Friday, March 31, 2017


Today, Friday

walk (in the rain)

WM: 16 kg x 3L/R - feeling tired and cold, enough, left arm still shaky overhead

SW: 32 kg x 8's on the :55, 12 sets = 96 swings.  Still not enough in fingertips, maybe time to switch back to 28 or 24 kg for a little while and build back up again.  Breathing/timing iffy here - really couldn't have done more without longer rests and still maintained nasal breathing during recovery.

Will stop for the day now, tomorrow maybe 1APU, maybe MP, definitely DL, likely no swings or only a few.

Thursday, March 30, 2017


Today, Thursday:


WM: 16 kg x 5L/R - wobbly on left, and nerve/disc pressure for first 3 reps on right

44 kg x 1h x 5's on the :30, 8 sets - not much swinging going on, just trying to hang onto the weight, 40 reps

rest 1 extra minute

32 kg x 1h x 8's on the :45, 6 sets, 88 total swings

1APU: @ 12" x 2L/R, 2L/R

DL: 285 conventional, all singles, all quick drops, all stand-up resets

x 1, 1 double over
x 1, 1 right under
x 1, 1 left under

I continue to experiment with my start, and it continues to work best if I stand a little behind the bar and let my knees come forward a little so that I get a better push.  Wasn't feeling especially tight on form, but really dialed it in for the final rep - focused on gripping with 4th and 5th fingers, on screwing feet into the ground, and the weight came up pretty quickly.

Variety - WM, StC, FSQ

Wed - variety day, mobility and abs

WM: 14 kg x 5L/R

SkinTheCat on the rings w/ angled front lever hold x 1

FSQ: Empty bar x 2

StC sequence again x 1 - better this time, stayed tighter into bottom, so better coming out of it.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Today, Tuesday

WM: 14 kg x 4L/R

GSQ: 32 kg x 3

SW: On the 2:00, 32 kg x 16's, lf, total 4 sets, 64 reps

Recovery feels better overall than a couple of months ago.

Carry the double bass this morning also felt like it benefitted from doing regular swings

1APU @ 12: 3L/R, 3L/R

long break

MP: 20 kg x 5L/R, 5L/R - best at this weight, windmills are helping, as is regular MP practice.

DL: 285, conventional

x 1, 1 - double over, light touch-n-go
x 1, 1 - right under, quick reset w/o standing up
x 1, 1 - left under, light touch-n-go

Monday, March 27, 2017

WM, DL (80% Day on DDD)

Yesterday, Sunday - lots of driving

Today, Monday, no swings because it's a heavy DL day

a few bw and light goblet squats

In fact, no 1APU or presses, either.  Heavy DL day is going to be

bw x 1
12 kg x 2L/R, x 5L/R - time for heavier next time


DDD 80% day (Day #7)

Decided to warm up much like I might at a PL meet:

Straddle DL, 1 each way, with 225 on the bar


225 x 4 double overhand
275 x 1 double over
305 x 2 double over, light touch-n-go
305 x 1, 1 right under, fall w/ bar, stand up, quick reset and go, fall w/ the bar again
305 x 1, 1 left under, fall w/ bar, stand up, quick reset and go, fall w/ the bar again

Saturday, March 25, 2017


Today, Saturday

44 k x 2h x 8
32 kg x 8R, 8L, 8R, 8L

rest extra 1:00

on the :90

44 k x 2h x 10
32 kg x 10R, 10L, 10R, 10L - total = 90 swings

Friday, March 24, 2017

SW, 1APU, MP, DDD #6

Today, Friday

walk, walk and walk again - nice

Forgot to do windmills - will do them tomorrow, Saturday

SW: 32 kg x 15's, rf this time, on the 2:30 - about :20-25 work and 2:05-10 rest, so roughly 5:1 rest:work ratio.  Each hand twice so total 60 reps in 8:00.


1APU @ 12" x 2 - that'll do for today

MP: 20 kg x 5, 5

DL: 285 conventional

x 1, 1 - double overhand, fall with the weight
x 1, 1 - right under, fall with the weight
x 1, 1 - left under, fall with the weight

Trying to take out the slack, then get a good push to start, then keep everything back and not let the knees come forward midway through the lift

WM, SW, 1APU, MP, DDD #5

Today, Thursday


cossack sequence ending w/ bw windill

WM: 3L/R

SW: on the :55
(44 kg x 5, 32 kg x 5L, 32 kg x 5R) x 3 = 45 reps

1APU @ 12: x 3L/R, 3L/R - getting tighter in the glutes, better!

