Friday, May 29, 2015


Thursday - very tired from back-to-back training days, very hungry, and sore.  No lifting, just walking


Initial CP of 73 - wow.  Session was 73, 81, 90, 100, pulse was 52 then 48.  So feeling a little on the relaxed side today.

bw crane pistol on the front porch - tried them facing sideways, didn't like it, tried an 82-page magazine inc. cover under the ball of my foot instead

20: press 5L/R

Steinborn/Inman - 115 lbs., 4 laps = PR

Zercher walk w/ same, 1 lap

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Usual

2nd day in a row due to missing Monday and not being able to alter the rest of the week:

short walk

crane pistol on the porch after some stretching: 1L/R

eat some sea salt - pushed third FS pause to 90 today after a 50 initial CP, feeling a little dizzy

20 kg: mil press x 7L/R

24 kg: mil press x 2L/R

Steinborn/Inman @ 115 lbs. - 2 laps, 2 laps, 1 lap Zercher walk

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Steinborn, Inman, press, pistol

Friday night, drive to Philly

Sat AM, walk 2 miles, PM drive home

Sun AM, drive 3 hours to MA

Monday AM, drive 3 hours home, crane pistol x 2 alternating singles midway at a stop

Monday PM, right knee sore, body stiff overall, especially right thigh, knee not tracking properly.

Tuesday, today

crane pistol x 1L/R on the front porch after some stretching.

115 lbs - new weight today

Steinborn - up left, 1 rep, down right

Steinborn/Inman - up right, 3 laps at a moderate speed, shoulder "shelf" felt good at start, got a little tired by the end.


Steinborn/Inman - up right, 2 laps pretty briskly

Friday, May 22, 2015

Steinborn/Inman PR, Zercher walk PR

Concert yesterday, tired today




crane pistol x 3 alternating singles, lf

20 kg mil press x 5L/R

Steinborn/Inman @ 105 lbs., 5 laps, another PR

Finish w/ 1.5 lap Zercher walk w/ same weight, also a PR

A great day for feeling tired to start with.


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Pistol, press, Steinborn/Inman, walk


Walk home from service station, about 5 km, was a little warm and sticky, did breathing practice along the way

Wednesday, today


crane pistol x 2 alternating singles each side

20: mil press, lf, 4
24: mil press, lf, 2

20: mil press, lf, 4
24: mil press, lf, 2

Steinborn/Inman, 105 lbs:

4 laps - repeated Monday, which means repeated a PR

rest 10:00

3 laps - excellent result, went a little faster, too.

Walk back to service station to get the car.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Small Inman PR


walk 3 mi in hot and humid weather


105 lb. Steinborn/Inman - 4 laps = PR distance w/ this weight
went back to thumbs - thumbless is different but it's harder overall, can't really use a lot going forward.

1 lap Zercher walk w/ same, lower by the book.  Harder than on shoulders,  I think, although really similar in many ways.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

stretch, pistol, press - easy day


crane pistol by 2 alternating singles

20: 1h swing x 5R+5L+5R+5L, no break

20: mil press, lf, 3

20/20: double mil press, 1 - haven't done in a while, was OK

today and tomorrow have a lot of teaching and performing for me so taking it easy this weekend.

Friday, May 15, 2015



Steinborn/Inman - 105 lbs., up right, 3 laps

walk to post office and back

Steinborn/Inman - 105 lbs., up right, 2 laps

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Pistol, Press, Inman


walk 3 mi

stretch a little more

crane pistol, first time doing back to back singles, so 1L/R+1L/R, rest 5:00, 1L/R - excellent

Haven't pressed much this week - Mon, just a single each side @ 20 kg and again @ 24 kg, and yesterday, only some bw pushups, so:

20 kg: mil press x 3L/R, rest, 5L/R

curl 7 reps @ 55 lbs.

105 lbs - 2 laps, 1 lap - tired, am going to "go w/ the flow" here and not do more.

Last week at the end of Thursday, I had done 14 laps on the way to 25 for the week

Today, at the end of Thursday, I've already done 24 laps.  This is way big progress, good not to push it today.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Yet More Steinborn/Inman


crane pistol x 3 singles each way, maybe 4 - lost count

bw pushup x 5 - feeling a little better

No pressing - no time

I have been doing a set of bottom-of-squat barbell curls before most of my Steinborn/Inman.  This week, I'm doing them with 55 lbs. instead of just the empty bar.  Today, 6 reps - yesterday, 5, and Monday, 3.

