup at the top again, better this time.

245 x 5 l/u again - solid set, did a reset at the bottom for each, just one breath.

11 total reps today, not much, but it feels like a recovery session.  More on Wednesday, heavy on Friday.

Saturday, June 2, 2018


Yesterday, Friday, off, just played around, did a skin the cat

Today, Saturday, lifting late PM to simulate meet environment


BP: - a go with 80% 1RM and the Rite of Passage

140 lbs. x 1-2-3
140 lbs. x 1-2-3
140 lbs. x 1-2-3 - our first heavy day

BP plan for the week: Tue = 140 lbs. x 1-2 x 3 ladders, Thu = same weight x 3 singles

DL: starting 5:40 PM

225 x 5, double over, paused tng

285 x 3, r/u, paused tng

335 x 4 singles, l/u - reset at bottom for first 3, stood up and took a few breaths but stayed at the bar before the 4th rep.  Left side again trailing off the floor, so need to work on that with lighter weights during the coming week.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

MP (SE-style), GU, DL

Today, Thursday

walk a bunch

MP: - playing around w/ Strong Endurance ideas. Maximally explosive but still strict presses

Set up a 16, an 18, and a 20 kg

Along the lines of S&S:
00:00 - 16 kg x 3L
01:00 - 16 kg x 3R
02:00 - 18 kg x 2L
03:00 - 18 kg x 2R
04:00 - 20 kg x 2L
05:00 - 20kg x 2R

Along the lines of 033D
06:00 - 16 kg x 4L
06:30 - 16 kg x 4R
07:00 - 18 kg x 3L
07:30 - 18 kg x 3R
rest until
09:00 - 20 kg x 2L
09:30 - 20 kg x 2R
10:00 - 16 kg x 5L - last rep slowed down
10:30 - 16 kg x 5R - last rep slowed down

16 kg x 4, 18 kg x 3, and 20 kg x 2 is right for this.
033D seems good

GU: 10 kg, lf, 2 alternating singles.

Plan to DL later

DL: At 5:30 PM, right after teaching

225 x 3 double over, paused tng
275 x 4 r/u, paused tng
315 x 2 double over, paused tng


Today, Wednesday

walk twice

GU: 10 kg, lf, 1 w/ 10-15 sec pauses at every position each side, rest, 1 normal each side.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


Off Sunday, off Monday

Today, Tuesday - cleaned a lot yesterday, slept poorly w/ a crick in my neck all night.

breathing walk w/ run at end


MP: barbell, empty bar didn't feel good at all, did some w/ a stick and that was better, then back to the bar

bar x 3, 6, 8

PU: archer, rf, 3 each way


265 x 3 double over, paused tng
285 x 3, r/u, paused tng
305 x 3, l/u, paused tng

For how I feel today - better than when I woke up but not great - this is fine.

Saturday, May 26, 2018


Yesterday, Friday - off

Today, Saturday

BP: 135 ladder 1-2-3-4 - will BP in a meet in 4 weeks, not looking for anything great.


245 lb. (110 kg) x 5 double over, quick pause tng

285 lb. (130 kg) x 2, r/u, quick pause tng

325 lb. (147.5 kg) x 4 l/u, singles w/ comp-style negative and reset at the bottom after a breath or two.

Last Friday, did 315 x 4 - that equates to a 345 1RM . (315 x 6 equals a 366 1RM according to the calculators.)

Don't feel good about more than 4 reps and also need to ditch the controlled negatives and paused tng, so did 325 x 4 today, which equates to about 355 1RM, and next week, will do 335 x 4, which equates to 366 1RM.

Excellent, excellent result today.  Trying to add a focus on keeping the bar close, which is the thing I don't always do.

Thursday, May 24, 2018


Decided to switch to 3 DL sessions per week, down from 4.

Skipped yesterday, Wednesday, but did a breathing walk and jog at the end.

Today, Thursday


short on time, so:

GU: 10 kg x 2L, 2R - both reps on the same side w/o putting the bell down, this is very fatiguing for my right side, need to stay with this format and build up some volume with this weight this way.

