Tuesday, June 13, 2017

SW, GU/MP combo

Today, Tuesday

short walk


32 kg, 15L, rest 1:00, 15R - started easy, just a pendulum, so not really 15 good swings each side, just a way to do it differently.

GU/MP: 16 kg getup, weight on left side first, press negative then positive from:

0.  Optional press from belly/chest with 1 hand.

1.  Elbow

2.  Hand

3.  2 knees and hand

4.  Tall kneeling

5.  Standing

6.  Tall kneeling

7.  2 knees and hand

8.  Hand

9.  Elbow

9 presses in total, optional 10, and optional lower with 1 hand

Both are, but especially right, fatigued by the end and completing the presses was challenging.

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