Monday, September 24, 2018


Today, Monday, after no lifting for a week

Belated Heavy day from last week.  Will pull twice this week but backwards, and we'll have another one-pull week to get back on track

NB: Worked super hard Tuesday and Wednesday, woke up sick on Thursday but taught all day, was sick and mostly in bed all day Friday and most of Saturday, got better by still couldn't speak normally by Sunday, and now today is Monday

1APU @ 10" x 1, 1 lf

SQ: HBBS, 135 lbs. super deep and paused, allstars

BP: 135 x 5, 155 x 4, a recent PR reps at this weight, and bodyweight this AM was 149.2 lbs.

DL: Surovetsky Heavy #3

245 x 3 paused tng - warmup

285 x 3 r/u w/ reset at bottom
305 x 2 l/u w/ reset at bottom
325 x fail - planned 3 singles, but just not able to muster the oomph today, and that's what it is.

Well, turns out I misloaded the bar to 345, not 325, so not exactly a fail at 325.  Onward and upward

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