Thursday, October 30, 2014

Burned out so easy: 20 kg c&p, 16 kg snatch

Feeling pretty burned out from yesterday's deadlifts.


20 kg: c&p x 2L, 2R, 2L, 2R w/ no break, c&p x 3L, 3R

16 kg: snatch 10L + 10R - haven't done snatches in forever, trying to keep bell close on the way up and have a straight flip over on the way down.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Heaviest DL Day, so DL only, 305 x 3 singles (6 were planned)

Walk about 2 mi, not much stretching

DL - again, trying to stay flatter in the back and more upright.

225 x 3 double over

275 x 1 double over

305 x 6 singles as

left over x 1, short rest, right over x 1

longer rest

right over x 1, short rest, left over x fail

longer rest

left over x fail again, albeit hung out there for longer

Prudence dictates that I stop here for today.  CNS is fried from that last attempt.

Just felt like I couldn't push hard against the ground, and it felt like the new form.  Watched the video - shaky legs.  Taking the 2nd rep after only short rest was the beginning of my problems today, and the 3rd rep was shaky.  The 4th failed after about 2 second, and the next attempt took about 6 seconds.


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Qigong, Walk, Warmup for DL but postpone

AM: walk 2 mi, short qigong including crane pistol each side, first time I'd done a pistol in the last week or so.

PM:  OHS w/ stick, 40 kg 2-hand swings x 8 or so, ZDL 145 x 3 touch-n-go - first time I can remember doing multiple reps of the ZDL.  Dear Abbies were tired by the end, felt like they might cramp but they didn't.

DL:  was going to do 5th day of plan today, but I am tired and my back is tired, so I will wait until tomorrow.  Not 100% sure this is the right choice but better more than enough rest compared to too little rest.

Monday, October 27, 2014

DL 285 x 8 singles

Sunday - still at SFG-II, no DL today - will take the rest day and also have a decent drive to get home tonight.

Monday - walk 2 mi to warmup.

Double kb press: 10 kg x 2 bells x 2 reps, 16 kg x 2 bells x 2, x 2 again and walk a few steps.  First 16 kg double started to push on bad nerve/disc in back, fixed it for second set and walk.

These are for postural purposes, not for strength.

DL: 230 x 1 (what was on the bar) overhand, 285 x 8 singles - trying to keep the stiffer upper back that Jeremy Layport and Phil Scarito were talking about, tough as the weight starts to approach what my legs can do.  4 double over, then alternated over/under for the last four.

Saturday, October 25, 2014


At SFG Level II, where I am teaching this weekend

Friday:  DL 250 x 12 singles as over, left over, right over x 4.  Warmup ZDL 135, 155

Saturday: DL 270 x 10 singles as 6 over, rest alternating left over, right over.  Warmup ZDL 145, 165


Thursday, October 23, 2014


No lifting yesterday but did get to walk a couple of mile.  Raining today pretty hard so no walk.

Brief bit of stretching then

24 kg swing, 5L+5R, break, 5R+5L

ZDL: 135 x 1, 145 x 1

DL: 230 x 15 singles.  To make counting easier, I did 1 overhand, 1 left over, 1 right over, and did that 3 times for 15 total

That's it for today - time to go to SFG Level II in Philly.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Yesterday, 3 hours of driving, so just some stretching, qigong on the front porch, and a bit of walking.

Today, Tuesday, a bit of walking, a bit of stretching, then

Zercher DL: 135 x 1 - haven't done these in a while, x 1 again - better

SQ: Steinborn from left, 135 x 8, steinborn down on left.  Left knee feels a little funny, must not have been tracking well.

BP: Incline, bar x 5, 95 x 5 - good!  That's 4th notch above flat

BP: 2nd notch above flat, 95 x 5, 115 x 5

BP: 1st notch above flat, 115 x 5, 135 x 3 - getting tired

DL: 225 x 5, soft touch-n-go, 225 x 5 singles, all double overhand, total 10 singles, up from 6 two days ago, good.

Enough for today!

Sunday, October 19, 2014


The past week was busy - rehearsal Monday night, lesson Tuesday, off Wednesday, rehearsal Thursday, concert Friday, and a busy day on Saturday as well - plus all my usual work things.  I did qigong a few times, walked some, and am happy to have had a good concert and feeling ready to get into lifting in earnest agian.

Next planned meet is 8 weeks from now, on December 14.


Walk 2 mi., stretch a little

SQ: empty bar from racks x 20

SW: 24 kg x 20

FSQ: empty bar x 8

SQ: Steinborn Right, 135 lbs. x fail - had to get my wife and son to help me from under the bar.