MP: 18 kg x 5, rf, w/ move the bell around at the lockout of every rep

break, and will DL later


245 x 5 double over, paused tng

285 x 2, r/u, paused tng

285 x 2, l/u, paused tng

Was woken up in the middle of the night last night, tired today, that'll do, and we'll hope for heavy on Saturday.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Off Saturday, Sunday, Monday for Strong Endurance and the drive home.

Did a few MP w/ 20 kg on the way home yesterday, Monday.

Today, Tuesday


MP: 18 kg x 5 lf
PU: archer, 2 each way, rf


MP: 18 kg x 6 rf
PU: archer, 2 each way, lf



225 x 5 r/u

305 x 4 l/u - excellent for today - tired from the weekend and driving

Friday, May 18, 2018


Today, Friday

Found a park, walked a bit

At a turnpike rest stop, did:

MP: 20 kg, lf, 1, 2

then put the 20 kg overhead and walked about 50 steps left, and 50 steps right.  Left side lockout was not good.

At LA Fitness in Chicago:


225 x 2, 5 (switched bars because collars weren't rotating), double over, paused tng
275 x 2 r/u - felt weak
295 x 5 l/u - felt good although didn't keep back really tightly locked out - felt like yesterday's 315 were better in that regard.

Nice walk, 10-15 min, each way from hotel to gym and back.


Yesterday, Thursday, while on the road at LA Fitness in Maumee, IL, at 5:30 PM after 500 miles of driving:


225 x 5, double over, paused tng

275 x 5, double over, paused tng - double over, with nice, long pauses at lockout and the bottom, was a mistake, and although I finished it, the bar was starting to slip out of my grip.

315 x 4, l/u, paused tng - PR reps at this weight
315 x 3, r/u, paused tng

NB: June 23 meet has me in the Saturday afternoon flight, so late-in-the-day DL's are good practice.

Also did GS w/ 20 kg x 10 reps at 11 AM in a rest stop, and stretched a bit there, too

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Today, Wednesday


GU: quite a few, mostly bw, some w/ 12 kg


20 kg, rf, x 4
20 kg, lf, x 4

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Today, Tuesday

breathing walk w/ run at end - getting ever further, and it's getting easier as I'm able to relax into my form more.

walk, some bw-windmills along the way

245 x 3 double over, paused tng

295 x 8 l/u paused tng - left side was coming up slower at first, corrected but not sure how.

Another PR workout from a list that's based ona 366 1RM

Monday, May 14, 2018



GU: 10 kg x 2 alternating singles, lf
1 alternating single - 3 in a day is a best w/ this (admittedly paltry) weight for our current go-round.

20 kg, lf, 1-2
20 kg, rf, 4

rest - idea is to repeat above w/ opposite starting sides

20 kg, rf, 1-2-3 - good, was feeling like the extra rung was possible, and it was
20 kg, lf, 5 - again, we total 18 reps/side - must be a good number :)

PU: archer, 1 rf, rest, 1 lf - trying to always keep close ring pulled down low.  2nd set better - I am less good at straightening my right arm and then bringing it back to a strong position.

Plan for later: deadlifts

Went to LA Fitness for the first time:


225 x 5 double over, paused tng
275 x 5 r/u, paused tng
315 x 3, l/u, paused tng
315 x 3, l/u, paused tng - 2 triples at this weight is a PR session

Saturday, May 12, 2018


Today, Saturday


GU: 10 kg x 1 each way, lf - shoulders have been feeling like they're letting go of long-held tensions.  Today, shoulders felt shaky w/ weight overhead, so stopped at 1 rep and might come back and do more later.


20 kg, rf, 1-2
20 kg, lf, 4
20 kg, rf, 1-2

archer PU, rf, 3 each way.  My wife watched and said I kept the close ring pulled down lower on the first rep either side.  Interesting.  Some slight discomfort on right side on those 2nd and 3rd reps, nothing awful, just felt a little misaligned but not by a lot.  I do better with these when I do them more often and only do 2 reps each side.

Tentative plan is to deadlift later today or tomorrow.


