Wednesday, July 31, 2019


Today, Tuesday

walk 2 mi

14: MP x 5 + WM x 2, lf - posture wasn't perfect on right side windmills and I felt that a little
14: MP x 8 + WM x 1, lf - need to go super slow on the way back up with right side sometime, did that a little bit today but need it more often and to really keep driving the weight up the entire time - elbow feels like it bends a little, tricky to know because my elbows hyperextend but still a thing to be mindful of.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

SW, MP+WM, BP, DL, all light

Off Saturday and Sunday

Today, Monday

Cossack sequence, added 1-arm, 2-leg plank after outside hip stretch and before WM.

Q&D-ish: 14 kg 1-arm swing, lf, as in 033. Two series so total 40 swings, 20 per side, 10 per side per series

14 kg: MP x 5 + WM x 1, lf


BP: barbell, 95 lbs x 8, focus on figuring out what sort of "break the bar" feels good to my shoulders, and on feeling lined up correctly at lockout - left side doesn't seem to like the lockout position.

DL: on 1-1/2" platform, 120 kg x 10 singles on the :55

Friday, July 26, 2019

MP w/ kb and bar

Today, Friday

Short Buteyko walk, 1 pause

walk to bank

Buteyko walk, 3 pauses

Bar hang x 1 untimed

12 kg: MP x 5 + WM x 1, lf
repeat - getting better

Barbell MP: empty bar x 5, 5 - just looking for good form and grip width for me.

DL, Press, WM

Last Wednesday, July 17, I did an Inman walk workout, then took a shower and taught a guitar lesson, and after first noticing my back was quite stiff, realized I'd put my back out, somehow.

It was a pretty unpleasant first few days, but I have righted the ship as of a few days ago. Tuesday, no symptoms at all. From Thursday through Monday, worked on stretching what was tight, but mostly on noticing how overtrained I'd become. The previous week saw a much higher frequency of Inman walks, albeit not a big increase in weekly volume, but I guess spreading out the volume cut into recovery in a serious way. That, plus a long drive in a car with a clutch on the Saturday before, plus some deadlifting, all conspired to overtrain my lower back.

Today, Thursday:

12 kg: MP x 5 + WM x 1, lf, and repeat. This is a "2 x 5" kind of press workout.

long break

Barbell BP: first in a while, bar x 4, 95 lb x 4, x 6 - settled on middle fingers on rings, wore Oly shoes in lieu of using blocks under my feet

DL: 115 kg on 3 board platform (2-1/4") x 12 singles on the :55

Tuesday, July 16, 2019


Today, Tuesday

6 kg: MP x 5, WM x 3

12 kg: MP x 5, WM x 2

14 kg: MP x 5, WM x 1

Sunday, July 14, 2019


Today, Sunday

6 kg x (1 press + 1 WM), 3 alternating singles
8 kg as above x 2 alternating singles
10 kg x 2 press + 1 WM
12 kg x same

105 kg (65% 1RM) on 3"(4 x 3/4") platform, double overhand, solid pause at lockout

15 singles on the :55, total elapsed time 13:00, 10-sec pause at last lockout, had hoped for longer

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Inman Walks

Yesterday, Friday

Inman walks, again only 2 of them, about 250 yards each with 175 lbs. About 3:30 to execute the first one, went on the 15:00 for the second one.

First time doing this 2 days in a row.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Rain-shortened Inman Walks

4 mile walk

Rings: StC + 1 Archer (both sides) before lowering - this was my warmup.

Inman walks - only got in 2 before it started raining, but used 175 lb and went a bit longer than last time.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019


More cleaning


Cossack sequence + bw WM

5 x MP + 3 x WM, lf, @ 10 kg

Monday, July 8, 2019

DL w/ longer lockout

Today, Monday

Lots of cleaning and schlepping things today.

Cossack sequence + bw WM

WM: 5 x MP + 1 x WM, lf w/ 8 kg
repeat w/ 12 kg

conventional on 3" platform
110 kg
5 singles, double overhand, with a 15-20 second hold in lockout position on each rep. Looking to improve grip endurance for Inman. Did a new rep every 2:00, probably need to wait longer between.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Inman walks

Nothing during the week of July 1 until Friday, July 5 - still eating everything in sight.

Friday, July 5:

Inman walk. 165 lbs, about 150-200 yards on the 10:00, 7 reps total, each rep took about 2-3 minutes depending on walking speed. Lots of experimenting with posture, walking speed, mental imagery, grip width. Had planned on 8 reps but by the end of the 7th rep, it felt like enough. Did this at 3 pm on a hot, humid day.

Nothing else that day except some windmills, also did some windmills yesterday, Saturday