Monday, August 7, 2017

WM, GS, 1-leg DL, Rings, MP, Archer PU, DL

Yesterday, Sunday, long walk

Interestingly, my resting pulse was below 50 for the first time in a while, not sure why but perhaps the few weighted carry session while on vacation.  Will try to work those in once or twice a week.

Today, Monday

Short run at end of breathing walk, focus on short steps and high cadence, which seems to minimize calf discomfort.

WM: bw x 3L/R
Goblet Squat: 24 kg x 3
1-leg DL: 24 kg x 3R/L (that's the foot, did contralateral)

Rings: StC x 3 - first time for 3 reps, also managed to point toes and keep knees straight for some of it, little L-Sit at the bottom of some, bit of front lever practice, etc.

24 kg, lf, x 1
20 kg, lf, x 10 - first time I've done 10 presses per side in a long time

WM: 10 kg x 4L/R - improving, will go for 5 reps next time, and then up to 12 kg

PU: archer, lf, 1, 1 - not so smooth, but a nice variation on a pullup, will keep doing these

DL: conventional, double overhand, 95% tng, and using slightly more turned-out stance I found last time

247 (225 lb. + 10 kg)  x 3, 3, 3

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