Friday, April 28, 2017


Today, Friday

While training a student

SW: 28 kg x 10's on the :60, 6 total sets = 60 reps



275 x 4 touch-n-go double over

300 x 1, 1 -  right under, stand up and quick reset between (2-1/2 lb. plates, sorry)

315 x 1, 1, left under, same

Thursday, April 27, 2017


Today, Thursday

two short walks plus driving between

Knees not happy all day after GU yesterday

WM: 24 kg x 3L/R

MP: 22 kg x 5L/R

Straddle 225 - left in back x 2 touch-n-go, left in front x 2 touch-n-go


285 x 1 double over
305 x 1 double over

285 x 1 right under
305 x 1 right under

285 x 1 left under
305 x 1 left under


Today, Wednesday - no DL

SW: 24 kg x 10's on the :55, 12 sets, 120 total reps


GU: did a full getup each side w/ 10 kg then w/ 14 kg.  Knees not happy, especially right.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Today, Tuesday:


WM: 24 kg x 2L/R

1APU: adding some 10" today: 1L/R, 2L/R, then 12" x 4L/R - good to mix these, I think.

DL: all conventional - 7 reps today

275 x 1 double over
295 x 1 double over
275 x 1 right under
295 x 1 right under
275 x 1 left under
295 x 1 left under

All above in just the time it took to switch the weight, then a short (1-min?) rest, then

315 x 1 left under

Monday, April 24, 2017


Today, Monday

walk 1.7 miles to tune a piano, walk home again


WM: 24 kg x 3L/R, x 1L/R

24 kg x 2L/R, superset bw + 16 kg on left foot x 2
24 kg x 2L/R, superset bw + 16 kg on right foot x 2

DL: 275 today, conventional

x 1, 1, 1 - that's going to be enough for today, running out of time and feeling the need for variety from the usual on this DDD program as I go through it for the 2nd time.

Sunday, April 23, 2017


Today, Sunday

Splits work - a little

SW: 24 kg x 10's on the :30, only 4 sets - this is too short an amount of rest, total 40 reps

1APU: 12", 5L/R - best performance to date

DL: all conventional, all double over today

275 x 1

295 x 1, 1, 1 - quick drop and reset at bottom between

295 x 1, 1 - quick drop and reset at bottom between

295 x 1 - focus on better push, lower hips at start and therefore less lower back

Saturday, April 22, 2017


Today, Saturday

WM: 24 kg x 2L/R

StC + Front Lever x 3, video of 2nd and 3rd

SN: 16 kg x 10L/R in about 1:05.

DL: 295 today, conventional

x 2 light touch-n-go double over
x 2 light touch-n-go right under
x 2 light touch-n-go left under

295 was _easy_

Edit - couple of hours later, did 1 set of 3 pullups w/ 16 kg on right foot.


Today, Friday

BnP: lots of practice w/ bw-only, 4 kg, 6 kg

WM: 24 kg x 2L/R - first time for 24 kg, used jerk to put overhead instead of pushpress, and lowered under control.  Didn't feel a lot different than 20 kg did

24 kg x 10's on the :50, lf, 80 reps - use new "rep fitness" bell, feels good

No more lifting - tired and hungry.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

DDD #21 - 90% x 2 singles

Today, Thursday

short walk


short walk

WM: bw only

DL: all conventional, DDD Day #21, 90% which is 345 lbs., plan is 4 singles.

singles @ 225, 275, 315 - all double over

345 x 1 right under - slow but kept moving
345 x 1 left under - same, but jammed left wrist a little putting the bar down quickly

In neither rep did I pull the bar into my body, just took it straight up.
Will now try pulling it in actively and keeping more weight on my heels.

Planned two more singles but first one failed - just too tired, and the strategy of pulling in didn't work because I stopped think about pushing the ground away.

So, 5 deadlift singles today, was hoping for more reps @ 345 but that's life. Need to play with pulling in at lighter weights, will try that tomorrow.

Overall, tired today, and was nervous going into this session, but nothing hurts, nothing broke, and I feel like I could do plenty of reps with a lighter weight right now if I wanted to, so I think we can call this according to the plan, and I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Today, Wednesday

Some floor stretching

WM: 20 kg x 3L/R

SW: 24 kg x 10's, lf, on the :50 - 8 sets today, total 80 reps.  Form improving, focus is on throwing the bell across the room, locking out completely, and sitting back deeply into the hinge.

