Monday, June 4, 2018


Monday, today

walk, including bw windmill x 5, lf

PU: gooseneck, because we were talking about it on the forum.  Got one, but switched to standard grip after my neck touched the bar - ouch

MP: bar, empty, x 10, 55 lb. x 10.  Shoulders good/OK, no pain, no binding, nothing weird, continue to grip hard with pinkies and externally rotate, special focus on long right collar bone and space in that shoulder.

SN: 033, 16 kg SN, lf:

00:00, 2L, explosive up, normal lower
00:30, 2R, explosive up, normal lower
01:00, 3L, explosive up, pull down, left shoulder not happy with negative
01:30, 3R, explosive up, pull down, good - but stopping here

140 lbs. x 1-2, 1-2, 3 - medium day



245 x 3, competition grip l/u - 2 tng, 1 after a reset at the bottom, didn't feel particular good.  Focus on left lat.  Not used to DL on Mondays any more, tired from my always-busy Sunday.  These felt "fast" but not tight.  Tried to setup at the top, but it didn't work well.

245 x 3, double over.  Focus on pushing to start, much better - missed that in previous set.  Setup at the top again, better this time.

245 x 5 l/u again - solid set, did a reset at the bottom for each, just one breath.

11 total reps today, not much, but it feels like a recovery session.  More on Wednesday, heavy on Friday.

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