Saturday, October 7, 2017

DDD #25: rings, 1APU, MP, PU, DL x 1

Skipped planned DDD #25 yesterday - just too tired

So today is DDD #25

Rings: usual

1APU @ 4" x 2L/R, x 1L/R - with my wife watching, try to stay more connected on right, was slow but better

MP: 20 kg x 5L/R, x 5L/R - first time for two sets of five, and at this weight, this is easy to do every day and I will try to do that.  Form is improving.  Today, I focused on turning hips under past neutral and then easing back into neutral before cleaning the bell, and on getting right rack position to be stronger, as left is - right shoulder tends to collapse in rack and then open up during the press, which isn't good.

Archer PU:  xtend rf x 1, lf x 1 - worked on facing front, like a one-arm iron cross - seemed better, tighter

DL: 300 lbs. x 1 right under, just tired, it's 5 PM, not going to push things

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