Monday, November 30, 2015

Press, DL, Press

Sunday - long, busy day

Monday, today:

AM short walk on errands + 2-hour drive to take Josh back to school

16/16: mil press, 6 - focused on form, felt better.  Not doing this for the pressing challenging so much as for the postural challenge of really locking out both arms, shoulders down, spine not hyperextended.

and since I'm short on time, that's it for pressing today

DL: 265, my slightly wider narrow sumo, double overhand grip: 3, 3 - second set, feet a little straighter, didn't work as well, this time right knee felt funny, will stick with turned-out stance.  Both sets touch-n-go.  Getting the "sit back" aspect of this to happen a little better - at least I think I am, should video and see what it looks like.

Had a couple of minutes, so, w/ no rest, singles each side, lf, @ 16, 20, and 24 kg.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Press, DL, Wheel

Yesterday's lifting was at 5 PM but today's at 9:30 AM, just do to schedule of the rest of my life.


20: mil press, lf, 6 + PU x 2 @ bw + 16 kg

20: mil press, lf, 4 + PU x 2 @ bw + 16 kg

DL:  265 today, still narrow sumo but a little wider, double overhand: 2, 1 - that will be it for today.  The last rep, with the slightly wider stance, felt very good in terms of a more upright torso and the legs doing the work.  It also felt a little odd on my left knee so I will make sure to keep an eye on that, and add a focus to pushing the knees out next time.

Standing Evil Wheel, 4th step: 1, 1 - some of the best form I've had on these, tight, took a long time near fullest extension, shoulders and lower back feel 100%.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Press, DL

Today, Friday:

16/16: mil press, 9 reps.  I don't really have quite the requisite mobility for this but it's good to try it once in a while.  Sometimes, doing these improves my mobility as the set goes on - today was not one of those days ...

DL: 255 x 7, narrow sumo, touch n go but a little faster than most of the time.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Press/PU, DL

24 x 2 - farmers walk, up the steps, round trip of the driveway a slightly longer way, and back down the steps


20: mil press, lf, 5 + PU x 1 @ bw + 16 kg

20: mil press, lf, 3 + PU x 1 @ bw + 16 kg

20: mil press, rf for a change, 2 + PU x 2 @ bw + 16 kg - PU strong, Adam's Apple well over the bar.  First time this go-'round with 2 PU @ bw + 16 kg, felt pretty easy.

DL:  Narrow sumo, double over, 255 lbs x 4, 4 - long drive ahead, that'll do for today.  First set was more hooks, second set went for squeezing the calluses because that's tighter, and it worked better.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Press, DL

Saturday - a number of light deadlifts while working with a client

Sunday - a very long day but no exercise other than a walk.

Monday, today:

Sometimes it's OK to double a "normal" workout volume, if "normal" is an everyday amount and percentage.  That's what I did today, mostly because it will be difficult for me to find time to lift tomorrow, but also because it felt really good today.  My form on my left side, while it's still not correct all the time, is rapidly improving.

The problem is that, on my left side, I catch the bell in too hollow a position, and then have to open up during the press - not what I want.  I'm developing the confidence to "clean tall" or maybe that should be "rack tall" on my left side, and the presses are better.  My left side is still odd, and there is still a pronounced sticking point that just shouldn't be there because my groove isn't good for me yet, but the better rack position will also mean I have to find a pressing groove to go with it, and so I shall!

20 kg: mil press, lf, 4 + PU  x 3 @ bw + 12 kg

20 kg: mil press, lf, 6 + PU x 1 @ bw + 16 kg - really good.

24 kg: mil press, lf, 3 - first triple in a while w/ this, good

20 kg x 2: mil press, 4 - good!

12+10 kg: mil press, 3 - a stacked press

DL:  255, narrow sumo, touch-n-go, double overhand: 5, 3

Playing with hooks of fingers or tighter grip.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Press + DL

AM - 2 x 24 kg Farmers Walk early

Leaf raking

No pullups today, just didn't feel like it, maybe it was the leaf raking.

20: mil press, lf, 5

20/20: mil press: 3 - first time double 20's in a while, felt strong, surprisingly strong, even.

20: mil press, 4, walk a bit after the last rep on each side.

DL: put 10 lbs. on the bar, still narrow sumo, still double overhand - 255 x 4, 3 touch-n-go.  Still focused on using legs, finding it hard to get tight that way but learning ...

