Thursday, March 31, 2016

Light Straddle DL, more PU

A couple of walks today, and tired from 3 days in a row of lifting, so

Straddle DL: 135 x 5 right in front, 5 left in front, both touch-n-go

12 kg: press x 2, windmill x 1 R/L

PU: bw, 12 - finally, and just had to keep doing reps to get this far, 6 - disappointing, but not enough time to rest between sets

Another walk.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016



235 x 2 singles, right over (warmup)

275 x 2 singles, left over (work)

255 x 5, touch-n-go, double overhand (backoff)

PU: 10, all AA to above or to

SN: 20 kg, 8L+8R in about :50, no more for today

3rd training day in a row, am taking it easy on PU and SN, so

Rest 5:00

SN: 18 kg, 16L+16R in 1:30

Handle on 18 kg is much smoother, makes this easier, not just the weight.

Tomorrow needs to be 3 sets of PU, at least

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Quickie DL/PU/SN

Quickie session between students

DL: 235 x 3 singles double over

PU: 4, clavicle to bar and pause

SN: 20 kg, 7L/R, short break, 5R/L - still not right in t-spine when swinging back on right side, but perhaps improving.

Monday, March 28, 2016

A little DL, PU, SN

I am feeling under-exercised since the car accident, so I'm going to try to do a little something every day this week.  Kept the volume moderate today, hope to do similar tomorrow

DL:  225 x 2 singles left over, 225 x 3 singles right over, rest, 255 x 1 double over, rest, 275 x 1 left over

PU:  bw x 10, 8

SN: 18 kg, up from 16 kg, doesn't really feel much different.  Tried 10 on the :60 so 10L, 10R, x 3, 60 reps in 5:30.

Thursday, March 24, 2016


Was going to lift yesterday, Wednesday, but perhaps because of the ice cream sundae my wife and I shared on Tuesday night, I didn't feel good yesterday so I put off the workout until today.

DL: 255 x 5 singles on short rest, alternating grips.  Today, left over and right under felt better - go figure.  Started with that and alternated every rep.

PU:  all AA over the bar: 10, 8

SN: 16 kg:

pulse still high from PU, did on the :60: 7L/R, 7R/L, 7L/R - smoked, stopped.  Everything good but pulse/wind.  Still nose breathing but just didn't want to do more.  Only 42 reps but 16/min.

Monday, March 21, 2016


DL: narrow sumo,

225, right over and left under x 3 singles - felt good - this seems, from reviewing old competition footage of me lifting, to be my favored grip.

255, left over and right under x 3 singles - felt this grip is awkward and especially weak off the floor

PU: trying two sets today, so 7, rest 5:00, then 8 - good, and big, increase in total volume from 9 in a single set last workout.  Using a slightly false grip again.

SN:  16 kg

Alternated 6+5 R/L and L/R on the :60 for 8 sets so 88 in 7:30 that way, then on the last :60, 10L+10R w/ no break, total 108 reps in 8:45.  Last time was 80 reps in 7:30 for 10.67 reps/min, this time for 12.3 reps/min.  Faster pace, greater volume today.  Newbie/returnee gains for sure but I'm pleased.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

A more sensible training day

Monday, overdid it.

DL: 225 x 1, 275 x 1, 300 x 1 - 300 was too heavy, back sore afterwards

PU: bw, 8 reps

SN: 14 kg, 10L/R on the :60 for 2 sets

First DL session in a couple of weeks, just went stupid heavy, also did alternate grip for the first time in months, just not smart.

Tuesday was still sore, Wednesday almost as good as new.  Today, Thursday:

DL:  narrow sumo

135 x 1 each over/under grip,

(225 x 1 each over/under grip) x 2

PU: - used a kettlebell to get a better height at which to grab the bar, got a partial false grip, felt good.

SN: 16 kg, alternate 5L/R w/ 5R/L on the :60, total 80 reps in 7:30, all nose-breathing,which is pretty cool

Friday, March 11, 2016

More light snatches


14 kg: windmill, lf, 3

14: snatch, lf, 20L/R in 2:40, all nose-breathing, all biomechanical breathing, all one breath per rep, all good

14: snatch, lf, 20L/R in 1:40, all nose-breathing, all biomechanical breathing, all one breath per rep, all good, easier to get a good lockout and a good backswing at the faster pace.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Easy 14kg snatches

More easy stuff:

12 kg: windmill, lf, 2

14: snatch, 20L+20R at slow-to-moderate pace, 2:05, about 20/min pace

rest until 4:00

14: snatch, 15L+15R at slightly faster pace, 1:20 elapsed, 22.5/min pace

all nose breathing before, during, and after, although I found myself breathing anatomically for a few reps, corrected as soon as I noticed.


That will do it for today.

NB: - I didn't lockout properly, abs and glutes were lazy.  No adverse consequences - shoulders feel fine - but I want to fix that next time.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Registered replacment van at DMV yesterday.

Today, feel like it's all catching up with me from the accident and my busy schedule:

AM: walk

early PM:

ring row - heels on ground, facing ceiling, false grip, row as far as possible, hands touching chest, x 3.  Repeat with normal grip, couldn't get hands to chest

Windmill: 10 kg, lf, 4 each side

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

14 kg Snatch x 100

Today, Tuesday:

short walk

still easing back into lifting, noticed left shoulder was a little sore from 16 kg snatches yesterday, speculate that lockout position did not have a packed shoulder, will try to fix today

14 kg: snatch, lf, all nose-breathing only before, during, and after

2, 3, 5 w/ no breaks - total = 20


2, 3, 5 w/ no breaks - total = 40


3, 8 w/ no breaks - total = 62


18L+20R = 100 total

Monday, March 7, 2016

A Few Light Snatches

Was in an automobile accident on Tuesday, March 1 - went to hospital in neck brace but x-rays were negative.  I was quite shaken up, have also been very busy, so have taken time off from lifting.

Saturday, a set of 10 snatches each hand with a 10 kg bell.

Today, Monday, a set of 5 each side, left first, and then later 10 each side, right first and no break, with 16 kg.  Just enjoying loosening up with a light I haven't done in a long time.  I have issue that need solving - left shoulder needs to be better aligned at lockout, and groove on right side needs to be with a more bent elbow and closer to my body.