Wednesday, November 30, 2016

kb MP, GU, SW

Variety Wednesday - feeling tired from Mon/Tue of the same, relatively new lifts


24 kg kb MP x 4 lf, superset PU @ bw + 16 kg on left foot x 2
24 kg kb MP x 3 lf, superset PU @ bw + 16 kg on right foot x 2


GU: bw x 2 left(down side), x 2 right
6 kg bell, as above, 2 each way
6 kg bell - full range getup x 1 each way, knees not happy but need to do this every once in a while


SW: 24 kg, 10's on the :60, lf, chest high (arm parallel to ground), focus on lat involvement - packed shoulder at the top.  Lockout is improving, finding balance issues on right as technique improves.  Best swing workout in a long time, nose breathing for all recovery although I suspect HR higher than recommended, going 10's @ 24kg on the minute felt like _lots_ of rest.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

SW, GU, OAP, Pistol, BP, OHP

Rake leaves for about 3/4 hour

Swing: 32 kg:

00:00 - 10L
00:45 - 10R

01:45 - 10L
02:30 - 10R

enough for now, more later - break

Swing: 24 kg:

00:00 - 15L
01:00 - 15R
02:00 - 10L
03:00 - 10R - 90 swings today


GU: 3 alternating singles bw-only, 3L/3R w/ 4 kg - feels the same as bw-only, felt good to do a few consecutive reps on each side.  All reps to hand today

OAP - 2L, 2R, 2L, 2R on my bench+box setup.  2nd set better, but doing these on my left side plays with my bad disc.

Pistol: 6 kg: 1L, 1R, 1L, 1R - second set better, need to work very hard at these right now, have been away from them for too long.

BP: 115 x 5, 5 - second set felt easy.

OHP: 75 x 4, 6

Monday, November 28, 2016

SW, BP, OHP, Pistol and elevated 1APushup

Friday, some Dragon Flag and L-sit Pullups in a park, and lots of sitting and driving.

Saturday, 1 set of presses w/ 24 kg x 4 each side, some walking

Sunday, nothing but taught

Monday, today:

GU: bw singles to hand and elbow, also use a 4 kg kb, just getting used to this movement again.

SW: 24 kg x 10L/R/L/R on the :45, only 40 total but form feeling better.

Pistol: A few partial pistols holding a 6 kg bell

OAP: Some 1-arm pushup experiments, hand on a standard bench - I want even less of challenge to start these, will revisit with a box on the bench or similar

Pistol: a decent, rock-bottom pistol with 6 kg, left first.  Ugh, rude, will continue to build on this.

OAP: put a box on a bench, roughly groin height, 2L, 2R

BP: 115 lb. x 5, 5 - put on Oly shoes to make it less slippery and to make my legs longer

SQ: high bar back sq, 65 lb. x 10 in Oly shoes - it's a little weird in these shoes

OHP: 75 lb x 3 (feeling tired), 3 (better, focus on glutes)

Thursday, November 24, 2016


Thursday, Thanksgiving



GU: bw to elbow: 3L, 3R, 1L, 1R

Swing: 24 kg, 10's on the:45, lf.  Total 80, in 5:45 (10 x 3/4 min would equal = 7.5 min for 100 - 10's on the :40 would be about a minute less, 10's on the :30 would be 5:00)

As always, lockout is the issue for me.

BP: 105 lb. x 10 - up from 8 yesterday

OHP: 65 lb. x 10 - up from 8 yesterday

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Swiing, BP, OHP, PU, 2KBFSQ

Busy teaching day, up early:

Breathing walk, grab backpack and walk to grocery store, and back

During short break in teaching:

Swing:  28 kg, 10's on the :45, rf, 60 total, working on taller spine and better lockout


NB: Next week, want to try OHP first and then BP

BP: 95 lb x 10, 105 lb x 8

OHP: 55 lb x 10, 65 lb x 8


PU: bw + 16 kg R x 3

FSQ: 2 x 24 kg x 5 - yes, this is a good exercise, OMG

PU: bw + 16 kg L x 3

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


9 AM - bw getups, total 5: 3 to elbow, 2 to hand, plus support position pauses w/ straight leg off the ground.

also bw bent arm bars with anatomical breathing (as I like to do)

also cossack sequence with trying to loosen up my neck

Swing:  24 kg, H2H, total 26

4 PM

00:00 1R x 15 @ 24 kg
01:00 1L x 15 @ 24 kg

extra minute's rest

3:00 1R x 10
4:00 1L x 10

Total 50 swings now, 76 for the day

Doorway (vertical) 1-arm pushup, 5 right, 5 left

BP: 95 lb

x 5 pause and exhale
x 5 pause a couple of seconds
x 6 pause 1 sec

OHP:  bar x 8,  55 x 5 - pinching bad disc, stopped

PU: bw + 16 kg (foot) x 1R, 1L

OHP: 55 x 8 - felt the disc issue start again around rep #5, the fix is super clenching the glutes.

MP: 24 kg x 2

WM: bw x 1R/L, 10 kg x 1R/L - L/R works better w/ weight although I don't know why.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Fun stuff, feeling out new program

Monday, November 21, 2016

Last two weeks off for taper and recovery for/from November 12 meet, pulled 350 lbs.

Did some one-arm pushups standing vertical at a doorway, just to get a feel for the movement again.


32 kg

00:00 2h x 15 in about :25
01:00 2h x 15

extra minute's rest

3:00 2h x 10
4:00 2h x 10

Total 50 swings

Getup: to elbow x 3L, 3R

Roll: roll backwards over left shoulder x 1, right shoulder x 1

BP: 95 lb x 4

OHP:   bar x 8

MP: 24 kg x 2, 3 - yesterday, pressed 28 kg for a single each side, so happy, after that and then some bar work today, just to do this

Pistol: some play at bw positive from the steps.  Continue to try to teach left side, always my weaker at these, by modeling what I do on my right, where things just happen better.

Friday, November 4, 2016



Walk, no pressing, some stretching

DL, all conventional

275 x 1, 1 double overhand

305 x 1 double overhand

340 x 1, 1 right under, x 1 left under - all were slow, 2nd and 3rd reps were shakier than the 1st, which was also shaky.  Still, only one day's rest before this - bodes well for something decent at the meet, especially since last meet was only 330.

This was DDD #42, last heavy day before the meet in 8 days.  BW was 152 even this morning, good enough for today.


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Swing, Press, DL

Tuesday:  shorter but relatively brisk walk - felt easy and flowing but felt faster than usual by a little


28 kg: 10L + 10 R no break in about :40

on 2:00 (1:20 rest)

40 kg x 2h x 15



( 22.27 kg x 4, 24 kg x 3, 28 kg x 1 ) x 2

Break to teach

22.27 kg x 3, 24 kg x 3
22.27 kg x 4, 24 kg x 4
22.27 kg x 5


275 - 2 w/ reset at bottom, rest, 3 w/ reset at bottom.