Friday, November 17, 2017

More Variety - Rings, SW, WM

Today, Friday, run after breathing walk

While training, a few goblet squats, a few light 1-kg FS

WM: 6 kg x 5L/R but had to stop right side after 2 reps because disk felt funny, shook things out, and finished the last 3 reps.  Definitely an exercise I need to do more, and maybe warmup with no weight first.  Funny but the size of the weight isn't the issue - having any weight up there does something different to form.

Rings: StC + FL x 2 - first time doing more than 1 in a while, went fine, took 5 min rest between

SW: Repeat w/o of 2 days ago, OTM:

20 kg x 10L, 10R
32 kg x 10T, 10T
20 kg x 10L, 10R - 60 swings

Things to work on:

left arm just not connected to my body in a powerful way
need better lockout in left and in 2-hand
right needs to remain w/ weight in center of body at the front and not to the right side.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

More Variety: Rings, FSQ, 1APU, C&P, Straddle Fat Bar DL

More variety.


Floor work, Cossack squat stretch.  Feeling a little nauseous and dehydrated, so took a break and drank some water

Rings: StC + FL x 1 - held the FL higher than usual of late, so worse in that regard, but better position overall - tighter upper back, tight glutes - and held it for longer.  Overall, feels good

FSQ: empty barbell, socks, normal FSQ rack position x 10 - thought about a second set but that's enough for today.  Was working on finding maximum depth without collapsing - focus on good dorsiflexion.

1APU: @ 12" x 2L/R - improving/returning to form.  Figuring out how not to overdo keeping right elbow close, which takes away a lot of things and makes shoulder pop sometimes

C&P: 18 kg, alternating singles, total 2 each side lf.  Didn't like my rack position on the right side, good for me to keep doing this to get practice for that.

DL: straddle, 2" bar, 205 lbs.  Bar is 33 lbs. (IronMind Apollon's Axle) plus a 2.5 kg plate on each side semi-permanently to make doing the math easier.

x 3 rf, x 3 lf, each set light tng w/ short pause

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Variety/Easy after Meet

2nd day after meet

Run after breathing walk


Rings: StC - failed to come back around, the _first_ time this has happened. I guess I'm still tired.  Just dropped to ground after returning to bottom position.

Swings OTM

20 kg x 10L, 10R
32 kg x 10T, 10T
20 kg x 10L, 10R - 60 swings


Played around w/ 4 kg bell and variations that my knees might tolerate.  About 5 each side total

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

First training day after meet - easy/Variety

Sunday - crappy meet, missed first lift, got second @ 330, missed third @ 370, was dehydrated and having muscle cramps all morning from, I think, lack of salt

Sunday night - slept 16 hours

Monday - off, walk, had lots of salt and sugar for dinner, woke up at 1AM - body chemistry had righted itself, felt normal again

Today, Tuesday - feeling better


1APU @ 12" x 1L/R


StC + FL x 1

Archer PU: rf x 1, lf x 1

MP: 16 kg x 5L/R

Straddle, 2" bar: 135 x 3, 225 x 2 - all light tng

Friday, November 10, 2017

A few days of easy before the meet

First post here in 4 days.  Didn't walk yesterday but a lot of walking earlier in the week.

A few DL's at 225 lbs. yesterday, and a day or two before, the same, also some ring work

Today, a few military presses at 16 kg.

225 lb DL's feel very light.

Bodyweight yesterday, Thursday, was 147.6 lbs., exactly 1 kg over desired weight for Sunday morning, so made a decision to have a maintenance day, which I did - weighed exactly the same again, 147.6, this morning.  Having another diet day today, hope to wake up at 146-point-something tomorrow, and need to be 145.5 on Sunday morning - will get the last bit with a hot bath immediately before the weigh-in at 7 am Sunday.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Easy DL @ meet minus 6 days

Today, Monday before the meet.

bw = 149.4 lbs. - good

breathing walk


Rings: StC + FL x 1

DL: just easy stuff, resting for meet.  Conventional, double overhand

225 x 1, 1, 1 - reset at bottom.  Tried to practice same form as for heavy lift, so more lats and bar closer

and that'll do ...


Friday, November 3, 2017


Today, just a StC + FL on the rings after a short job at the end of my breathing walk

bw was 150.2 lbs. this AM, feeling like my blood pressure is low so took some sea salt.