Monday, December 3, 2018


Today, Monday

Dip: long stretch + 2 dips

Vertical Bar DL - just playing, lf, w/ 10, then 20, then 30 lbs.

StC + angled FL x 1
repeat - first time for 2 of these in a single session, I think

Archer PU: 1 x extend R then L, 1 x only R, 1 x only L.
Worked on them differently today.  Trying for more of a false grip.  Also shifted focus to keep more of the weight centered to make the extended arm easier to keep the false grip and also have it be out there for longer.

Interesting - the additional work on the arm that's close is what I noticed most.  It became more of an assisted one-arm chinup rather than a step towards an Iron Cross.  Not sure if this is a better or worse way to practice but it was an interesting change, and probably both ways are good.

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