MP: 20 kg x 5L/R, 5L/R

DL: 285 lb conventional

x 2 double overhand, light touch-and-go
x 2 right under, light touch-and-go
x 2 left under, light touch-and-go - one day off and I feel very strong with this weight.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

SW, Wheel

Today, Wednesday - variety day, no DL, no 1APU, no MP


SW: 32 kg x 1h OTM: x 12, 8, 6, 5, 7 = 76 total reps - just starting to find shoulder pack/connection at lockout on left side.  Not a big focus on keeping shoulders back and together at the top today, but a big focus on driving completely with the hips.

WHEEL: standing, 4th step, 2 reps - should do these more often, although doing them after swings means doing them with fatigued abs already.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

WM, SW, 1APU, MP, DDD #4

Today, Tuesday


WM: 12 kg x 3L/R - improving

SW: 32 kg OTM: 10L, 10R, 8L, 8R, 6L, 6R - total 48

1APU: @12" x 2L/R, 2L/R

walk more

long break

MP: 20 kg x 5L/R, 5L/R - the long break after 1APU helps

DL: 285, as usual, conventional, but slow negative on all reps today

x 1, 1 double overhand
x 1, 1 right under
x 1, 1 left under

Monday, March 20, 2017


Yesterday, Sunday, lots of driving

Today, Monday


WM: 12 kg x 3L/R

SW: 32 kg x 10's OTM, 4 sets - still not really locking out hips and knees, total 40 reps

Long break

1APU: @ 10" x 1L/R, x 1L/R, @ 12 x 1L/R, 2 alternating singles, 2L/R = 7 reps each side

MP: 20 kg x 4L/R (a little sore behind left shoulder blade, 4L/R (more sore behind left shoulder blade but form felt great).  Decided to stop here

DL: conventional, 285, usual format

x 1, 1 double over
x 1, 1 right under
x 1, 1 left under

somewhat controlled negatives on some.

Saturday, March 18, 2017


Today, Saturday


SW: 32 kg x 1h on the :55, 12 sets, total 60 swings



1APU @ 10" (new level) x 2L/R, @12" x 4L/R (think 4 @ 12" is new PR as well)

WM: 12 kg x 2L/R - had done 8 kg and 10 kg a day or two ago, want to keep doing these

MP: 20 kg x 3L/R, 4L/R, 1L/R - held bell on left side near sticking point and listened to a virtual fireworks display of shoulder pops and cracks - felt fine during and afterwards but was quite the thing to listen to).  8 reps, same as yesterday, will stop there.

DL: DDD #2
285 lbs. conventional
x 1, 1 double over
x 1, 1 right under
x 1, 1 left under - these last two felt great

Friday, March 17, 2017

SW, 1APU, MP, DDD #1

Today, Thursday

SW: 32 kg x 2h x 22

1APU: 3L/R, 3L/R - first time for 2 triples @ 12" box

MP: 20 kg x 5L/R, 4L/R

DL: DDD #1: 285 lbs, conventional

x 1, 1 double over, quick reset at bottom
x 1, 1 right under, quick reset at bottom
x 1, 1 left under, quick reset at bottom

quick reset 2nd reps aren't as good, maybe need to lower more slowly, not sure I want to keep doing these.

1st rep left under was _great_, added cue of pushing/screwing feet into ground.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

More Variety: WM, 1APU, DL, MP, WHEEL

Today, Wednesday

WM: 4 kg x 2L/R, 8 kg x 2L/R

1APU: @ 12" x 2L/R

DL: A few 225 lb. DL's while coaching Josh's friends

MP: 20 kg x 5L/R

WHEEL: Standing, 4th step, x 2

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Variety Day

Tuesday - it's a snow day here.

Skin the Cat on the rings, also some front lever practice - managed one leg out a little on both side

Windmill (WM): 12 kg x 2L/R - right shoulder sore from yesterday, and these kind of hit that, not making it worse but starting to loosen up some things.  Need to keep doing these!  Did some 10 kg windmills yesterday and BnP starts but didn't write them down.

PU: bw x 4 - right shoulder not happy, not going to push it.

Lots of snow shoveling.

Monday, March 13, 2017



Some light bent presses and windmill.  Right side is always problematic - have to keep belly tight and focus on only rotating t-spine, otherwise disc problem at my herniated L4-L5.  Some progress today, did 10 kg windmills then 10 kg bent presses.


20 kg, 13L+13R in about 1:20, nothing good happening here - not explosive, rough landing on right side, too long at bottom.

20 kg: 10L+10R in 1:00 - much, much better.  Solid pause at the top, more active throwback, much more explosive on the way up and, most importantly, a strong, smooth finish on most reps on both side.

