Friday, May 18, 2018


Today, Friday

Found a park, walked a bit

At a turnpike rest stop, did:

MP: 20 kg, lf, 1, 2

then put the 20 kg overhead and walked about 50 steps left, and 50 steps right.  Left side lockout was not good.

At LA Fitness in Chicago:


225 x 2, 5 (switched bars because collars weren't rotating), double over, paused tng
275 x 2 r/u - felt weak
295 x 5 l/u - felt good although didn't keep back really tightly locked out - felt like yesterday's 315 were better in that regard.

Nice walk, 10-15 min, each way from hotel to gym and back.


Yesterday, Thursday, while on the road at LA Fitness in Maumee, IL, at 5:30 PM after 500 miles of driving:


225 x 5, double over, paused tng

275 x 5, double over, paused tng - double over, with nice, long pauses at lockout and the bottom, was a mistake, and although I finished it, the bar was starting to slip out of my grip.

315 x 4, l/u, paused tng - PR reps at this weight
315 x 3, r/u, paused tng

NB: June 23 meet has me in the Saturday afternoon flight, so late-in-the-day DL's are good practice.

Also did GS w/ 20 kg x 10 reps at 11 AM in a rest stop, and stretched a bit there, too

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Today, Wednesday


GU: quite a few, mostly bw, some w/ 12 kg


20 kg, rf, x 4
20 kg, lf, x 4

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Today, Tuesday

breathing walk w/ run at end - getting ever further, and it's getting easier as I'm able to relax into my form more.

walk, some bw-windmills along the way

245 x 3 double over, paused tng

295 x 8 l/u paused tng - left side was coming up slower at first, corrected but not sure how.

Another PR workout from a list that's based ona 366 1RM

Monday, May 14, 2018



GU: 10 kg x 2 alternating singles, lf
1 alternating single - 3 in a day is a best w/ this (admittedly paltry) weight for our current go-round.

20 kg, lf, 1-2
20 kg, rf, 4

rest - idea is to repeat above w/ opposite starting sides

20 kg, rf, 1-2-3 - good, was feeling like the extra rung was possible, and it was
20 kg, lf, 5 - again, we total 18 reps/side - must be a good number :)

PU: archer, 1 rf, rest, 1 lf - trying to always keep close ring pulled down low.  2nd set better - I am less good at straightening my right arm and then bringing it back to a strong position.

Plan for later: deadlifts

Went to LA Fitness for the first time:


225 x 5 double over, paused tng
275 x 5 r/u, paused tng
315 x 3, l/u, paused tng
315 x 3, l/u, paused tng - 2 triples at this weight is a PR session

Saturday, May 12, 2018


Today, Saturday


GU: 10 kg x 1 each way, lf - shoulders have been feeling like they're letting go of long-held tensions.  Today, shoulders felt shaky w/ weight overhead, so stopped at 1 rep and might come back and do more later.


20 kg, rf, 1-2
20 kg, lf, 4
20 kg, rf, 1-2

archer PU, rf, 3 each way.  My wife watched and said I kept the close ring pulled down lower on the first rep either side.  Interesting.  Some slight discomfort on right side on those 2nd and 3rd reps, nothing awful, just felt a little misaligned but not by a lot.  I do better with these when I do them more often and only do 2 reps each side.

Tentative plan is to deadlift later today or tomorrow.


Friday, May 11, 2018


Lifted Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, took yesterday off

Today, Friday


225 x 3 double over, paused tng
285 x 9 l/u paused tng

long break - phone call

285 x 4 r/u paused tng