Wednesday, August 9, 2017

WM, Rings, 1APU, MP, DL

Yesterday, Tuesday, just lots of walking

Today, Wednesday

some running at end of breathing walk, not bothering shins/calves as much, keeping steps small, and stretched hip flexors in the middle

WM: bw x 5L/R

Rings: StC x 5 w/ good feedback from Bronwen about symmetry and was able to match up a few things

1-leg DL: 28 kg x 3L/R, 1L/R - working on form, second set was better

1APU: 2L/R, 2L/R

24 kg x 1L/R
20 kg x 5L/R

WM: 10 kg x 5L/R - 12 kg next time

PU: archer, 1R/L w/o letting go of bar, don't like that, 1L/R starting from box/hang
PU: archer on rings - liked this a lot

DL:  conventional, 95% tng, double overhand

265 x 3, 3, 2 - experimenting with where to breath and how to stay tight after the first rep

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