Tuesday, July 10, 2018

BP, PU bar, PU rings

Today, Tuesday

breathing walk and run at end, hot today, didn't feel all that great


BP: 140 lbs x 2 x (2-3-4) and 1 x (1-2-3).  NB: 2 x (2-3-4) is the same reps, 18, as 3 x (1-2-3), so count this as 4 x (1-2-3) overall, but a little harder

PU: bar, bw-only, 8 w/ Adam's apple touching or above bar, paused top and bottom, full extension bottom.  Noticed right pinkie gets loose after 5 or so reps, so tightened it and that helped.

PU: archer l-sit, holding 3 lb. dumbbell between feet, lf, just one each side

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