Sunday, June 21, 2020

3 Variety/Off/Easy Days

Finished the week's lifting on Thursday.

No lifting Friday but some walking and some stretching.

Saturday, PlanStrong online, managed to walk about 2 mi at lunch break and again end of day.
Also pressed 24 kg bell x 1R, 1L

Sunday, PlanStrong online, day 2.
During a break, did some one-arm and two-arm bar hangs - need to do this more often.
After the day was over, took an 18 kg bell and, lf, did 5 single C&P each side w/o putting the bell down.  Right shoulder is sore from bar hangs, still sore after pressing, but during pressing felt 100% OK, and soreness doesn't feel like the bone-on-bone I sometimes feel, just newly-stretched things.

Monday will start a new lifting week - last week's pressing and DL's both went very well.

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