Monday, May 4, 2020



Soju and Tuba, day #6, 14 singles of 24 kg on the 2:00

Time has gone down from on the 3:00 by :15 a session. On the 2:00 was pretty simple to get done.


120 kg (266 lb) x 3 narrow sumo, x 3 conventional, double overhand

120 kg x same, right under (least favored) grip

120 kg x same, left under (favored grip) - as usual, better this way.

Need to pay attention to things on over/under grips - thumbs getting in the way at lockout on the over hand but not when doing double over so stance must be shifting somehow.

Was holding at lockout a little longer, plus the heavier weight, and grip was toasted by the last set.

18 total reps in a workout is a lot of DL for me but, so far, I can accommodating it alright.

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