SQ: Steinborn Right, 135 lbs. x 5 - tried to stay tighter, also tried a PL style squat which I don't care for as much but it's probably what I should do <sigh>

BP: Slight Incline (first notch on my bench, bar in rear hooks, 115 lbs x 3, 5, index fingers on rings for all

BP: Less Incline (bar on 2nd notch above flat), bar still in rear hooks, 115 lbs. x 3

BP: Incline (bar on 4th notch above flat, almost vertical), 65 x 5

BP: Incline (bar on 4th notch above flat, almost vertical), 85 x 5

MP: (standing) - empty bar x 5, 65 x 5, 85 x 3 - starting to lean back a little, I think, and also tired from all the pressing today

DL: 225 x 6 singles as 1, 2, 3 - short rest at bottom between "reps" in each "set" - all singles

Enough for today

Monday, October 13, 2014

Meet Report, plus today

Took it easy all last week, just walking and qigong on the front porch, this in advance of the USAWA meet

Meet Report – USAWA meet on October 12 in Ambridge, PA, near Pittsburgh.  The meet director was Art Montini, age 87 and still lifting.  He hosts this meet as “Art’s Birthday Bash” every year – this was my first one.
Format was informal – you called Art or one of the other judges over when you wanted a lift refereed.  You picked your own lifts since the USAWA has hundreds of them – basically, you picked lifts in which you thought your could break or set a US or World Record.  You kept your own paperwork, writing down your attempts and success/fail.  My wife was nice enough to come with me and she kept mine in order.
My category: M55+, 70 kg.
1.  Steinborn Lift – existed WR was 75 kg, which I broke.  I went 60, 70, 80 kg, all good.
2.  Inman Mile – no one has ever completed, partial attempts are kept in the record books for distance.  You walk with 150% BW on a bar on your back.  I covered 113 meters, which will be the first American entry in the books, and set a record for my age/weight where none had existed.
3.  Hip Lift – 1st attempt – 810 lbs., good.  2nd attempt: 1020 lbs., fail.  3rd attempt, 1020 lbs, good.  This set a record for my age/weight where none had existed.
4.  Jefferson Lift (a straddle-the-bar deadlift): 1st attempt: 275 lbs, good.  2nd attempt: 315 lbs, also good.  WR was/is 175 kg – did not break that but set an American record where none had existed.
5.  Jefferson Lift, 2″ bar: 1st attempt: 230 lbs, good.  2nd attempt: 280 lbs., also good.  Set a WR were none had exists.
6.  Kennedy Lift – a new lift in the USAWA (not sure if it’s IAWA) – it’s a straddle Health Lift, a deadlift done from in the rack with pins set at 18″ (or lower).  I did several attempts at this, alternating with John McKean, a man who holds hundres of IAWA records.  We both did the same and got them all: 225, 275, 315, 405.  Since the lift is new, these were all World records.
A very good day, very nice people, and something I hope to make an annual event.  Broke 1 WR, set 4 more and set 1 American record.

Today, had more driving to do, so just some short walks, stretching, and light windmills and bent presses with various implements including a 10 kg kettlebell and an empty, 30 lb., 5 foot bar

Monday, October 6, 2014

Return to regular routine, meet minus 6 days

Friday - swing+press for 2 sets, drive a bunch, 3 hour service

Sat - walk 2 mi, all day services

Sun - walk 2 mi, drive home

Mon - walk 2 mi, qigong on the front proch, swing + press for 2 sets.  Took a lot of stretching to get the body working today, including floor work on the black mats in the old basement but pistols were solid.

Biggest concern is that I weigh 156 lb. this morning and I need to be 154 or lighter on Sunday

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Straddle DL w/ 2" bar

Walk about 2 mi

24 kg:

00::00 Swing 10L, clean on last rep, press 2x
01:00 Repeat Right, pause overhead on last rep for stretch, push chest forward
2:15 Repeat Left, again pause at end
3:30 Repeat Right, same format, and done

5 Hard Style Plank Pushups - been doing these lately, just a set or two of 5, major focus is on hollow at the shoulder and t-spine (the rest comes more naturally to me).

PU: 3 bell on left foot, 3 bell on right foot.  Focus is on touching bar below Adam's Apple.  First set, got two reps that way, 3rd rep touched at Adam's Apple, stopped the set there.  Second set (done after 5 min rest), same.

2" bar straddle DL:

225 x 3 left front, touch-n-go, 3 right front also touch-n-go, short rest between

5-10 min rest

260 x 2 left, 2 right, as above, almost lost 2nd set w/ left hand, which was n back, but managed to put it down mostly under control, kept both hands on the bar

280 x 1 left front, failed right front

Will come back and add video links later.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Walk, short swing/press

Walk about 2 mi.

Short on time, so:

24 kg - swing 10L, clean to rack on 11th rep, press 2 times, short pause, repeat on right side