Saturday, August 27, 2016

Swing, Light SQ, light BP, DL


Swing: 32 kg x 2h x 11,  20 kg x 12R, 20 kg x 12L, 32 kg x 2h x 15

SQ: put on Oly shoes, high bar, index fingers on rings

empty bar x 10

95 lbs. x 10 - slow at the sticking point, even with this light weight, so we'll stay with very light weights and work on getting used to the high bar and the shoes and try to get some speed before going heavier.

BP: still in SQ shoes, seems to help, index fingers on rings.

90 lbs. x 1, 3, 5 - I am starting to remember what little I used to know about how to do this.

DL: all double overhand, conventional

225 x 1
225 x 1, 1 for speed

275 x 5 singles

Friday, August 26, 2016



Walk a couple of times

Friday of Prep Cycle #2, Week 1: need 15 reps today

21.14 x 3, 24 x 1, 28 x 1 (5)

28 kg single was interesting - it went like this:

clean left - didn't feel good so didn't try the press, but put the bell down, waited a few seconds and
clean right, press right, and waited a bit.  The press was slow but it went
cleaned left but again, it didn't feel good, so walked away for a few minutes
came back, clean left and press left.  Again, the press was slow but I fought it out and got it.

Conclusion: I am fortunate to be able to self-diagnose and self-teach enough to have fixed my crappy clean on my left side.  I must clean better with the lighter weights if I want to keep making progress with the heavier ones.

21.14 x 4, 24 x 1 (10)

Had planned another 21 then 24 but it felt good to do 24 back to back and then finish with a backoff set

24 x 2, 21.14 kg x 3 (15), avg 22.36 kg, HARI 79.9%

Working on my clean w/ 24 and 21 kg, did a really slow, controlled negative after the double @ 24 kg, not terribly comfortable on left side but that's life with arthritis in my shoulder.

NB: No swings today, might DL tomorrow, think I overdid the partial ROM DL's on Wednesday and also the pullups.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Press, PU, Short ROM DL


SQ: empty bar, a few

BP: empty bar, a few, then a quarter on each end and for a few more.  Trying index fingers on the rings.

32 kg: 2h-swing x 10, 16 (was going to try 20 again but I had a few really good ones at reps 11-15 and then they didn't feel as good so I stopped)

Wed of Prep Cycle #2, week 1: 12 reps

Mil Press:
24 kg x 2 (no PU), 3 (SS w/ PU +16 kg x 2), 2 (no PU) (7)
21.14 kg x 5 (SS w/ PU +16 kg x 3) (12), avg 22.8 kg, HARI 81.45%

DL - partials in the rack, each weight for two singles, one with each alternate grip

Initial ROM was very short, maybe 1"

225, 315, 381 (kg plates), 425 (more kg plates), 

Add 1-1/2" platform and 425 again for two singles.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A little DL and some swings

I have been logging my training on a private forum on the StrongFirst site but I will try to catch up here.

Today, Tuesday, August 23

32 kg: 2h-swing x 20

Press - duct taped a 2.5 lb plate to the bottom of a 20 kg so it's now officially :) 21.14 kg.  I needed the extra weight for a pressing program I've written for myself and am following.  My recent 1RM is 28 kg, and 20 kg was just too low a percentage of that.  21.14 kg is very close to 75%, much better for me.

24 kg x 2, 21.14 kg x 4 (6)
24 kg x 2, 21.14 kg x 4 (12)
21.14 kg x 3, 24 kg x 4 (19)

DL: 225 behind the back

x 2 w/ reset at bottom,
x 2 touch-n-go

245 behind the back x 1, 1 - I used to be great at these, no longer - disappointing but I will get it back.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Variety: 2h-swing, PU

Thursday - an off/variety day

Swings on long (10-min-ish) rests

24 kg: 2h-swing x 10

(32 kg: 2h-swing x 10) x 2 - last set, finally got something of the feeling of being "tall" at the lockout - looked for it before I picked up the bell and tried to revisit it at the top of each swing.  This make balance at lockout, how feet connect to the ground, etc., different, more solid and secure, and just plain better in every way.

PU: bw + what's below, all pause at top, pause in dead hang at bottom

24 kg on right x 1, on left x 1

20 kg on right x 2, on left x 2

16 kg on right x 3, on left x 3 video

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Press, DL

Wednesday, less than an hour to lift, will do lowest volume today: 21 presses, 13 DL's

AM - walked, stretched a little

20 kg x 4, 24 kg x 1 (5)
20 kg x 5, 24 kg x 1 (11)
20 kg x 4, 24 kg x 1 (16)
20 kg x 5 (21) avg 20.6 kg, HARI/AR 76.2%

DL: 4-2-1, 3-2-1 for 13 reps

warmup: 235 x 1, 1

257 x 4, 277 x 3, 257 x 6, avg 261.6 lb., HARI/ARI 75.8% (of 345 lb. guesstimated 1RM)

Left for this week - Friday or Saturday: 28 presses, 17 DL's

Tuesday, August 9, 2016




20 kg: 1h swing, 10L, 10R, 10L, 10R