Monday, April 30, 2018


After a good lifting week, an interesting weekend.  Big meal Friday night, big meal Saturday lunch, big meal Sunday dinner.  Lots of driving, too.

Saturday morning, did monkey bar swings

Was nervous about doing these and injuring a shoulder, but took my time, and got it done - slowly, cautiously, but did it.

Was sore Sunday morning but no shoulder joint issues, just sore upper back muscles from doing a new thing (well, a thing I hadn't done in a few decades).

Today, Monday


What I've taken to calling my GS (goblet squat) session is really just any variety of squat-like thing, it seem:

Cossack sequence ending w/ bw-only windmill x 3 on each side

GS x 1 @ 16 kg w/ 5 curls

FSQ: 2 x 24 kg, x 1, 2 x 20 kg x 1.  Thought about doing some repetition cleans or doing C & FSQ, but felt like this was enough for today.

GS: 24 kg x 5

24 kg x 10's OTM x total 60, lf

GU: a few each bw, 4 kg, 8 kg.  8 kg not great.

Need to do cossack sequence more - last section, where we're stretching the outside of the hip, is excellent work for my right shoulder when it's supporting.

PM Plan: MP/PU and DL


MP: 20 kg x 1, 2 + 16 kg x 3, 4, lf, superset archer PU x 2 each way, lf, and then a partial FL hold
MP: 20 kg x 1, 2, + 18 kg x 3, rf, superset archer PU x 2 each way, rf
MP: 18 kg x 1, 2, 3 lf, no PU (forgot ...)
MP: 18 kg x 1, 2 (cl before both), 3 (just MP), rf, no superset - getting tired, still have to DL


Learned that USAPL bar is much less bendy than an Okie DL bar, so switched to

Texas Power Bar:

225 x 4 double over, paused tng
255 x 5 l/u, paused tng - OMG, easy
305 x 3 l/u, paused tng - solid
305 x 3 r/u, paused tng - bit of a grind but did it.

Friday, April 27, 2018


Today, Friday

short walk



GS: 24 kg x 5
FS: 24 kg x left x 5, 24 kg x right x 5

SW: 44 kg x 2h x 10 x 4 sets on the 1:30

GU: 6 kg x 2 alternating singles each way


1.  16 kg x 1-2-3 ladder, lf + super 2 alternating archer PU, lf
2.  repeat but 3R, 3L, 3R, 3L + 2 PU rf
3.  repeat as above but lf
4. repeat as above but 6R, 6L + 2 archer - archers are harder rf
5. 20 kg x 1-2, 16 kg x 3, no pullups


Thu was same as Mon, today, Friday, same as Tue in terms of grip but 2 sets of 3

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Halo, Ring Dips, MP + Ring PU, DL

Today, Thursday


Breathing walk w/ jog at end, so decided to do different warmups because tired from running

16 kg: halo, 5 alternating singles each way

Rings: dips x 2, slow, paused, etc.  rest a little and repeat.

Planned PM:  Press, PU, DL


1.  16 kg x 1-2-3 w/o putting bell down, lf, superset 2 rings pu, trying false grip, rings/palms facing body
2.  repeat but rf, rings parallel, still false grip of sorts - stays better on right than left
3.  repeat, back to lf, tighter grip yielded a better false grip, rings started at 45 degrees and tried to turn them out at the top
4.  repeat, rf, skipped PU altogether because grip was getting tired and still had DL's to do, and this was the first day of actually trying to keep a false grip

245 x 5, paused tng, l/u, definitely getting easier
295 x 3, paused tng, l/u - excellent.  Focus is on push balls of feet, grip pinkies, neutral neck, wedge, push balls of feet and lift.  Repeat w/ other grip - tired, feels like a meet 3rd attempt, but went well because I knew the weight wasn't too heavy.  Ready to try +5-10 lbs. next time, which is tomorrow, or go for more than 3 reps, but I think a triple is enough.

