Tuesday, May 8, 2018


Today, Tuesday:


GU: 2 each way to the hand w/ 10 kg.  Was going to do bw-only, but there was a 10 kg bell, and it seemed to me to be OK to try it, and it was just fine.  I was in the low-ceiling part of the basement where I can't do full getups, anyway, so just to the hand, but spent time at both the elbow and the hand positions, working on t-spine opening, shoulder packing, moving my head and neck around, etc.

walk again


225 x 3 double over, paused tng

265 x 10 l/u, paused tng, certainly a PR rep count @ this weight

265 x 5 r/u, paused tng

Interestingly, yesterday was 18 lifts and averaged 265, which is 75% of 353.  Today, even though I did this by feel, the same thing.  Rep ranges were probably out of bounds for some things but that's OK, IMO.

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