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Farmer's Walk, and the usual Press/PU + DL

Off yesterday, Wednesday - drove on several errands, was up and out early to play at my wife's school.

Today, Thursday:

24/24: Following the lead of a Gray Cook suggestion, did a 1:30 carry with a 24 kg in each hand.  Left side grip was tired by the end but, overall, it was only just starting to get tiring.

Today, focus in MP is standing tall at the rack position on the left side - I get too hollow.  Right side seems to work fine so trying to get left side to learn from right in terms of posture at the finish of the clean.

24: mil press, lf, 1, 1, 1 in the back yard

20: mil press, lf, 4

20: mil press, lf, 4 + 2 PU @ bw + 12 kg

Interesting that, after the farmer's walk, grip feels _better_, _stronger_ on left side, the side that was tired at the end of the walk.

DL: narrow sumo, double over, 245 x 1 - gripped deep, 1 - gripped more in hooks of finger, 1 - hook gripped, yuck, 2 - gripped in hooks of fingers, focuses on looking further away in front of me for more leg emphasis and less back, 1 - total 6 reps today

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Lighter volume

Tuesday:  bit of a change

24: mil press, lf, 1, 1 - first rep almost stopped, need better tightness, especially grip, on left side.

PU: bw + 12 kg, 3

20/20: mil press see-saw, rf, 7 each way.  Not gripping tightly enough on my left side today for any of the presses.

DL: narrow sumo, double overhand, 245 x 7 touch-n-go

Monday, November 16, 2015

Press/PU + DL, a little heavier again

Off on Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  Friday, I needed a break.  Saturday I was busy, and Sunday is a very tiring day for me.

Today, Monday:

20 kg: mil press, lf, 6 + 2 PU @ bw + 12k

24 kg: mil press, lf, 2 + 2 PU @ bw + 12k

20 kg: mil press, lf, 5 + 3 PU @ bw + 12k

DL: still narrow sumo, touch n go, double overhand, but upped the weight to 245 lbs.: 5, 3,

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Add a few reps of everything from yesterday.

Today, Thursday

during warmups and lifts, focus on pushing down on left foot.

20 kg: mil press x 5, *4*, *3*, superset w/bw + 12 kg on foot: PU x 2 
short walk at the end of set of 5 each side

DL: narrow sumo, double overhand, touch-n-go: 5, 3, 6 - last set was quicker, but still need more weight next time.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Press/PU, DL

A very stiff lower back early this morning, gradually worked itself out.  Doing some bodyweight-only windmills helped, as did a few miles of relaxed walking

Played with a 1-kettlebell overhead squat, looking at the weight.  Used a 4 kg bell because, frankly, that's all I am confident I can handle in this.  I will continue to plug away at this movement with a light weight until the ROM, I hope, improves.

Also some deep barbell back squats with an empty bar, again just a postural thing, and some OHS with a stick, too.  Also curl an empty barbell from a deep squat, something I did yesterday, too.  Also MP an empty bar, all these things just for posture


20 kg: mil press x 5, 3, 2, superset w/bw + 12 kg on foot: PU x 2 

First set of pullup: hung from the bar for too long, wasn't good, but other remaing sets were.  Bang forehead on rather is the standard now, as I did yesterday.

DL: narrow sumo, double overhand, touch-n-go: 5, 3, 2

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Press + PU, DL

Still busy, still tired.

Yesterday, trip into NYC.


20 kg: mil press x 5, 3, 2, superset w/
bw + 12 kg on right foot: PU x 2, Adam's Apple well over the bar on every rep.

(5 presses each side, 2 PU each side, rest, repeat for other press sets)

DL:  225 x 5, 3, 2, double over, touch-n-go, narrow sumo.  Felt good, playing with form.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Easing back into lifting

Thursday, a few presses, still didn't feel great but did feel lower back shift nicely back into its good place.

Friday, off, just walk and stretch a little

Saturday, only a few minutes so:

16/16: see-saw press, 8 each side

20: C&P, lf, 3, 5

DL: 225 x 2 double overhand, narrow sumo, OMG, easy - a good sign

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Tried lifting again

Took a few days off, then a week ago, travelled to Italy for a Flexible Steel weekend at which I helped teach.

Back to pressing and DL again today, will try to work in a bit more shoulder health stuff for warmups.

Did a bunch of shoulder health stuff, then tried pressing - felt pretty awful.  Did a pair of single presses each side with 20 kg, just feeling tired from the trip, decided to stop right there.