MP + PU:
superset 24 kg MP with PU @ bw + 12 kg (on a belt today)

24 x 3, PU @ 12 kg x 3
24 x 3, PU @ 12 kg x 3

and that will do for today - feeling pretty logy today, and have a big DL day tomorrow so we'll keep the main goal in sight and save our strength for tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


The routine I've settled into seems to be:

Optional swings

Windmills before or after those swings (1 short set each side)

Alternating (by the day)
-  1-arm kettlebell military presses (total 10 reps) and
-  1-arm pushups (total 5-10 reps)

Daily Dose Deadlift in my modification, which is 6 lifts @ 75% done 4 days/week, with variations as the spirit moves me while not losing the essence of the Easy Strength nature of this program

Today, Tuesday


SW: 24 kg x 10's on the :50, lf, 6 sets = 60 swings


WM: 20 kg x 3L/R

1APU: @12", 2L/R, 3L/R, 3L/R

DL: conventional - varied the weight today, haven't done that much.  All singles w/ quick drop

285 x 1 double over
305 x 1 double over - a little slow

285 x 1 right under - like a rocket
305 x 1 right under - a little slow but better

285 x 1 left under - easy
305 x 1 left under - got tighter, came up faster and easier

Monday, April 17, 2017


Yesterday, Sunday - walk about 1 mile, then lots of driving, sitting, and driving

Today, Monday

Did a one-arm bar hang each side, and let my right shoulder stretch and my body drop more than usual, and interestingly, I felt it in the muscle effected by my herniated disc for the next couple of hours.  Nothing bad, just a stretch.  Strange.


StC + front lever x 1, 1 - second rep, went deeper, and deep enough that I got stuck on the way back out because the rings were set too narrow and I was behind my own shoulders/back/lats.  Not fun but managed to get out of it.  No front lever on the second rep because I got ab cramps coming out of the StC

WM: 20 kg x 2L/R

24 kg x 2 superset w/ PU @ bw + 12 kg x 2 on left foot
24 kg x 3 superset w/ PU @ bw + 12 kg x 3 on right foot
reverse the feet arrangement
24 kg x 2 superset w/ PU @ bw + 12 kg x 2 on right foot
24 kg x 3 superset w/ PU @ bw + 12 kg x 3 on left foot

DL: 286 conventional

For something different today, and because I'm tired, alternating grip singles, starting right under, total 6, on short rests w/ stand up, walk around a little resets

Saturday, April 15, 2017


WM: 20 kg x 3L/R, x 4L/R

SW: On the 2:00:  25L, 25R, 20L, 20R = 90 swings.  I don't really drive equally through both feet w/ bell in left hand - working on that, also working on horizontal intention on left side.

Had thought about presses today, but too tired from the swings

Friday, April 14, 2017


Wednesday night - drive to CT
Thursday - drive home from CT

Today, Friday

Yard work - spent an hour or two at the top of a ladder, sawing.

WM: bw x 1L/R, 20 kg x 2L/R - first try on right side caught disc, so put it down, shook things out, got tight, and tried again, this time with success.

1APU: @ 12" x 1L/R, 3 alternating singles - better, and enough.  Again, issues w/ disc on right side today but able to get past them.

DL: 286 lbs., conventional - going to try 10 reps today instead of lifting today and tomorrow.  All light touch-and-go

x 4 overhand
x 3 right under
x 3 left under

Really pretty easy, and now no DL until Monday, so we've done 4 days lifting in 3, Sun/Wed/Fri this week.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Sunday afternoon, a few pullups and HLR at a playground, plus walking

Monday, 1APU x 3L/R, 3L/R, plus lots of walking

Tuesday, lots of walking

Today, Wednesday

WM: 20 kg x 2L/R

SW: 24 kg x 10's on the :45, 6 sets, total 60 swings

long break

an increasing weight, 2-3-5 ladder: 24 kg x 2, 22 kg x 3, 20 kg x 5
an increasing weight, 3-4-6 ladder: 24 kg x 3, 22 kg x 4, 20 kg x 6 - total 23 reps/side, most in a while

DL: 285, conventional

x 1, 1 double over, light touch-n-go
x 1, 1 right under, light touch-n-go
x 1, 1 left under, light touch-n-go

Edit: 2 wide-grip, bw pullups

Sunday, April 9, 2017


Sunday - after church

WM: 14 kg x 3L/R

StC on rings + Front Lever practice x 1

SW: 24 kg x 10's on the :55, 8 sets, 80 swings

DL: 225 x 1, 275 x 6 singles, all double overhand

DL'ing today because I'll miss a couple of days after this

Saturday, April 8, 2017


Yesterday, Friday, no lifting in preparation for TSC on Saturday.

Today TSC

DL: 225 x 1, 255 x 1, 285 x 1, all double overhand, then 325 x 1 left under for the record, same weight r/u, l/u, and r/u, total 4 singles @ 325.

