Saturday, October 6, 2018


Yesterday, Friday

Rings: dips, bottom position and a rep or two up
Rings: StC x fail

Ab cramps

Today, Saturday

SQ: - been a while
bar x 5 in socks, turned out stance
bar x 5 in Oly shoes (stay in these)
135 x 2, paused and exhaled
135 x 3 - no pause or exhale
135 x 3 - feet straighter, thought about pushing knees out, but left knees hurt afterwards
135 x 4 - still straighter feel, focus on feet/arches as well as knees, much better, also paused and exhaled

115 x 5 - 2-3 sec pause
115 x 3 - pause, exhale but keep arch, inhale, explode

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