Monday, December 30, 2019


No lifting Sunday

Today, Monday - last night was the first night without medicine, save for a cough drop. Not out of the woods altogether yet but every day, a little better.

GU: 12 kg x 4 alternating singles, rf, 14 kg x 1 each side - 14 kg was pretty solid and this will be our new weight.

Saturday, December 28, 2019


Wednesday, in the car on the way to PA:

C&P: 20 kg x 3, 5, 4 at turnpike rest stop

still sick, so no lifting Thursday or Friday.

Today, Saturday:

GU: 12 kg x 1 each way but with a bunch of presses before first rep

SN: Q&D-ish, but way too out of breath, 4 series starting left, 10/2 w/ 20 kg, total 80 reps

Tuesday, December 24, 2019


Lost my voice and have a head cold of some sort.

No lifting, as planned, on Saturday or Sunday, but cancelled a few other things as rest seemed to be what I needed most

Today, Monday, is the first day I've had a voice since last Wednesday or so. Did

GU: 12 kg x 2 alternating singles, rf - these are getting better

SN: Q&D-ish, on the porch in decent-for-December weather

Series 1 - alternating L/R/L/R as a warmup

Series 2 - left at 4:00

Series 3 - right at 8:00

Previous SN session was the first w/ all 20 kg, so an increase of 50% in volume for today, and form with this weight is improving - times are slightly quicker - still slow but slightly quicker, still don't trust my own grip on the left completely

Friday, December 20, 2019


Feeling a bit under the weather, didn't have much voice yesterday but did have a stuffy nose.


GU: 12 kg x 3 alternating singles, extra floor presses at the beginning


SN: Q&D-ish, 20 kg, 4 x 5 reps series left, and on 4:00, the same right, and done. First time all 20 kg SN


Thursday - very cold outside, no walk

GU: 12 kg, several just to elbow, then 3 alternating singles rf

MP: 20 kg, need 15 reps (3 x 1-2) for medium day each side, so, lf: 3, 5, 5, 3 = 16 total

Wednesday, December 18, 2019


Today, Wednesday, basically a day off planned from lifting.

Feeling a tiny bit under the weather - not really bad, but my voice sounds funny/low

Was pretty toasted feeling last night, went to sleep early, feel much better today

First time this go-'round for 12 kg getup

GU: 12 kg x 2 alternating singles, right up first. In a lot of ways more solid feeling than the lighter weight.

No press today

DL: 120 kg x 3 double over, x 3 r/u, x 3 l/u - all reset at bottom - these feel light, more like 100 kg than 120.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019


Today, Tuesday, miserable cold, rain/snow/sleet

walk during a bit of a break in the precipitation

SN: Q&D style

lf, a series of 5/4 each side

lf, a series of 10/2 each side

Was having all sorts of computer network and wifi issues, didn't do getups today

Monday, December 16, 2019


Not much save getups on Friday for the period Fri-Sat-Sun, very busy, and very tired

Today, Monday

GU: 10 kg, lf, 5 alternating singles each way. NB: tried my usual, right side up first, but got a cramp in my right hamstring, so started on the left side and was fine to do everything else straight through.

long break

SW: 24 kg x 10L, 10R, longer rest, x 10R, 10L. Q&D-ish format although didn't use a clock. Came inside to finish something between each 2 x 10 series.

C&P: on 5:00 again, first time for 5 x 1-2-3 and thus first weekly heavy day, hand swap on the fly as of late, with exceptions noted below

00:00 1L/R
00:45 2L/R
02:00 3L/R

05:00 1L/R
05:45 2L/R
07:00 3L/R

10:00 6L - changing it up a little, ladder as single rung
11:00 6R - obviously bell down between, about :25 on the floor, last few reps slower

15:00 lL/R - changing it up again, 2 ladders as 1 ladder/pyrmamid of 5 rungs
15:45 2L/R
17:00 3L/R
19:00 4L/R - bell briefly down between hands, right was great for 2 reps and slower for 2 reps
21:30 2L/R

For next time, plan to try more than 1 ladder to 4, and to continue to switch on the fly for rungs of 1-2-3 and set bell down for rungs of 4 (and eventually 5).


