Friday, July 7, 2017

Rings, BP

Today, Friday

no breathing walk - raining

Rings: FL with left leg out, right knee bent, hold, bring in straight leg, rest a moment, straighten out right leg.  For both, started with knee near chest then tried to partially straighten bent leg and hold at an appropriate level of difficulty.

Dragon Flag - just one - abs tired.  Tried hands very close to head, don't like that as much as hands further behind.  These are a nice "back off set" from rings work.

Rings: Stc x 1 - pointed toes today.  (Almost lost glasses from my face so need a better way of keeping them in place...)

BP: 95 lb x 8, 115 x 8, 7 - still playing w/ form.  Grip is middle of knurling.  Cut last set a rep short because I was experimenting with left shoulder and something felt a little off.  Noticed that at lockout, right arm is closer to head than left.  Feels like I use more lat on left side and more tricep on right.

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