Friday, May 11, 2018


Lifted Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, took yesterday off

Today, Friday


225 x 3 double over, paused tng
285 x 9 l/u paused tng

long break - phone call

285 x 4 r/u paused tng

Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Today, Wednesday

breathing walk w/ run at end


GS: 24 kg x 5

SW: 20 kg x 10's, lf, extra set left so 110 total, on about the :55

GU: 10 kg, lf x 1 each way full, x 1-2 each way to elbow, x 1 each way full.

short break

1APU: Mon did 10" x 1, today 12" x 2R, 2L

MP: 20 kg x lf, x 1, 2, superset archer PU, lf, x 2 each way

this is already a lot of not-DL lifting, so we'll stop there.  DL is the one and only priority


225 x 5 double over, paused tng

265 x 5 l/u, paused tng

315 x 3 l/u, paused tng - 3 reps at this weight, paused tng, is a PR for sure

Thought about a second set @315 but decided that the next step after a peak is always down, so stop here for today, and we'll see what we feel like tomorrow, maybe try 275 x 10.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018


Today, Tuesday:


GU: 2 each way to the hand w/ 10 kg.  Was going to do bw-only, but there was a 10 kg bell, and it seemed to me to be OK to try it, and it was just fine.  I was in the low-ceiling part of the basement where I can't do full getups, anyway, so just to the hand, but spent time at both the elbow and the hand positions, working on t-spine opening, shoulder packing, moving my head and neck around, etc.

walk again


225 x 3 double over, paused tng

265 x 10 l/u, paused tng, certainly a PR rep count @ this weight

265 x 5 r/u, paused tng

Interestingly, yesterday was 18 lifts and averaged 265, which is 75% of 353.  Today, even though I did this by feel, the same thing.  Rep ranges were probably out of bounds for some things but that's OK, IMO.

Monday, May 7, 2018

GU, 1APU, MP, Rings, DL, Standing Wheel

Was off on Friday and Saturday, visiting and travelling with family.

Yesterday, Sunday, was a big day,
 and I took two naps in the afternoon.

Today, Monday

Breathing walk w/ run at end


GU: 8 kg x 3 each way, left-up/right-down first.  Getting better, could have done another but didn't - moderation is the key here.

break, walk


1APU: @ 10", 1R + 1L - not bad

MP: 20 kg, rf x 3R, 3L + Archer PU x 3 each way, also rf - last rep, really didn't hold myself up w/ ring held in on right side.


MP: 18 kg, lf, x 8L, 8R


Rings: StC + FL x 1

Enough pressing for today, enough pullup and pushup and ring things for today, too.

DL: - new Rogue, 20 kg, stainless steel bar

225 x 7 double over, paused tng

265 x 5 l/u, paused tng

315 x 2 l/u, x 2 r/u, x2 l/u, all paused tng

WHEEL: standing, 4th step x 2, rest, 4th step but out, relax, come back x 1

Thursday, May 3, 2018


Today, Thursday, a relatively early start

GS: 24 kg x 2, 20 kg x 3 - all w/ long pauses at the bottom, all trying to figure out how to grip, comparing left and right hands

SW: 20 kg, lf, x 10's on the :60.  11 sets total to get in an extra set w/ left hand.  There seems to be a necessary, albeit very slight, shift of the hips away from the bearing arm side.  I sometimes resist pushing into my right hip, but doing that makes my left side swings much better.  A work in progress, not sure of all my observation's validity, but the final set of swing on the left side, with a start by making sure I was "into" my right hip, felt altogether more solid and on another level in terms of connectedness and power.

GU: 8 kg, lf, alternating singles, 2 each side - excellent.  Already getting tired and won't do more today, but very happy with this.

Plan for about an hour from now:



16 kg, lf, x 1, 1, 2, 2
rest briefly
18 kg, lf, x 1, 1, 2, 2
rest a little longer
20 kg, lf, x 1, 1, 3, 3 - first triple w/ 20 kg, nice.  Total 10 presses each side today, light day but immediately after medium day yesterday.  Was 28 presses on Monday and 18 yesterday

PU: on bar, bw + 20 kg on left foot, rest,repeat right foot.  Paused a few seconds at top, Adam's apple touching bar at bottom - higher would have been nice.  Slow negative.


