Thursday, June 15, 2017

Pistol, Rings, SW, Barbell FSQ and 1-leg DL

Today, Thursday:


start to practice pistols from bottom up on porch steps - no go left, right good


front lever as always, holding for a little closer to parallel and a little longer.  Pushed myself a little harder this time.

StC, went even further, tough to come back because abs were tired but managed - but no front lever hold at the end.


20 kg x 10L+10R in :40, rest until 2:00

24 kg x 10R+10L, done - 40 swings



Barbell FSQ: 95 lbs x 3 - working on staying really upright, not easy

Barbell 1-leg DL x 3L/R - touch and go, pretty ugly but better than earlier in the week so that's good

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