Thursday, November 29, 2018

WM, MP, SW, etc

Took yesterday off.  Have not been getting quite enough sleep - my wife has a cold, and this morning, the cat woke me up at 4 AM because he wanted to go outside.

Today, Thursday

Bar hang: bw for a bit, then bw + 12 kg for :50 seconds.  Didn't watch the clock, just looked over right before I came down

Dip: deep stretch + 3 reps.  Trying to integrate the deep stretch into reps, so deep but not too long

Shoulders, overall, feeling good, and body getting used to a lot of double bass practice again as well.

WM: bw + 1L/R

Rings: StC + angled FL x 1

WM: 10 kg x 2L/R

MP: 20 kg x 1-2-3 x 2 ladders - excellent.  Finishing last rep with a push up against the bell, and an _internal_ rotation, and a hold there

SW: 44 kg x 10 reps x 3 sets, untimed rests

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