Wednesday, August 3, 2022

August 3, 2022: Variety

walk about 2.5 miles NP: 8 kg x 5R/L Rings: StC, not quite all the way down but further than yesterday KB Clean: 20 kg x 10L, 10R, 5L, 5R - working on clean form, making sure there is no left elbow or shoulder discomfort. Maybe a little on first set left, but right side was good, and I tried to learn from my right side to my left and the second set (of 5 reps only) on the left was much better and zero discomfort. Rings: Stc + angled FL PU: l-sit x 1 WM: 4 kg x 3R, 3L, 2R GU: 12 kg x 1L/R WHEEL: 4th step x 1 3rd step x 2 2nd step x 1 3rd step x 1, 1

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