Friday, April 14, 2017


Wednesday night - drive to CT
Thursday - drive home from CT

Today, Friday

Yard work - spent an hour or two at the top of a ladder, sawing.

WM: bw x 1L/R, 20 kg x 2L/R - first try on right side caught disc, so put it down, shook things out, got tight, and tried again, this time with success.

1APU: @ 12" x 1L/R, 3 alternating singles - better, and enough.  Again, issues w/ disc on right side today but able to get past them.

DL: 286 lbs., conventional - going to try 10 reps today instead of lifting today and tomorrow.  All light touch-and-go

x 4 overhand
x 3 right under
x 3 left under

Really pretty easy, and now no DL until Monday, so we've done 4 days lifting in 3, Sun/Wed/Fri this week.

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