Monday, May 7, 2018

GU, 1APU, MP, Rings, DL, Standing Wheel

Was off on Friday and Saturday, visiting and travelling with family.

Yesterday, Sunday, was a big day,
 and I took two naps in the afternoon.

Today, Monday

Breathing walk w/ run at end


GU: 8 kg x 3 each way, left-up/right-down first.  Getting better, could have done another but didn't - moderation is the key here.

break, walk


1APU: @ 10", 1R + 1L - not bad

MP: 20 kg, rf x 3R, 3L + Archer PU x 3 each way, also rf - last rep, really didn't hold myself up w/ ring held in on right side.


MP: 18 kg, lf, x 8L, 8R


Rings: StC + FL x 1

Enough pressing for today, enough pullup and pushup and ring things for today, too.

DL: - new Rogue, 20 kg, stainless steel bar

225 x 7 double over, paused tng

265 x 5 l/u, paused tng

315 x 2 l/u, x 2 r/u, x2 l/u, all paused tng

WHEEL: standing, 4th step x 2, rest, 4th step but out, relax, come back x 1

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