Tuesday, April 4, 2017

SW, 1-leg DL, 1APU, DL (DDD #12)

Today, Tuesday

short walk

SW: 40 kg x 2h x 10's OTM, only 3 sets, total 30 swings - just not feeling it today, maybe more later

Haven't done pistols in a while, so did one awful, ugly, partial range pistol each side with a 6 kg kettlebell - yup.

1-leg DL, contralateral, with a 24 kg kettlebell, left foot and right arm first.


1-leg DL, 2 bells, lf, 2 x 20 kg, stand up w/o weight between reps.  Work on keeping right shoulder down.


1APU: @ 12" x 4L/R, 3L/R, 4L/R - 11 total, keeping hip down more, feeling overall better at these because I started alternating them and MP in consecutive workouts instead of doing both each time.

DL: 285, conventional, all singles, quick drop, stand up, a few breaths, and next rep

x 1, 1, double over
x 1, 1, right under
x 1, 1, left under

Elapsed time: 2:30

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