Thursday, July 31, 2014

Walk, Swing, Press

Life has been busy of late.

Yesterday, just some walking

Today, busy first half of day, then walked, a little stretch, then:

24 kg: swing 10L, rest until :60, 10R

20 kg: press x 5L, 5R - some of my best presses in terms of spinal alignment in a long time

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

20 kg press, 225 lb. Hack DL, 24 kg DARC swing, more swings, and goblet squats

I am very tired of weighted walking - not sure if I'm going to continue training this, or how.  My thought at this moment is that I'll load 230 on the bar and just see if I can cover 50 yards with it, then take it from there.

Yesterday, off, just some stretching.  Also did big stretching including splits on Sunday and yesterday.  No splits today.  Yesterday, did a full qigong including crane pistol - felt great


20 kg: alternating sides w/ a single bell, c&p, total 8 or 4 on each side, bell on the floor between but otherwise no rests

Hack DL:225, double overhand grip, 4 touch-n-go - have never done these real touch-n-go before, touched very lightly.  Ah, something at least slightly heavy to pick up - I miss that.

24: DARC swing, lf, 16 total

24: one-hand swings, switch every 2, right first, 20 total

24: goblet squat x 5

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Walk 1-1/4 miles in 5 segments w/ 65 lbs.

Walk about 1-1/4 miles in 5 segments a/ 65 lbs.  Still figuring things out - tightening up on grip on left side helps everything.

Warmed up w/ stretching an 24 kg one-arm swings x 10L, 10R

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Swings Today, later 20 kg presses, pullups w/ 20 kg on foot

Busy day, off day from weighted walking.

Walk 2 miles in the AM for groceries.

While training a client, a bunch of 2- and 1-hand swings w/ various weights including the 40 and 48 kg.

A little later:

20 kg: c&p, lf x 1, lf x 3

20 kg: pu x 1 on right foot, pu x 1 on left foot - throat to bar for both

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

More weighted walking

Short walk, brief stretching

bw + 155 - 3 x double driveway but w/o little loop on the end, plus 1 x single driveway including little loop and also across street on opposite end.  PR total distance at this weight, and half as many rests, too.

Working on not dropping left shoulder.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

8/10 mile walk w/ 65 lb. bar.

Tight from yesterday, when I did a lot of driving.

Today, stretch, the warmed up w/ swings.  Used 20 kg and did assorted one hand, the other hand, and two handed.  Finished with 2 handed 40 kg swings

Took 65 bar for a walk.  Made it about 0.8 miles, then short break, then home another .1 mile.  0.8 is best to date, also good in that I was tired, stiff, sore, and it was hot and humid outside.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Strength Maintenance Mode for the Day

A little stretching, a short walk, then 2 exercises from Resilient:

Windmill-based shoulder rotator w/ bw only, 4 kg, 6 kg.

Karate twist w/ pair of 10 kg, also bw-only

Continuing maintenance mode on mobile shoulders and hip, neutral and hollow position torso.

20 kg: 1 press + 3 windmills left, then right.

20/20 - see saw press, right first, total 10 (5 each side)

PU: bw + 20 kg x 1 on left foot, x 1 on right foot - belly exercise, for sure

Feels great to do some strength training.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

600 yards total w/ 155 lbs. on my back

Walked 5-6 miles w/ my wife in the AM

Stretched a little.

PM, weighted walking - driveway x 6 round-trips, up from 5 on Thursday, and took them slightly longer so that I'm actually covering every inch of the driveway.  Thus, 600 yards total w/ 155 lbs. on my back.  Definitely feels easier than it did 3 days ago, still looking for sweet spot in terms of bar position, also still experimenting w/ grip width - both middles fingers and ring fingers on the rings seem to work, but middle fingers, which is slightly wider, cuts off the circulation in my hands less, albeit at the expense of some tension keeping the bar in place.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

More weighted walking

Yesterday, Friday, had minor surgery - no exercise other than stretching in the AM.  Took a nap in the afternoon.

Today, warmup up with a single set of 40 kg, 2-handed kettlebell swings and some bodyweight-only windmills.  Boy, swings are about the perfect exercise for anything.

Walked for 1 mile with the bar on my back loaded to only 65 lbs., and with just a single stop at about .55 miles (as close as I can figure).  I think it's very important to be able to go the distance and then some easily with a lighter weight.  This was clearly my best day so far in this regard and I still need to be able to go an entire mile in one set, but this is the first time I've covered a mile in only two sets so we'll be happy with the progress.

At the 1 mile mark, put the bar down a second time and did a Zercher carry for about 1/7 mile (about .15) back to our house.  Even with only 65 lbs., this was getting old by the time I was finished..

Onward and Upward

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Heavier Weighted Walking

Took the squat stands outside, loaded a bar to 155 lbs., and did 5 x 100 yard walks on my driveway.  This was very educational.

Stretched first, also walked a couple of miles.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hard Style, Hollow and Neutral Position Practice

Hoping to weighted walk again tomorrow.  Today

Stretch, walk 2 mi

bw: wall-supported handstand - awkward, rusty

20 kg: press x R, L, pullup x 1 on right foot

20 kg: press x 2 L, R, pullup x 1 on left foot

Nice to get some hollow position strength back - yesterday's pullup weakness was a little frightening

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A weighted walking PR, and my abs check out, and Hack DL

Sunday, played in church in the AM, not much exercise.