1 pullup

1 x 20kg snatch

Thursday, April 6, 2017


Today, Thursday:

breathing walk early but then rain got heavier

but yesterday, Wednesday, walked a bit over 3 miles to pick up car in Fair Lawn

GU: bw to hand, a couple on each side

floor stretching, focus on hip flexor with thigh on ground

WM: bw x 1, 12 kg x 3L/R, 16 kg x 3L/R - more stable than before, 20 kg x 2L/R - first time in a while w/ this weight, need to grip right side more tightly.

SW: 24 kg, 10's OTM, lf, form felt pretty good by the end, did a total of 60 reps (6 sets)

rest (and protein bar, and cup of coffee)

MP: all lf, 24 kg x 2, 22 kg x 3, 20 kg x 6, 24 kg x 2 - total 13

DL: 285, conventional

x 1, 1, 1 double over, light touch-n-go
x 1, 1, 1 right under, light touch-n-go
x 1, 1, 1 left under, light touch-n-go

Decided to add the feeling of opening my hips like I would for a squat - wow, what a difference.  9 total reps today and every one of them felt easy.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Today, Wednesday - variety day


WM: 16 kg, bw x 1 each side, then attempted 5L/R with a focus I started at the end a couple of days ago, of a better lockout at the top after each rep.  Interestingly, this hits the weirdness in my right shoulder on the _next_ rep, and as I was finishing the 3rd rep on the right side, my elbow bent and I decided to terminate the set.  I rested a few minutes and did another set of 3R, which went better but feeling again that I'm touching on the right shoulder weirdness.

The discomfort on the right side is much worse with bent press, so I think I have something I can work with here.

On _both_ side, locking out is a problem because my elbows hyperextend.  The left does this more than the right, and the left is more wobbly since I can't really lock out.  I'm sure I'll figure it out sooner or later, but for now, 16 kg gets wobbly, and we will stay with 16 kg until it's not and then a little after that.

SW: maybe it's because I'm moving forward very well on my deadlifts, but swings just want to be on the way back burner this week.

24 kg: 10's on the :30, lf, total 4 sets.  Expected to be able to go longer with this but not at all interested in pushing things so 40 reps today after 30 reps yesterday.  Interestingly, breathing numbers have been up, so maybe these go together somehow - focus is on the ends of the spectrum, heavy barbell DLs and Buteyko breathing.

Thought about getups but running short on time, maybe tomorrow.

Plan is DL tomorrow, Thursday, then off Friday, and do Friday's planned 325 lb. lift on Saturday at the TSC.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

SW, 1-leg DL, 1APU, DL (DDD #12)

Today, Tuesday

short walk

SW: 40 kg x 2h x 10's OTM, only 3 sets, total 30 swings - just not feeling it today, maybe more later

Haven't done pistols in a while, so did one awful, ugly, partial range pistol each side with a 6 kg kettlebell - yup.

1-leg DL, contralateral, with a 24 kg kettlebell, left foot and right arm first.


1-leg DL, 2 bells, lf, 2 x 20 kg, stand up w/o weight between reps.  Work on keeping right shoulder down.


1APU: @ 12" x 4L/R, 3L/R, 4L/R - 11 total, keeping hip down more, feeling overall better at these because I started alternating them and MP in consecutive workouts instead of doing both each time.

DL: 285, conventional, all singles, quick drop, stand up, a few breaths, and next rep

x 1, 1, double over
x 1, 1, right under
x 1, 1, left under

Elapsed time: 2:30


Yesterday, Sunday, just a little walking

Today, Monday

longer walk (about 3 miles)

WM: 16 kg x 5L/R - ownership of 5L/R windmills @ 16 kg is starting to happen.  Somehow, really pushing into my hip helps me rotate better in my t-spine, or so it feels.

MP: 24 kg x 2L/R, 20 kg x 5L/R, 24 kg x 2L/R, 20 kg x 5L/R

DL: 285, conventional,

x 1, 1 double over, light touch-n-go
x 1, 1 right under, light touch-n-go
x 1, 1 left under, light touch-n-go

Timed - whole thing over in two minutes flat.

Monday, April 3, 2017


Today, Saturday

WM: 16 kg, 5L/R

1APU: @ 12" x 2L/R, 2L/R (excellent feedback from my wife on these sets), 3L/R, 3L/R - focusing on dropping the hip to counteract my tendency to have my butt in the air for these.  Don't seem to be very good at firing my glutes to make this happen, but abs are definitely firing.  10 total reps, first time in a long time for that.

DL: DDD, 285, conventional, all singles w/ quick drop, all on about :30 rest

x 1, 1 double over
x 1, 1 right under
x 1, 1 left under