Tuesday, May 12, 2020


Variety day again

Rings - PU x 1, about 7 seconds each way, false grip (to the extent I'm able)

PU - bar, same timing, tactical grip

GU: bw x 1 each way

More rolling to the elbow, a few to each side, but not GU, just however it felt good ...

SQ: FSQ x bar x 5

OHP: bar x 5

Shoulders feeling nicely used, need more things other than just pressing.

Zercher DL: 115 lb x 1, 1 - refinding my form, getting more comfortable at the bottom both at the start and the end of the lift.

Steinborn SQ: bar x pickup from the front each side, no good, traps hurt. Pickup from the side each side + 5 SQ, good.

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