Tuesday, March 7, 2023

March 7, 2023: GU, KBMP,

Last week, shovelled snow on Tuesday AM, started feeling lousy Tuesday PM, positive Covid test the next day. Slept a lot, not real exercise for about a week. Yesterday, Monday, moved some heavy things around the house, also did my usual Rings work StC and partial tuck FL Today, Tuesday Rings: StC + 1-leg lever, a few seconds with each leg straight by itself and the other tucked GU: a different approach today, lf, all 8 kg today, also 5L to elbow, 5R to elbow rest 5L to hand, 5R to hand break KBMP: 16 kg x 3R/L, 3R/L, 5R/L, 8R/L - total 19 reps each side, next time we'll put in some 18 kg

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