1APU: @ 12" (box) x 3L/R - first triple at this elevation, 2L/R

DL: 285 conventional, all singles (stand up between), all on short rest

x 2 overhand
x 2 right under
x 2 left under

Sunday, March 12, 2017


Yesterday, just a few things while training

Today, Sunday

SW, all sets of 10
OTM: 32 kg x 2h, 32 kg x L, 32 kg x R
rest extra :60
OTM: 40 kg x 2h, 32 kg x L, 32 kg x R = 60 reps

1APU: @ 12", 2L/R

PU: bw x 12

Friday, March 10, 2017


Today, Friday


SW: 32 kg x 1h x 6' OTM, lf, total 12 sets, 60 reps

rest ~20 min

SN: 20 kg

On the 2:00, finish in 10:40
6L+6R = 12
6L+6R = 24
7L+7R = 38
8L+8R = 54
9L+9R = 72 SN reps

GU: 12 kg and bw, a few to hand and elbow, more on left down side

DL: sumo today

225 x 2 overhand, quick reset at bottom
245 x 2, same
265 x 2, same
285 x 1 r/u
285 x 1 l/u

Thursday, March 9, 2017


Yesterday, Wednesday, walked and tuned a piano.  Sore from pullups

Today, Thursday, still sore from pullups and from piano tuning

1APU: x 3 @18", x 2 @ 12", x 2 @ 12"

PU: @ bw x 10

DL: 285 x 1, 1, 1, 1+1 tng, double over, felt good.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Today, Tuesday


GU: 12 kg, to the hand x 1L, several R, to tall kneeling, again more on left side w/ right arm in the air

Goblet SQ: 1 rep w/ 32 kg, just to try it out.

SW:  32 kg x 2h x 5's, total 30 reps, no timer, videotaped, working on form

SN:  20 kg x 5's on the :45, 4 sets, 20 reps total.  Form felt good


@ 18" (bench) x 1L/R
@ 12" (box) x 1L/R
@ 18" (bench) x 3L/R
@ 12" (box) x 2L/R

MP: 20 kg x 5L/R, 5L/R

DL: after watching Ed Coan teach sumo on YouTube

225 x 1, 1 sumo, overhand - best Sumo reps I've ever done.
275 x 1, 1 sumo, overhand - short pause at bottom w/o losing tightness, same as above
275 x 1, 1, 1 sumo, overhand - again short pause at bottom.

Need to video some of these sumo reps to see what they look like, need to focus on chest bigger at the start.

Edit - back to do some pullups:

bb style x 2
Tactical PU x 8

Monday, March 6, 2017

SW, 1APU, DL variety and DL

Saturday, just walk

Sunday, just walk

Today, Monday, walk a lot

GU: 10 kg x 1R, 3-4L, all just to elbow

SW: 24 and 32 kg x 2h by 1 set each, just looking for deep hinge.

1APU: 5L/R, 1L/R, 1L/R - took video, butt still too up in the air.


2" bar x 225 x straddle, 1 each way

Tried behind the back DL with thumbless grip with the above, didn't go well

275 x 1 r/u, x 1 l/u w/ reset at bottom

300 x same - easy

Friday, March 3, 2017


Today, Friday

walk, walk, and walk again

SW, all OTM:
44 kg x 2h x 7
44 kg x 2h x 8
32 kg x 7L
32 kg x 7R
32 kg x 10L
32 kg x 10R - total 48 swing

rest ~ 7:00

SN: 20 kg x 10's, LF, OTM, total 40 reps - each set got better, more explosive, better loading the backswing, shorter duration and yet quicker recovery.


MP: 20 kg, lf, x 4 - short on time.

DL: all 275, all conventional, all doubles t-n-g
x 2 overhand
x 2 right under
x 2 left under

Thursday, March 2, 2017


Stretch a bit first - cossack sequence including bw windmill

SW, all OTM

44 kg x 2h x 5
44 kg x 2h x 5
32 kg x 5L
32 kg x 5R

continue as above twice more, total 60 swings in 12 min



20 kg - OTM
5L, 5R, 5L, 5R - total 20 snatches, maximum explosive up, pull down, maximum hip/hammie load at bottom

Trying to keep the SW/SN volume low enough that I can do it more often.  I seem to like to do a lot and then take a day or two off.


1APU: on bench (18"): 1L/R, 1L/R - starting to dread these, need to keep the volume lower for a bit

18 kg: x 5L/R
20 kg x 4L/R

DL: all 275, all conventional, all doubles t-n-g
x 2 overhand
x 2 right under
x 2 left under