225 x 6 double over, paused tng
255 x 5 r/u, paused tng - right shoulder felt misaligned afterwards
305 x 3 r/u, paused tng - repeat same grip, right shoulder fine this time
305 x 3 l/u, paused tng - good

Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Today, Wednesday, feeling a bit tired, haven't been sleeping great, bw 151.6 this morning, which is OK but not great, either.

GS: 24 kg x 7


18 kg x rf x 4
18 kg x lf, x 3, 4 (w/o putting bell down, as all ladders have been of late)
18 kg x rf x 5, superset archer PU x rf x 3 each way

Did a total of 28 presses on Monday, total of 18 today, we'll call this medium day.  Monday included 6 reps @ 20 kg and 7 reps @ 16 kg (and 15 @ 18 kg), so the average was very close to 18 kg.  Today, all 18 kg.  We'll see how we feel about pressing again tomorrow since we're away Friday and Saturday - perhaps we're home in enough time on Saturday for me to lift - we'll see.

3 archer PU each way was good.

Handling of my right shoulder is improved today - think the walk this AM while focusing on keep it in the right place but very relaxed - I think that helped.

225 x 5 double over, paused tng
255 x 5 l/u, paused tng
305 x 3 l/u, paused tng
305 x 3 r/u, paused tng

Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Bit of an odd week, so taking today, Tuesday, as I usually would do Wednesday - variety


Cossack sequence

headstand leg raises, a few

Ring dips and playing with ring strict muscle up with various cheats, standing on boxes, trying to figure it out.

Monday, April 30, 2018


After a good lifting week, an interesting weekend.  Big meal Friday night, big meal Saturday lunch, big meal Sunday dinner.  Lots of driving, too.

Saturday morning, did monkey bar swings

Was nervous about doing these and injuring a shoulder, but took my time, and got it done - slowly, cautiously, but did it.

Was sore Sunday morning but no shoulder joint issues, just sore upper back muscles from doing a new thing (well, a thing I hadn't done in a few decades).

Today, Monday


What I've taken to calling my GS (goblet squat) session is really just any variety of squat-like thing, it seem:

Cossack sequence ending w/ bw-only windmill x 3 on each side

GS x 1 @ 16 kg w/ 5 curls

FSQ: 2 x 24 kg, x 1, 2 x 20 kg x 1.  Thought about doing some repetition cleans or doing C & FSQ, but felt like this was enough for today.

GS: 24 kg x 5

24 kg x 10's OTM x total 60, lf

GU: a few each bw, 4 kg, 8 kg.  8 kg not great.

Need to do cossack sequence more - last section, where we're stretching the outside of the hip, is excellent work for my right shoulder when it's supporting.

PM Plan: MP/PU and DL


MP: 20 kg x 1, 2 + 16 kg x 3, 4, lf, superset archer PU x 2 each way, lf, and then a partial FL hold
MP: 20 kg x 1, 2, + 18 kg x 3, rf, superset archer PU x 2 each way, rf
MP: 18 kg x 1, 2, 3 lf, no PU (forgot ...)
MP: 18 kg x 1, 2 (cl before both), 3 (just MP), rf, no superset - getting tired, still have to DL


Learned that USAPL bar is much less bendy than an Okie DL bar, so switched to

Texas Power Bar:

225 x 4 double over, paused tng
255 x 5 l/u, paused tng - OMG, easy
305 x 3 l/u, paused tng - solid
305 x 3 r/u, paused tng - bit of a grind but did it.

Friday, April 27, 2018


Today, Friday

short walk



GS: 24 kg x 5
FS: 24 kg x left x 5, 24 kg x right x 5

SW: 44 kg x 2h x 10 x 4 sets on the 1:30

GU: 6 kg x 2 alternating singles each way


1.  16 kg x 1-2-3 ladder, lf + super 2 alternating archer PU, lf
2.  repeat but 3R, 3L, 3R, 3L + 2 PU rf
3.  repeat as above but lf
4. repeat as above but 6R, 6L + 2 archer - archers are harder rf
5. 20 kg x 1-2, 16 kg x 3, no pullups


Thu was same as Mon, today, Friday, same as Tue in terms of grip but 2 sets of 3

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Halo, Ring Dips, MP + Ring PU, DL

Today, Thursday


Breathing walk w/ jog at end, so decided to do different warmups because tired from running

16 kg: halo, 5 alternating singles each way

Rings: dips x 2, slow, paused, etc.  rest a little and repeat.