295 x 3, paused tng, r/u

Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Today, Wednesday

bw x 5
24 kg x 5, paused and exhaled
FS 24 kg x 2 bells x 5, paused and exhaled

24 kg x 10L, 10R, 10L, 10R, 10L  - on the :60, total 50 reps.  left definitely worse, trying to improve form in smoothness and connectedness - just feels off on that side, slow, weak.

4 kg, lf, 5 alternating singles in our new form.  Interesting that firing right glute but not left is easy, but firing left glute makes right want to fire also - that is part of the route of my problems w/ my left arm up.

Maybe more later but no heavy DL

Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Today, Tuesday

short walk


GS - bw only x 10
SW: 44 kg x 2h x 10, 10, 10, 6 on the 1:30
GU: 4 kg, always left arm has weight first because right shoulder down is the weird thing, x 5 alternating singles in fairly rapid succession.  Working out the form liking it.

PM: Planned MP, PU, DL

MP: 16 kg, lf, x 1-2-3, superset Archer PU x 2 each way, lf

rest about 5:00

repeat by rf on both things

rest about 5:00

Repeat as 1st set

rest about 5:00

DL:  as yesterday but opposite grips

245 x 5 r/u paused tng
295 x 2 r/u, x 2 l/u, x 2 r/u paused tng w/ 2-3 min rest between sets

Monday, April 23, 2018

GS, SW, GU, MP, Rings, DL

Today, Monday:


GS: bw only x 5, 24 kg x 5, x 1 @ 16 kg w/ 5 curls at the bottom

SW: 44 kg x 2h x 10, 9, 10 on the 1:30.  Shortened middle set by a rep because my balance felt funny.

Heart pounding by the end of the last set, time to stop for today w/ a goal of doing swings every day this week.



MP: 16 kg x 1-2-3, lf, w/o putting bell down, superset w/ Archer PU, lf, x 2 each way

rest a few

Repeat above


Rings: StC + FL x 1


Trying an experiment.  Today

245 x 5 l/u paused tng
295 x 2 l/u, x 2 r/u, x 2 l/u paused tng w/ 2-3 min rest between sets

The idea is to repeat this session a few times to come to a conclusion about which over/under I really prefer - I'm still not sure. l/u, r/o was the focus this session and what I've been competing with lately.

The plan is that 295 x 6 is my DDD, and 245 x 5 is my warmup.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Inman - first of the season


First Inman of the season.

5-foot, 30-lb (I think) bar (maybe 35?) with a 10 lb. rubber plate on each end.  Walk 17 minutes.  Back yard to street, right on Hope to Cedar, left to Gilbert, around the curve and right onto Hope, home and into the back yard.

Edit the following Friday:

Measure course w/ a wheel:  3546 feet, 6 inches, which equals 1081 meters

Friday, April 20, 2018

Dip, Headstand+LR, GU, GS, SW, 1APU, SN


rings: bw dip x 2

partial getups to elbow w/ 6 kg and 4 kg, about 5 each side total, Cramp in right hamstring - lovely....


another ring dip, deeper, slow, x 1

GS: 24 kg x 7

SW: 44 kg, 2h x 10 - focus on breaking the ceiling, x 10, focus on other things - power, lat connection - and also try to still break the ceiling.  Can't quite manage everything but it's progress.

Finish w/ headstand + 3 leg raises

Plan for PM is DL again

PM: Decided on 1APU and snatche

1APU - on first porch step outside, 1R and 1L - not making my bad disc happy

SN: 16 kg x 1L/R, 2L/R, 5L, 5R, 10L, 10R - lots of sorting out the taming-the-arc/high-pull part of the snatch on my right side.  Nothing heavier than 16 for a while.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

GU, SQ, SW, later MP, PU, DL

Wednesday off

Today, Thursday


various GU, GS, KB FSQ w/ 2 x 24 paused, and SW 44 kg x 6, 6

Planned PM: Press, PU, DL

MP: 16 kg, rf x 1, 2, 3 w/o putting bell down, superset to PU archer, lf

rest a few

Repeat above but MP lf, and archer rf and got one each way but twice while I was up there.

