Friday, August 4, 2017

Rings, 1APU, MP, WM, DL

Yesterday - finished driving home, no lifting

Today, Friday, we begin a 3-week-ish prep period for the next DDD leading up to the WNPF World's on November 11 in Kissimmee, FL.

some partner swinging 10 and 12 kg bells w/ Bronwen

Rings: usual stuff

Dragon Flag x 2 - need to work up to 5 or so reps with this before doing a lot of ring levers, I think

1APU: on bench so about 17" high, lf, 1, 2 - Bronwen watched, said set of 2 looked very good on both sides.  Right shoulder was a little sore after set of 1, less so after set of 2

MP: 24 kg, lf, x 2, 4 - that's a recent PR, but form on right side still weird, with all the weight landing on my right foot or so it seems.  On the left side, I seem to be able to keep the weight better centered.

WM: 10 kg x 2L/R - again, right shoulder a little sore

PU: bw-only, bodybuilder style: ankles crossed, wide grip, attempt to pull chest to bar - got closer but still not able to touch.  hold at top.  3 reps in one set

DL: - haven't DL'ed in almost two weeks, so we'll start light

double overhand

225 x 3 - 95% tng, long (3-5 sec) pause at lockout, long (~2 sec) pause at bottom.  At top of first rep, tried turning feet out a little more and keeping that for the rest - felt good

225 x 3 - as above, started with slightly more turned out stance, could have done another rep

Could have done a lot more but we'll do more tomorrow

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