Planned PM:  Press, PU, DL


1.  16 kg x 1-2-3 w/o putting bell down, lf, superset 2 rings pu, trying false grip, rings/palms facing body
2.  repeat but rf, rings parallel, still false grip of sorts - stays better on right than left
3.  repeat, back to lf, tighter grip yielded a better false grip, rings started at 45 degrees and tried to turn them out at the top
4.  repeat, rf, skipped PU altogether because grip was getting tired and still had DL's to do, and this was the first day of actually trying to keep a false grip

245 x 5, paused tng, l/u, definitely getting easier
295 x 3, paused tng, l/u - excellent.  Focus is on push balls of feet, grip pinkies, neutral neck, wedge, push balls of feet and lift.  Repeat w/ other grip - tired, feels like a meet 3rd attempt, but went well because I knew the weight wasn't too heavy.  Ready to try +5-10 lbs. next time, which is tomorrow, or go for more than 3 reps, but I think a triple is enough.

295 x 3, paused tng, r/u

Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Today, Wednesday

bw x 5
24 kg x 5, paused and exhaled
FS 24 kg x 2 bells x 5, paused and exhaled

24 kg x 10L, 10R, 10L, 10R, 10L  - on the :60, total 50 reps.  left definitely worse, trying to improve form in smoothness and connectedness - just feels off on that side, slow, weak.

4 kg, lf, 5 alternating singles in our new form.  Interesting that firing right glute but not left is easy, but firing left glute makes right want to fire also - that is part of the route of my problems w/ my left arm up.

Maybe more later but no heavy DL

Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Today, Tuesday

short walk


GS - bw only x 10
SW: 44 kg x 2h x 10, 10, 10, 6 on the 1:30
GU: 4 kg, always left arm has weight first because right shoulder down is the weird thing, x 5 alternating singles in fairly rapid succession.  Working out the form liking it.

PM: Planned MP, PU, DL

MP: 16 kg, lf, x 1-2-3, superset Archer PU x 2 each way, lf

rest about 5:00

repeat by rf on both things

rest about 5:00

Repeat as 1st set

rest about 5:00

DL:  as yesterday but opposite grips

245 x 5 r/u paused tng
295 x 2 r/u, x 2 l/u, x 2 r/u paused tng w/ 2-3 min rest between sets

Monday, April 23, 2018

GS, SW, GU, MP, Rings, DL

Today, Monday:


GS: bw only x 5, 24 kg x 5, x 1 @ 16 kg w/ 5 curls at the bottom

SW: 44 kg x 2h x 10, 9, 10 on the 1:30.  Shortened middle set by a rep because my balance felt funny.

Heart pounding by the end of the last set, time to stop for today w/ a goal of doing swings every day this week.



MP: 16 kg x 1-2-3, lf, w/o putting bell down, superset w/ Archer PU, lf, x 2 each way

rest a few

Repeat above


Rings: StC + FL x 1


Trying an experiment.  Today

245 x 5 l/u paused tng
295 x 2 l/u, x 2 r/u, x 2 l/u paused tng w/ 2-3 min rest between sets

The idea is to repeat this session a few times to come to a conclusion about which over/under I really prefer - I'm still not sure. l/u, r/o was the focus this session and what I've been competing with lately.

The plan is that 295 x 6 is my DDD, and 245 x 5 is my warmup.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Inman - first of the season


First Inman of the season.

5-foot, 30-lb (I think) bar (maybe 35?) with a 10 lb. rubber plate on each end.  Walk 17 minutes.  Back yard to street, right on Hope to Cedar, left to Gilbert, around the curve and right onto Hope, home and into the back yard.

Edit the following Friday:

Measure course w/ a wheel:  3546 feet, 6 inches, which equals 1081 meters

Friday, April 20, 2018

Dip, Headstand+LR, GU, GS, SW, 1APU, SN


rings: bw dip x 2

partial getups to elbow w/ 6 kg and 4 kg, about 5 each side total, Cramp in right hamstring - lovely....


another ring dip, deeper, slow, x 1

GS: 24 kg x 7

SW: 44 kg, 2h x 10 - focus on breaking the ceiling, x 10, focus on other things - power, lat connection - and also try to still break the ceiling.  Can't quite manage everything but it's progress.

