Monday, April 30, 2018


After a good lifting week, an interesting weekend.  Big meal Friday night, big meal Saturday lunch, big meal Sunday dinner.  Lots of driving, too.

Saturday morning, did monkey bar swings

Was nervous about doing these and injuring a shoulder, but took my time, and got it done - slowly, cautiously, but did it.

Was sore Sunday morning but no shoulder joint issues, just sore upper back muscles from doing a new thing (well, a thing I hadn't done in a few decades).

Today, Monday


What I've taken to calling my GS (goblet squat) session is really just any variety of squat-like thing, it seem:

Cossack sequence ending w/ bw-only windmill x 3 on each side

GS x 1 @ 16 kg w/ 5 curls

FSQ: 2 x 24 kg, x 1, 2 x 20 kg x 1.  Thought about doing some repetition cleans or doing C & FSQ, but felt like this was enough for today.

GS: 24 kg x 5

24 kg x 10's OTM x total 60, lf

GU: a few each bw, 4 kg, 8 kg.  8 kg not great.

Need to do cossack sequence more - last section, where we're stretching the outside of the hip, is excellent work for my right shoulder when it's supporting.

PM Plan: MP/PU and DL


MP: 20 kg x 1, 2 + 16 kg x 3, 4, lf, superset archer PU x 2 each way, lf, and then a partial FL hold
MP: 20 kg x 1, 2, + 18 kg x 3, rf, superset archer PU x 2 each way, rf
MP: 18 kg x 1, 2, 3 lf, no PU (forgot ...)
MP: 18 kg x 1, 2 (cl before both), 3 (just MP), rf, no superset - getting tired, still have to DL


Learned that USAPL bar is much less bendy than an Okie DL bar, so switched to

Texas Power Bar:

225 x 4 double over, paused tng
255 x 5 l/u, paused tng - OMG, easy
305 x 3 l/u, paused tng - solid
305 x 3 r/u, paused tng - bit of a grind but did it.

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