Focus is on keeping right shoulder rolled back into proper position, and then keeping it tight.


try to start each set w/ wedge, use light and paused tng for the remaining reps

225 x 6 double over
245 x 5 r/u
265 x 4 l/u
285 x 3 double over - grip was iffy
305 x 2 r/u - last rep quick descent
325 x 1 l/u  - slow grind, quick descent.  My son said the weight moved to the right in the middle of the ascent.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Light SQ, SW, GU

Some SQ to start the day

Everything very deep, pause, exhale, re-pressurize, come back up

GS: 24 kg x 5
GS: bw only x 5
FS: 95 lbs x 5
GS: 16 kg x 1 w/ 5 curls
HBSQ: 95 lbs x 7

Stood w/ 5-ft bar on my back for 3:00, did some 1-leg DL type movements, walked around a bit.


SW: 44 kg, 2h, 5 reps x 4 sets on long rests

GU: 4 kg, 4 alternating singles, bell on right side first, but done closer together today than yesterday.  Still playing with form and cues for my modified getup.

Recovery - GU, MP, PU, SN

Today, Monday, April 16

AM: getups w/ 4 kg, alternating singles, bell on right side first, 5 each way.

Experimenting with rolling over the down leg into a b-squat position, so far, liking it.



MP: 16 kg, various singles, doubles, and triples w/o putting the bell down, supersetted w/ Archer pullups in pairs (one each side)

SN: 16 kg x 10L, rest, 10R

Monday, April 16, 2018

Meet Results for April 14, 2018

April 14, 2018, Saturday - BP and DL at APF meet in Tribes Hill, NY.

Disappointing results:

BP: 165, 175, fail at 180

DL: 315, 335, fail at 360

First BP in a decade or more, also learning I need to stop taking 3 DL's - have taken 3 each of the last several meets and failed at every third attempt.  Also weighed in same day and at USAPL weight of 66 kg (145.5 lbs.)

Thursday, April 12, 2018


Been taking time off for the upcoming meet.  I had kicked around the idea of making it a low-key meet and therefore not tapering, but not doing my best at a meet just isn't in my nature, so we're in the midst of a nice stretch of very little lifting.

Last lifting was a week ago, so this is a 10-day-or-so taper.


BP: 135 x 2, 1 and 165, my planned meet opener, x 1

DL, all with competition (l/u and r/o) grip

225 x 3 tng
275 x 1
315 x 1

Wednesday, April 4, 2018



short walk


GS: 24 kg x 3, 36 kg x 2

BP: week 3, session 1

95 x 5
115 x 3
135 x 4
145 x 3
165 x 1

Planned: 135 x 3, 115 x 2
Actual: 135 x 9

DL, Ab Wheel


DL: bar on 4" blocks

reps w/ same weight done w/ standup reset and a few breaths between

225 x 1 r/u
225 x 1, 1 l/u - needed to push harder w/ left foot, hence 2nd rep

275 x 1 r/u
275 x 1 l/u

315 x 1 r/u
315 x 1 l/u

370 x 1 r/u
370 x 1 l/u - tiring but doable

390 x fail x r/u - lower back felt fatigued, didn't even bother to complete getting weight off the blocks.  Felt tired even approaching the bar.  Just couldn't get tight.  Next time, 375, 380, or 385 for more than 2 reps will be the goal - this is too heavy after 370, and maybe too heavy, period.  I think 375 would be prudent.

OHP: stick x 20

Wheel: 4th step, standing x 5 singles

Monday, April 2, 2018


BP: - might go 2, 1, 3 this week, week #3


Rings: StC + FL x 1

95 x 4 - middle fingers on rings, as usual of the last week or so
115 x 3
135 x 5
145 x 3
165 x 2
135 x 3
115 x 4 - index fingers on rings
95 x 3 - pinkies on rings