Finish w/ headstand + 3 leg raises

Plan for PM is DL again

PM: Decided on 1APU and snatche

1APU - on first porch step outside, 1R and 1L - not making my bad disc happy

SN: 16 kg x 1L/R, 2L/R, 5L, 5R, 10L, 10R - lots of sorting out the taming-the-arc/high-pull part of the snatch on my right side.  Nothing heavier than 16 for a while.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

GU, SQ, SW, later MP, PU, DL

Wednesday off

Today, Thursday


various GU, GS, KB FSQ w/ 2 x 24 paused, and SW 44 kg x 6, 6

Planned PM: Press, PU, DL

MP: 16 kg, rf x 1, 2, 3 w/o putting bell down, superset to PU archer, lf

rest a few

Repeat above but MP lf, and archer rf and got one each way but twice while I was up there.

Focus is on keeping right shoulder rolled back into proper position, and then keeping it tight.


try to start each set w/ wedge, use light and paused tng for the remaining reps

225 x 6 double over
245 x 5 r/u
265 x 4 l/u
285 x 3 double over - grip was iffy
305 x 2 r/u - last rep quick descent
325 x 1 l/u  - slow grind, quick descent.  My son said the weight moved to the right in the middle of the ascent.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Light SQ, SW, GU

Some SQ to start the day

Everything very deep, pause, exhale, re-pressurize, come back up

GS: 24 kg x 5
GS: bw only x 5
FS: 95 lbs x 5
GS: 16 kg x 1 w/ 5 curls
HBSQ: 95 lbs x 7

Stood w/ 5-ft bar on my back for 3:00, did some 1-leg DL type movements, walked around a bit.


SW: 44 kg, 2h, 5 reps x 4 sets on long rests

GU: 4 kg, 4 alternating singles, bell on right side first, but done closer together today than yesterday.  Still playing with form and cues for my modified getup.

Recovery - GU, MP, PU, SN

Today, Monday, April 16

AM: getups w/ 4 kg, alternating singles, bell on right side first, 5 each way.

Experimenting with rolling over the down leg into a b-squat position, so far, liking it.



MP: 16 kg, various singles, doubles, and triples w/o putting the bell down, supersetted w/ Archer pullups in pairs (one each side)

SN: 16 kg x 10L, rest, 10R

Monday, April 16, 2018

Meet Results for April 14, 2018

April 14, 2018, Saturday - BP and DL at APF meet in Tribes Hill, NY.

Disappointing results:

BP: 165, 175, fail at 180

DL: 315, 335, fail at 360

First BP in a decade or more, also learning I need to stop taking 3 DL's - have taken 3 each of the last several meets and failed at every third attempt.  Also weighed in same day and at USAPL weight of 66 kg (145.5 lbs.)

Thursday, April 12, 2018


Been taking time off for the upcoming meet.  I had kicked around the idea of making it a low-key meet and therefore not tapering, but not doing my best at a meet just isn't in my nature, so we're in the midst of a nice stretch of very little lifting.

Last lifting was a week ago, so this is a 10-day-or-so taper.


BP: 135 x 2, 1 and 165, my planned meet opener, x 1

DL, all with competition (l/u and r/o) grip

225 x 3 tng
275 x 1
315 x 1

Wednesday, April 4, 2018



short walk


GS: 24 kg x 3, 36 kg x 2

BP: week 3, session 1

95 x 5
115 x 3
135 x 4
145 x 3
165 x 1

Planned: 135 x 3, 115 x 2
Actual: 135 x 9

DL, Ab Wheel


DL: bar on 4" blocks

reps w/ same weight done w/ standup reset and a few breaths between

225 x 1 r/u
225 x 1, 1 l/u - needed to push harder w/ left foot, hence 2nd rep

275 x 1 r/u
275 x 1 l/u

315 x 1 r/u
315 x 1 l/u

370 x 1 r/u
370 x 1 l/u - tiring but doable

390 x fail x r/u - lower back felt fatigued, didn't even bother to complete getting weight off the blocks.  Felt tired even approaching the bar.  Just couldn't get tight.  Next time, 375, 380, or 385 for more than 2 reps will be the goal - this is too heavy after 370, and maybe too heavy, period.  I think 375 would be prudent.

