Saturday, May 2, 2020


Yesterday, Friday


MP: 20 kg x 4L/R, x 4L/R - that's all that felt good, went with what felt good.

Today, Saturday

walk, cut part of the lawn

warmed up with:
PU: 1 each way, 1 hand + index and middle fingers, slow, paused at top, etc.
and did not do any lighter presses to warmup

MP: 24 kg x 12 singles on the 2:15 - same interval as last time, continued focus on different aspects of technique, especially using tightness to find good, strong, pain-free groove on each shoulder, and controlled negative.


110 kg (244 lb) x 3 narrow sumo, x 3 conventional, double overhand

changed, per my wife watching me, to only pinkies on knurling for narrow sumo

120 kg (266 lb) x 3 narrow sumo, x 3 conventional, right under (least favored) grip

120 kg x same, left under (favored grip) - as usual, better this way.

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