Wednesday, December 7, 2016

SW, GU, 1APU, Pistol, BP, OHP

Wed - a couple of walks

SW: 2h:

00:00: 32 kg x 10
01:00: 40 kg x 10 (take extra 1 min rest)
03:00: 48 kg x 10

Rest 5-10 min, repeat - total 60 2h swings today

GU: 12 kg

1L (right down), 1R to elbow
2L to elbow, 1 to hand; 2R to elbow, 1 to hand

1APU (light touch on other foot, so almost 1A1LPU): 5L, 5R, rest, 3L, 3R

Pistol: 6 kg: 2 alternating singles, lf, rest, ,then 2L, 2R - progress.  Trying to feel weight shift on foot on left side as I do on right - this helps.  I think 3 per side is the most so far this go-round.

BP: 135 x 6, 4 - getting better.  Again, super tight in glutes + super big in chest and using lats makes this work

PU: bw + 20kg on left foot x 1, on right foot x 1 - been missing doing these

OHP: 85 lb x 4, 3, 4 - focused on better belly for last set, was leaning back too far.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

SW, GU, 1APU, BP, Pistol

Today, Tuesday:

Short walk, some stretching:

SW: 20 kg, 10's on the :45, lf, total 100, pulse was 107 when I took it afterwards. First time I've done 100 in a while.

GU: alternating singles w/ 10 kg, 4 each side, I think.  Started w/ left side down, didn't go on first attempt, better to start other side and 'find' things first.  First time skipping bw-only warmup, also because of that that first one didn't go.

1APU: 5L, 5R, 2L, 2R
1A1LPU: 2L, 2R - everything on box on bench, about 28" elevation. belly really firing afterwards

BP: 135 x 5, 3 - same as yesterday, more tired because of 1A pushups before - this is a good result

No OHP today - tired and short on time

Pistol: bw + 6kg x 1L, 1R, 1L, 1R - not much rest after first pair, learning how to drive forward harder on left side which is helping stability.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Walk, GU, SW, BP, OHP

Sunday, yesterday, good breathing walk, later while teaching, some near-max explosiveness 2h swings: 32 kg x 10, and 40 kg x 10, while demonstrating for students.  Felt _great_ to do.

Today, Monday

Lots of walking, probably 5 miles or so, and still tired from yesterday as I usually am on Mondays.  Short lifting session:

GU: several to elbow bw only, several w/ 10 kg bell

SW: 32 kg x 10L, 10R - too heavy, really, but like to do these once in a while.  No more swings today

BP: 135 lb. for the first time, x 5, x 3.  Focus on supertight glutes

OHP:  85 x 4, 5 - improving.  Focus again on glutes

Saturday, December 3, 2016

SW, GU, 1APU, 1A1L DL, Pistol, BP, OHP

Rough Thursday evening and night - nose started bleeding, woke up in middle of night with another nose bleed

Friday, woke up with vertigo (severe dizziness).  Cancelled all plans for Friday except a few lessons at home in the afternoon, took herbal water pills I use before PL meets, ate very little all day including dinner of just a half a piece of salmon and a big salad.

Saturday AM, much better

breathing walk
also walk to grocery store

4 PM or so

Swing: 32 kg x 2h x 10, 10

GU: 10 kg x 5 R, 5 L - might try 12 kg next time, and maybe fewer than 5 reps.  Dizziness definitely worse on second side.

1APU - 5L, 5R on my usual bench+box elevation.  Don't think I'm ready for lower just yet but perhaps soon.

1A1L DL @ 24 kg: 3L pretty easily, 3R not nearly as good - I don't want to displace my hip to the right enough, doing that more fixes things.  Need to do these more often

Pistol: 1L/R, short rest, repeat - using 6 kg.  Getting better slowly

BP: 125 lb x 6, 6 - very dizzy when getting up, need to stay at this weight or close to it and regain glute tightness - losing that makes lower back stiffer afterwards

OHP: 75 lb x 7, 85 x 3 - lower back a little tired, decided not to be a pig about it

Thursday, December 1, 2016

GU, Pistol, 1AP, BP, OHP


Excellent GU session:

bw x 2 each side

Then stacked a 4 kg and a 6 kg in right, did

2 to hand, 4 to elbow, 1 to hand

then switch sides - nice that, so far, no weird pains in upper right back where cartilage is damaged

Elevated 1AP - 3L, 3R - better

Pistol: 8 kg, 1L/R, 1L/R

BP: 115 x 8, 125 x 5 - honestly did not feel the extra 10 lbs, a good sign
Focus on setup: supertight glutes, big chest, pull the bar down, break the bar in half, and lats, lats, lats

OHP: 75 lb x 5, 5 - focus on supertight glutes and using the back - lats to start, pull down with lats for negative.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

kb MP, GU, SW

Variety Wednesday - feeling tired from Mon/Tue of the same, relatively new lifts


24 kg kb MP x 4 lf, superset PU @ bw + 16 kg on left foot x 2
24 kg kb MP x 3 lf, superset PU @ bw + 16 kg on right foot x 2


GU: bw x 2 left(down side), x 2 right
6 kg bell, as above, 2 each way
6 kg bell - full range getup x 1 each way, knees not happy but need to do this every once in a while


SW: 24 kg, 10's on the :60, lf, chest high (arm parallel to ground), focus on lat involvement - packed shoulder at the top.  Lockout is improving, finding balance issues on right as technique improves.  Best swing workout in a long time, nose breathing for all recovery although I suspect HR higher than recommended, going 10's @ 24kg on the minute felt like _lots_ of rest.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

SW, GU, OAP, Pistol, BP, OHP

Rake leaves for about 3/4 hour

Swing: 32 kg:

00:00 - 10L
00:45 - 10R

01:45 - 10L
02:30 - 10R

enough for now, more later - break

Swing: 24 kg:

00:00 - 15L
01:00 - 15R
02:00 - 10L
03:00 - 10R - 90 swings today


GU: 3 alternating singles bw-only, 3L/3R w/ 4 kg - feels the same as bw-only, felt good to do a few consecutive reps on each side.  All reps to hand today

OAP - 2L, 2R, 2L, 2R on my bench+box setup.  2nd set better, but doing these on my left side plays with my bad disc.

Pistol: 6 kg: 1L, 1R, 1L, 1R - second set better, need to work very hard at these right now, have been away from them for too long.

BP: 115 x 5, 5 - second set felt easy.

OHP: 75 x 4, 6