OHP: stick x 20

Wheel: 4th step, standing x 5 singles

Monday, April 2, 2018


BP: - might go 2, 1, 3 this week, week #3


Rings: StC + FL x 1

95 x 4 - middle fingers on rings, as usual of the last week or so
115 x 3
135 x 5
145 x 3
165 x 2
135 x 3
115 x 4 - index fingers on rings
95 x 3 - pinkies on rings

Friday, March 30, 2018



95 x 4
115 x 3
135 x 5
145 x 2
165 x 1

Finish was 135 x 3, 115 x 4, 135 x 3, instead did

135 x 6
115 x 12



raining outside

SW about OTM as

44 kg x 2h x 5
24 kg x L x 5
24 kg x R x 5
44 kg x 2h x 6
24 kg x L x 7
24 kg x R x 8

More swings than I've done in a while, and they all felt good, albeit a little foreign.  Enough for today.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

BP, DL Rack pulls

Short walk


95 x 5
115 x 3
135 x 5
145 x 2
165 x 1
135 x 5
115 x 3
135 x 4
115 x 3
95 x 12

DL rack pulls

Experimenting with setup still.  2" DL block + 3/4" ply under bar on each side, 3 sheets of 3/4" ply for 2-1/4 under feet, so start is off by about 1/2 inch.  Also went w/ 225 on bar, might even need to go heavier.

Did 5 or 6 reps, last one was best - 6 seconds is a long time!


Tuesday, March 27, 2018

DL and Variety

Rings: Dip x 2

DL - 4" shortened ROM via blocks

315 x 1, 1 r/u
385 x 1, 1 l/u - thought about a third, approached bar, but was too tired in lower back.  Going on 3-4 min rest.  385 is 105% of last June's 365, and 109% of February's 353.


1APU: lf, on 10" box x 1

MP:: a stick x 17 reps, just looking for form and posture and no shoulder discomfort

Monday, March 26, 2018


Today, Monday

Tired, no walk

MP: see-saw, 16 kg x 2, felt weak and tight, just a few reps, perhaps 4-5 each side

Rings: StC + FL x 1

BP:- week #2, session #3 - ugh, 15 sets, NL = 61, I think
Week #2 is the biggest week of the cycle, and session #3 the heaviest session of both the week and the cycle

95 x 5
115 x 3
135 x 5
145 x 4
165 x 2

135 x 4
115 x 4
95 x 6
165 x 1
135 x 5
115 x 4
135 x 5
115 x 4

135 x 5

95 x 4

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Rings, Ab Wheel (standing), DL


short walk


Rings: StC + FL x 1 - getting better, holding longer, still not flat but angle is improving, and my focus is on adding time at this angle before proceeding to holding my feet lower.

Standing Ab Wheel: top end of board on 4th step x 2, 1 to pretty full extension w/ pause

DL - variety DL

225 x 5 l/u - reset at bottom

225 x 5 r/u - reset at bottom

275 x 1 l/u - practicing competition setup to not be so long at bar before starting lift, also remembering to push hard on left foot when left hand is underhand, otherwise bar comes up unevenly.
275 x 1 r/u - same setup, but slower

315 x 1 l/u - same - I think pushing on the ball of the foot makes a difference
315 x 1 r/u - same

Friday, March 23, 2018


yesterday, nothing

Today, Friday


Goblet SQ @ 24 kg x 5, 5
FSQ @ 2 x 24 kg x 5


95 x 5
115 x 5 (combining planned 3 and 2 at end of session)
135 x 4
145 x 3
165 x 1
135 x 3

HBBS: 95 x 4, paused, prying


Yesterday, Tuesday, DL rack pulls - 2-1/4" ROM, 3 singles x 2 sets

Today, walk

SW: 24 kg x 1h x lf x 4 sets

BP: week 1, session 3 - NL = 40

95 x 5
115 x 3
135 x 5
145 x 3
165 x 2 - first time for 165 x 2, got hand-off and spotters
165 x 1 - again hand-off and spotters
145 x 2
135 x 4
115 x 4
135 x 3
115 x 3
95 x 5

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

BP (wk 1 #1), Health/DL @ 4" to 383 lbs.



