Saturday, June 2, 2018


Yesterday, Friday, off, just played around, did a skin the cat

Today, Saturday, lifting late PM to simulate meet environment


BP: - a go with 80% 1RM and the Rite of Passage

140 lbs. x 1-2-3
140 lbs. x 1-2-3
140 lbs. x 1-2-3 - our first heavy day

BP plan for the week: Tue = 140 lbs. x 1-2 x 3 ladders, Thu = same weight x 3 singles

DL: starting 5:40 PM

225 x 5, double over, paused tng

285 x 3, r/u, paused tng

335 x 4 singles, l/u - reset at bottom for first 3, stood up and took a few breaths but stayed at the bar before the 4th rep.  Left side again trailing off the floor, so need to work on that with lighter weights during the coming week.

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