Friday, January 31, 2020


Today, Friday

short walk

GU: difficult 1 each side w/ 18 kg

SN: 14 kg, 10R+10L continuous in 3:00 for 60 reps. Still better on left side than right.

Friday, January 24, 2020


Today, Friday

GU: 16 kg x 3 alternating singles


GU: 16 kg x 1 alternating single


120 kg x 2 l/u

130 kg x 2 r/u - least favored grip, hips moved to the left around sticking point, not good

130 kg x 2 l/u - good. This is 80% 1RM

Thursday, January 23, 2020


Today, Thursday:

Helping my son and his friend train, demoed a few getups, did a single BP w/ 155 lbs, also some 2-kb FSQ and some GS.


GU: 16 kg, 1 each side rf but started to 4 reps to elbow each side, took 4th rep the rest of the way. Lockout R feeling more complete and less outside of my comfortable ROM.

GU: bw to elbow or hand for practice digging the down elbow into the ground hard.

SN: 20 kg, on the 1:15, 4 sets of 5 L, 4 sets of 5 R, repeat, and at 20:00, a single set R to finish, total 85 reps. HR avg 140, max 155

working on getting right shoulder to come forward on backswing and then go back into place for finish - made some progress on this. Still feel like I have a good lockout on left side but knees don't want to lock fully on right.


Wednesday, January 22, 2020


Today, Wednesday

Play w/ headstand and handstand

GU: 16 kg x 1 each way, rf - long time w/ non-bearing leg lifting and held in air


110 kg x 5 paused tng, r/u

125 kg x 4 paused tng, l/u

Tuesday, January 21, 2020


Saturday - just a walk

Sunday - 1 getup each side plus a few 1LDL w/ a kettlebell, long drive

Monday - a few 1L DL, bw only, long drive, plus a few DL @ 110 kg at home.

Today, Tuesday

GU: 16 kg x 3 alternating singles, rf

SN: 20 kg x 5R x 4 sets on the 1:15, 5L on the 1:15. Could have done more

Friday, January 17, 2020


Today, Friday, busy but

GU: 16 kg, 1 each side rf before teaching

much later

GU: 16 kg, 1 each side, rf

1LDL: 16 kg, 1 each side, rf

GU: 16 kg, 3 or 4 to elbow, rf

1LDL: 16 kg, 1 each side, rf

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

A few days of stuff


longer walk than usual, maybe 3 miles

SN: 20 kg, rf, 5's on 0:00 and 0:45, then left on 02:00 and 02:45, etc, total 80 reps

Off Sunday

Monday, yesterday, walk, then long drive, then walk again, then 1 GU each side + 1 extra right

Today, Tuesday

GU: 16 kg x 1R, 1L, a few hours later, repeat. Weak and wobbly today.

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Various stuff - rings, cossacks, dip stretch - then SN

Start earlier than usual, about 9:30 am

Dip stretch x 2 w/ one dip between

Cossacks, bw windmills

headstand and legs down and up a couple of times

Rings: StC + partial FL


SN: 20 kg, tried an interesting time variation, inspired by Q&D:

00:00 - 5r
00:45 - 5l

repeat on 02:00 and 04:00

then switched hands

06:00 - 5l
06:45 - 5r

repeat on 08:00 and 10:00

on 12:00, back to rf, total of 70 reps, up from 60 two days ago, and felt easier as well

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

GU, Stretch, Rings

Yesterday, Tuesday:

walk with a little jog at the end

SN: 20 kg x 5's OTM, rf, total 60 reps, improving form


short walk again with a little jog

GU: 14 kg x 4 alternating singles on short rest, a best session so far, rf as usual


Dip Stretch + 3 dips

Rings: StC + partial FL

Monday, January 6, 2020

Stretch, GU, DL

Yesterday, Sunday, 1 GU each side and busy performing day

Today, Monday:

Dip Stretch + 1 Dip

StC + FL on rings

GU: 14 kg x 3 alternating singles, rf, w/ press from elbow and hand on way up. 1st two pretty close together, big break after that. Thought about more but decided no because I'd like to still do other things today, both lifting and practicing.

MP: 24 kg x 1 - just to see what it felt like, and it felt OK.


120 kg x 3 paused tng, r/u
120 kg x 3 paused tng, l/u

Friday, January 3, 2020


Tuesday and Wednesday - vacation, walking but no lifting

Yesterday, Thursday:

GU: 14 kg x 2, some floor press and some bridge press before each rep

Today, Friday:

GU: 14 kg x 2, floor press x 2, bridge press x 2, press from elbow x 1, press from hand x 1 for every rep, those just on the way up

I think I'm getting some pressing practice and may keep to not doing a ton of C&P/MP if I can get it in this way. We'll try some ROP heavy days to see where I'm at sometime soon.

SN: New format to try today: 20 kg x 5 on the minute. Was short on time, did 6 sets, starting with right. Form was better each set. I'm finding it hard to schedule the time for the kind of volume of snatches I want to get in, have to rethink how this works.