Rings: StC + FL x 1

BP - latest PS cycle, thank you, John!
This week will be 1, 3, 2

95 x 4
115 x 2
135 x 5
145 x 2
165 x 1
115 x 2

Health/DL -

DL w/ weights elevated 4", all quick negatives

225 x 1, 1 double over
295 x 1 double over
361 x 1 r/u (+15 kg plates = 66 lbs.)
383 x 1 l/u (+5 kg plates = 22 lbs.) - stand tall for a while at lockout
405 x fail l/u (again + 22 lb) - felt lower back just give up.  Nothing broken/torn/whatever, stopped right away, but I could just feel it didn't want to bear this load, even from 4" off the floor.

Very interesting, first time for these, probably best to try for 383-ish next time but for more than one single

Also was after BP, maybe better to put these on a day by themselves next week.

Saturday, March 17, 2018


Today, Saturday;

Big DL Day.  Week #3, session #4, 39 lifts in 9 sets.  29 DL's may be a person record for a training day.

225 x 5 double over, paused tng
275 x 3 double over, paused tng
225 x 4 r/u, singles w/ quick negative and quick reset at bottom (didn't let go of bar)
275 x 2 r/u, singles w/ quick negative and quick reset at bottom (didn't let go of bar)

305 x 1 l/u
340 x 1 l/u - spent too long setting up at the bottom, lift went but was slow and left side lagged

225 x 9 - double over, singles w/ quick negative and quick reset at bottom (didn't let go of bar)

Subbed out 275 x 4 for the following two sets
285 x 2 - l/u w/ quick negative and quick reset at bottom (didn't let go of bar)
265 x 2 - r/u w/ quick negative and quick reset at bottom (didn't let go of bar)


Yesterday, Friday:


BP 1RM test

95 x 3
135 x 2
155 x 1
175 x 1
185 x fail - probably not enough rest before this one

Later, worked w/ my son and some of his friends, did a bunch of swings, some Zercher SQ, some barbell cleans and FSQ.

Thursday, March 15, 2018



DL: week 3, session #2

225 x 5 double over, paused tng

275 x 6 as singles l/u (favored grip), reset at the bottom, all pretty good although breathing was harder by the end

225 x 5 r/u



BP, Week 3, session 3 (this week is 2, 3, 1)

95 x 7
125 x 5
135 x 5
145 x 2
160 x 1
135 x 6
125 x 5
135 x 3
125 x 5

All w/ no rest other than to change the weights, then stand at the rack and take 3 breaths, then have at it again.  By the end, I was near my limits to finish the reps, but that's OK, I think.  This is likely the most BP I've even done in a single session.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Rings, DL



Rings: StC + FL x 1


225 x 3 hover
225 x 2 hover
275 x 3 quick singles with reset at bottom
225 x 3 hover - various grips on hovers

Monday, March 12, 2018

Rings, BP, DL

Monday, March 12, 2018

Breathing walk + jog

BP - week 3, session 2 (plan is 2, 3, 1 this week)

DL - week 3, session 3 (plan is 3, 1, 2, 4 this week)

95 x 6
125 x 6
135 x 6
145 x 1
160 x 1
135 x 5
125 x 4

OHP: just a stick for a few reps

SQ: HBBS - 95 lbs. x 5 good reps, paused and exhaled at the bottom, fighting with right knee to stay out and winning the fight, I think - will need video to confirm.

225 x 7 - as singles w/ standup reset, x 3 r/u, x 3 l/u, x 1 double over.  Hover on the way up, getting better at finding spot.

275 x 4 - as above, x 2 r/u and x 2 /lu

305 x 1 r/u

275 x 3 x 1 r/u, x 2 l/u

225 x 7 as x 6 r/u w/ paused tng, x 1 l/u - had planned to do double overhand but did this instead.