Saturday, May 9, 2020


Yesterday, not much

Today, Saturday, during a break in teaching schedule:

MP: S&J day #8, 2nd day of doubles

24 kg

00:00 - x 2L/R

03:00 - x 2L/R

06:00 - x 2L/R

10:00 - x 2L/R

Planning a PS DL cycle to start next week, but for today

DL: on 4 days rest, probably take 2 days off again then start a new PS cycle on Monday

110 kg (242 lb)

x 5 narrow sumo r/u

x 5 narrow sumo l/u - favored grip

x 5 conventional r/u

x 5 conventional l/u

Notes: 20 reps, more than the usual-of-late 18 reps, more than most DL sessions I've done, good, and good prep for what's to come.

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