Monday, yesterday, walked just over 1 mi w/ 80 lbs. in 7 segments.  Weather was super miserable, warm and very humid, and I was tired.

Today, Tuesday:

Lots of floor work stretching

Did some 20 kg presses, then tried a 20 kg pullup - and failed!  Outrageous as I usually own up to 28 kg pullups w/ no pullup training.  So, we may conclude that I am tired and also that certain muscles/patterns have checked out.

Tried 12 kg pullup - very easy.  Tried 16 pullup - also easy but getting harder, and decided to stop there.

Hack DL: 225 x 1, 225 x 3 slightly slower than touch and go, new breath on the bottom but didn't let go of the bar.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Inman Mile - 9/10 mile in 3 segments w/ 50% bodyweight on bar

Friday, walk 6 miles.

Today, Saturday, cover 9/10 mile w/ 75 lbs. in 3 segments - definitely making progress.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Inman Mile - progress! 7/10 mile in two "sets"

My best day yet.  Short warmup stretch.

70 lbs.

Made it two blocks further than my previous best first "set."   (For whatever reasons, my best set seems to always be my second or third.)  Covered a total of 7/10 mile in just 2 segments today - even a few days ago, I would have needed 4 segments to get that far and that was with a little less weight on the bar, albeit only 5 lbs.

I was off from Inman Mile training yesterday, just did some variety lifting, and that helped me today.   Might continue with every other day for a while, might also try two days on followed by one day off, and make the second training day heavy but short.

I added some pec/t-spine doorway stretches today - I think that helped.

The weather wasn't so brutal - that helped, too.

Trained on the streets and sidewalks near my house and that also helped - the track is brutally boring.


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Zercher DL - Fail at 225 lbs. (1.5 x bodyweight)

Tuesday - Inman Mile training, 70 lbs. on bar, took to local track, horribly hot, humid weather at about 10 AM.  Managed 3/4 mile total in 4 segments, one was longer than 1/4 mile.  Experimented with wider grip - no good, lose muscle shelf in back.  Finished w/ Zercher carry

Today, Wednesday, walk about 2-1/2 miles to recycling center and back

Windmills: bw x 3 l/r, 16 kg x 3 L/R, 20 kg x 2 L/R, 24 kg x 2 L/R

Zercher DL:  singles at 135, 185, 225 x fail, fail, fail - last attempt on video here:

Monday, July 7, 2014

Inman Mile, Week #1, Days 1 and 2

Yesterday, walk about 1 mile, longest segment of 4 was 4/10 mi, weight was 65 lbs., cleaned into position.


115 lbs. Walk 600 feet, flat on gravel x 1, then walk 150 feet, flat on gravel, followed by a paved, 75 feet moderately steep hill up then down.

Notes: first round always feels lousy so I need to continue to think of it as a warmup.  Second set, 115 felt like yesterday's 65 lbs, at least at the start.  Also note - downhill is harder than uphill.

Warmed up w/ some windmills w/ empty bar.  Steinborn the weight onto my back, once from each side.

Finished a nice way - Zercher DL, carry (in elbows, at belly) about 50 feet back to basement doors.  Zercher DL carry is a nice thing.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Light Bent Presses

Friday, which was yesterday, no lifting - had to get over this cold, so I took 2 naps and feel much better today, although not completely over it yet.

Today, Saturday, short walk, then a few windmills to loosen up, then

Play w/ bent presses: 10, 12, 16, 20, 24 kg

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Walk 3 mi

Stretched a little, then walked 3 miles in hot, humid weather.

Feeling a bit under the weather, another short walk but that's it for today.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hand and Thigh Lift, Hip Lift, weighted pullup

Very hot outside today. busy morning, no walking but some floor work stretching.  Might walk later if it cools off some.

Warmup - 36 kg swings x 5L, 5R - too heavy for one-handed for me.

Hand and Thigh Lift - haven't really done these.  Am assuming 95 lbs. for bar for now, which is probably on the light side:

H & T: 275, 365, 455 - fail, still figuring this lift out

Hip Lift:  455 x 2, 545 x 2, 685 x 1, 825 x 1, 1045 x 1 - took several attempts because my setup kept stretching but I got it

Later, got a little bored, so did 28 kg pullup w/ bell on foot, 1 each side

That's definitely all for today.

Update - weighed the bar, it weighs 100 lbs. w/ the sleeves, would be about 93 w/o, so add 5 lbs. to everything above.  That makes the hip lift 1050, give or take.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Another variety/swing day

Walk 2 mi

a few goblet squats and curls w/ 20 kg

0:00 - 20 x 20 kg 1h swing as 10L+10R

2:00 - 20 x 20 kg 1h swing as 10R + 10L

4:00 - 10 x 36 kg 2h swings

5:00 - 10 x 36 kg 2h swings

Tired, rest a bit

20/20: see-saw mil press, rf, total 12 (6 each side) - figure this is a good way to get triceps work and still be mil pressing a kettlebell

20: 1 sn + 3 windmill, lf - ugh, not pretty, not comfortable