Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Today, Wednesday - variety day


WM: 16 kg, bw x 1 each side, then attempted 5L/R with a focus I started at the end a couple of days ago, of a better lockout at the top after each rep.  Interestingly, this hits the weirdness in my right shoulder on the _next_ rep, and as I was finishing the 3rd rep on the right side, my elbow bent and I decided to terminate the set.  I rested a few minutes and did another set of 3R, which went better but feeling again that I'm touching on the right shoulder weirdness.

The discomfort on the right side is much worse with bent press, so I think I have something I can work with here.

On _both_ side, locking out is a problem because my elbows hyperextend.  The left does this more than the right, and the left is more wobbly since I can't really lock out.  I'm sure I'll figure it out sooner or later, but for now, 16 kg gets wobbly, and we will stay with 16 kg until it's not and then a little after that.

SW: maybe it's because I'm moving forward very well on my deadlifts, but swings just want to be on the way back burner this week.

24 kg: 10's on the :30, lf, total 4 sets.  Expected to be able to go longer with this but not at all interested in pushing things so 40 reps today after 30 reps yesterday.  Interestingly, breathing numbers have been up, so maybe these go together somehow - focus is on the ends of the spectrum, heavy barbell DLs and Buteyko breathing.

Thought about getups but running short on time, maybe tomorrow.

Plan is DL tomorrow, Thursday, then off Friday, and do Friday's planned 325 lb. lift on Saturday at the TSC.

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