Saturday, May 26, 2018


Yesterday, Friday - off

Today, Saturday

BP: 135 ladder 1-2-3-4 - will BP in a meet in 4 weeks, not looking for anything great.


245 lb. (110 kg) x 5 double over, quick pause tng

285 lb. (130 kg) x 2, r/u, quick pause tng

325 lb. (147.5 kg) x 4 l/u, singles w/ comp-style negative and reset at the bottom after a breath or two.

Last Friday, did 315 x 4 - that equates to a 345 1RM . (315 x 6 equals a 366 1RM according to the calculators.)

Don't feel good about more than 4 reps and also need to ditch the controlled negatives and paused tng, so did 325 x 4 today, which equates to about 355 1RM, and next week, will do 335 x 4, which equates to 366 1RM.

Excellent, excellent result today.  Trying to add a focus on keeping the bar close, which is the thing I don't always do.

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