Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Today, Saturday

Qigong on front porch

Sunday/Monday/Tuesday - away, managed a single 1-arm pushup on a piece of hotel furniture each side

Today, Wednesday

getups on front porch - bw only x 1 each side, 10 kg by 1 each side, did a headstand in the middle.

1A PU: lf x 2, 2 - nice to get some doubles at 12", enough for today, will continue varying the volume, rep count, and soon, the elevation.

DL: conventional, paused tng, 255 x 5 x 5, new set about every 2:30 min (:30 lift, 2:00 rest), as
double over, r/u, l/u, r/u, l/u.  Finish in 10:30.  Will repeat this weight next time - 72.5% was 246.5, rounded up to 255.  75% is exactly 255.  Way faster than last week, still very light touch

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