Saturday, August 1, 2020

August 1, 2020: DL (C1, W4, D2)

DL: 125 x 3, narrow sumo, r/u 135 x 2, narrow sumo, l/u 145 x 1, conventional, l/u 155 x 1, conventional, l/u 165 x fail, fail, both conventional, l/u Form not good on 165. First try, spent too much time bent over at the bar, huffing and puffing, before I pulled. Second try, I could feel my sacrum move as I lost the lift, but interestingly, I believe what I felt was my sacrum moving from a less good to a better place - if I'm going to make these heavy lifts, I have to get my spine setup properly before the bar leaves the ground. In both cases, the bar left the ground and then stalled. When I position my spine properly, my hips are also further back and, overall, I'm just tighter.

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