Friday, November 10, 2017

A few days of easy before the meet

First post here in 4 days.  Didn't walk yesterday but a lot of walking earlier in the week.

A few DL's at 225 lbs. yesterday, and a day or two before, the same, also some ring work

Today, a few military presses at 16 kg.

225 lb DL's feel very light.

Bodyweight yesterday, Thursday, was 147.6 lbs., exactly 1 kg over desired weight for Sunday morning, so made a decision to have a maintenance day, which I did - weighed exactly the same again, 147.6, this morning.  Having another diet day today, hope to wake up at 146-point-something tomorrow, and need to be 145.5 on Sunday morning - will get the last bit with a hot bath immediately before the weigh-in at 7 am Sunday.

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