Thursday, April 20, 2017

DDD #21 - 90% x 2 singles

Today, Thursday

short walk


short walk

WM: bw only

DL: all conventional, DDD Day #21, 90% which is 345 lbs., plan is 4 singles.

singles @ 225, 275, 315 - all double over

345 x 1 right under - slow but kept moving
345 x 1 left under - same, but jammed left wrist a little putting the bar down quickly

In neither rep did I pull the bar into my body, just took it straight up.
Will now try pulling it in actively and keeping more weight on my heels.

Planned two more singles but first one failed - just too tired, and the strategy of pulling in didn't work because I stopped think about pushing the ground away.

So, 5 deadlift singles today, was hoping for more reps @ 345 but that's life. Need to play with pulling in at lighter weights, will try that tomorrow.

Overall, tired today, and was nervous going into this session, but nothing hurts, nothing broke, and I feel like I could do plenty of reps with a lighter weight right now if I wanted to, so I think we can call this according to the plan, and I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

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