110 kg x 3 r/u, x 3 l/u
120 kg x 2 r/u, x 2 l/u

Saturday, December 14, 2019


Today, Thursday

GU: 10 kg, rf, 4 alternating singles. Timed a fast and a slow one. 3rd set, about 30-35 seconds for fast, and 1:15-1:20 for slow.

walk short-ish

SW: 20 kg x 5L, 5R

C&P: on 5:00, down from on 8:00 two days ago - excellent - and 1 more ladder, too now 4 x 1-2-3

00:00 1L/R
00:45 2L/R
02:00 3L/R

05:00 1L/R
05:45 2L/R
07:00 3L/R

10:00 1L/R
10:45 2L/R
12:00 3L/R

15:00 lL/R
15:45 2L/R
17:00 3L/R

Thursday, December 12, 2019


Yesterday, Wednesday - short walk but no exercise, tired from Mon/Tue and also pretty busy

Today, Thursday:

GU: 10 kg x 2 alternating singles, right side weight up first. Ugh but getting better, and 10 kg is heavier than 8 kg so we're progressing. Still very shaky overhead at lockout, due, I believe, to the position being the end of my ROM.

long walk of about an hour.


00:00 16 kg x 10, 10 R
03:30 x 10, 10 L

07:00 x 16 kg x 10 R, 20 kg x 10 R
10:30 x 16 kg x 10 L, 20 kg x 10 L

14:00 - as with 0:00 series

Total 120 reps, 20 reps @ 20 kg

Tuesday, December 10, 2019


Today, Tuesday


GU: 8 kg x 2 alternating singles, rf

GU: 10 kg x 2 alternating singles, rf - really didn't feel much different than 8 kg

C&P: 20 kg x 1-2-3 on 8:00 x 4 (at 0:00, 8:00, 16:00, and 24:00) as:

on 0:00 - 1L/R
on 1:00 - 2L/R
on 3:00 - 3L/R

Second ladder, switched sides w/o putting bell down.
Right side is slower than left.

For the last ladder, focused on more up and less out to the side, especially on the right side, and that eliminated a click in my right shoulder

Directions for this sort of timing are:

Start at 0, lift rung of 1, wait until elapsed time is 0+1 1:00
start at 1:00, lift rung of 2, wait until elapsed time is 1+2 = 3:00
start at 3:00, lift rung of 3, wait until elapsed time is 3+3 = 6:00

==> Lifting took ~4, start next ladder at 8:00 elapsed - this if ladders to 3

start at 6:00, lift rung of 4, wait until elapsed time is 6+4 = 10:00

==> Lifting took ~7:00, start next ladder at 14:00 (or 15:00) - this if ladders to 4

start at 10:00, lift rung of 5

==> Lifting took ~11:00, start next ladder at 22:00 (or 20:00 or 25:00) - this if ladders to 5

DL: 110 kg x 6 singles, starting r/u and alternating, somewhat controlled negative, in 4:30 elapsed

Monday, December 9, 2019


No lifting Saturday or Sunday. Busy weekend.

Today, Monday:


GU: 8 kg x 2 alternating singles. Improving.

SN: 16 kg, Q&D format, 160 total reps, a recent PR. Getting stronger and these are getting easier.

The loose plan is sometimes 3 strength days, Mon/Wed/Fri, and 2 ballistics day, Tue/Thu, which is what I did last week, or the opposite, which will be this week. Tentatively the week's SN will be 160 (today), 120 (Wed) and 80 (Fri).

Friday, December 6, 2019


Today, Friday


GU: 8 kg x 4 alternating singles, starting with right arm up. Took a bit of break between 3rd and 4th.

Thursday, December 5, 2019


Today, Thursday

GU: 8 kg x 1R, 1L, only to position after sweep, spend some time there.

SN: 16 kg, Q&D, sorta: 6 series, starting left, of 10+10, outside on porch - cold, windy, hands sorta numb

Wednesday, December 4, 2019



GU: 8 kg x 3 alternating singles. Getting better

MP: 20 kg x 1-2-3, 1-2-3 - we'll call this medium day

DL: 110 kg x 4 alternating singles starting r/u, much quicker than two days ago.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019



GU x 1 each way, x 1 each way, switch which side went first. Tried rolling over leg, not good because back foot is straight.

SN: 16 kg, 5's alternating hands on the :30 for 5 min, total 50 reps. After SN yesterday, this was enough.

Monday, December 2, 2019

GU, Light SN, C&P, DL

Thursday was Thanksgiving - walk, also Friday and Saturday, a few getups with dumbbells and a few dips thrown in.

Yesterday, Sunday, big performing day

Today, Monday:

1GU, lf this time, 8 kg

SN: 16 kg x 40 non-stop, 10L/R/L/R

C&P: 20 kg x 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3

DL: 110 kg x 4 singles on standup rests of probably ~2 min, r/u first then alternating grips. Nice, haven't done in a few weeks