Steinborn/Inman: 105 lbs.

up left, 3

up right, 2

one hour break

up left, 3

up right, 2

10 roundtrips in a single day is a one-day volume PR this season

Monday: 3, 2
Tuesday: 2, 2
Today: 3, 2, 3, 2

19 laps in 3 days - excellent

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

More Steinborn/Inman



crane pistol x 1L/R - after yesterday's recent PR of 3 singles, just one today

4-5 bw pushups

mil press: 20 kg x 1L/R, 24 kg x 1L/R

Steinborn/Inman: 105 lbs. up right, 2 roundtrips, up left, 2 round trips

Yesterday: 3, 2
Today: 2, 2

Short on time, also sore from yesterday

Monday, May 11, 2015

Pistol, Press, Steinborn/Inman

Sunday, just walk a bit.  Very tired, ate a big lunch and a big dinner, took a nap.

Today, Monday



crane pistol singles x 3L/R - first time three in the same session.

20 kg: mil press x 6L/R, 6L/R - excellent

Steinborn/Inman @ 105 lbs., a 10 lb (and therefore about 10%) increase from last week.  10 lb/week is more than I need to reach my goal weight by competition time, but I'm sure I will want some back-off weeks in there or at least weeks in which I don't add weight.

up right, 3
up left, 2
up right, 2


Last week Inman:

M  = 3
T = 3
W = 4
Th = 2, 2
Fri = 3, 2
Sat = 5

Total for the week is 24, huge increase from previous week, daily average is 4, daily max is 5, min is 4, but varied set length between 2 and 5

M = 3, 3, minor back tweak

Thu = 2, 2, 2, 2, 1

Fri = 3

Total = 18, daily max is 9, daily min is 3, varied set length only between 1 and 3

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Inman - 500 yards w/ 95 lbs.

6 consecutive days doing this, certainly a personal record.

No other exercise before other than a little stretching.

Counting has been difficult, so I put 5 stones out on the curb next to the driveway and kicked them off as I completed each lap, and I did 5 round-trips, a new best for this Spring.  95 lbs., Steinborn up left.

Working on using lats, continuing with thumbless grip, and working on keeping right shoulder long and low while still keeping it back.


Friday, May 8, 2015

Various things

Played a show last night

First thing this morning, back felt funny/stiff, so stretched until it felt more normal.  Deep squat and windmill both helped.

Played another show this morning, took it easy at home for a few hours, then

bw crane pistol by 1L/R, rest 1L/R - good

20: mil press, 6L/R - focus on using lat

Steinborn/Inman - 3 round trips, rest, 2 round trips

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Press, walk, pistol



bw crane pistol by 1L/R, rest a couple of minutes, repeat

20: mil press, lf, 6

Steinborn/Inman, 95 lbs., up left, round trips x 2
up right, round trip x 2

Later, 20 kg: mil press x 3L/R

Wednesday, May 6, 2015



Short walk

20: mil press x 5L/R

Forgot crane pistol - no time today

Play rehearsal for 2 hours


Steinborn/Inman 95 lbs., up right, 4 round-trips, felt pretty easy.  Used a thumbless grip for the first time - liked it, felt much more relaxed, and still was fine at the end.

bounce weight off, then

Zercher it, walk the short half of my round-tip, Zercher it down

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Pistol, Press, Steinborn/Inman, Pullup



bw crane pistol - 1L/R, rest, 1L/R again - first time two reps in a day.  First rep was too loose at bottom, a good sign in that I can do it, but not the form I want, so stayed tighter with a focus on pressurizing lower back for second rep.

20: swing x 5R, 5L

20: mil press x 6L/R

Steinborn/Inman - 95 lbs. x 3 round trips, getting easier, 2nd day in a row, an extra roundtrip certainly would have been possible but trying to keep it easy.  Maybe tomorrow

Trying PU as a finisher - bw + 20 kg on right foot x 1, on left foot x 1 - undecided about half-false grip, went regular grip this time.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Press, walk

Saturday - eat a lot, sleep a lot

Sunday - walk

Today, Monday

walk 2 mi

bw crane pistol on front porch

20 kg: mil press x 4L/R, 5L/R

Steinborn/Inman - 95 lbs., up right, 3 round-trips

Friday, May 1, 2015

A little more pressing, a couple of weight PU, a little Steinborn/Inman

Stretch a little including bw windmill

Walk to WF and back, breathing practice on the way, did my first 60-step pause coming home near the post office (slight downhill)

20 kg: mil press, lf, 5 while holding breath, long rest, 5 more with normal breathing but all nasal

The press lockout still makes me aware of my sore lower back - I think things are just starting to move in there that haven't moved in a few decades, likely because of the Buteyko practice

PU: bw + 20 kg on left foot x 1, on right foot x 1

stretch more

crane pistol x 1L/R on the porch

Steinborn/Inman, 95 lbs. up left, 3 roundtrips